New Deadlift PR! Lower Body Workout

Hit a new deadlift PR! I pulled 365 pounds for 3 sets of 3.

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New Deadlift PR! Lower Body Workout

Hit a new deadlift PR! I pulled 365 pounds for 3 sets of 3.

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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69 thoughts on “New Deadlift PR! Lower Body Workout

  1. Please roast Dr. Berg please! He promotes animal products like “nutritional benefits of grass fed butter”!

    1. Michael Jackson That hasn’t stopped him from going after bigger channels in the past. Furious Pete, Filthy Frank, Pewdiepie,Leafyishere etc…

    1. l_AM_ONLlNE I find your statements to be anecdotal at best. Races are genetically different in many ways as are one individual to another.
      The West and Asia are lands of abundance where other pursuits besides mere survival like in Africa could be explored, but that is not a case for blacks being incapable of making education systems it is merely a case of necessity and further it does not show an inability to learn as proficiently as a white or Asian person.

      Knowledge of pythagoras’ theorem to a tribal hunter would be as much use as a Greek philosopher knowing how to survive a lion attack. Different lives, needs, ideals, interests and loves.

    2. GrandmasterFunk
      “Anecdotal at best”…


      Do you or do you not acknowledge that race is real, and describes different “sub-species” within the larger human population?

      And of course there is variation between individuals within a group, but there is also variation between groups. You have to understand I’m talking about averages here.

    1. gestrobang132 what we do in the arabic countries are waay less harmful than what your countries dose to the animals , you rape them to produce milk , you ground the baby chickens ALIVE , the global warming which can kill us all it caused by your countries especially the meat industry in your countries

      For your dirty language , that tells allot about your countries also , thank you

  2. “You cannot humanely kill something that wants to live” – one of the best youtube comment I have ever come across and since I’m early, why not sharing, it may get some attention.

    1. Ubz Immortal – Lethal injection for a sadistic, unapologetic, torturing, pedophile serial killer who wants to live seems pretty humane to me.

    2. Find exceptions to his proverb thingy all u want, that’s fair, but this IS about eating animals let’s not forget, of course mercy killing and legal execution is not wrong, a person with a peanut for a brain can recognize dat.

    1. As a redditor that browses through r/fitness, i consider myself a professional gym technique geek. So yes, you shouldn’t lock your knees, look at all the gym leg break videos, 75% of them are locking knees on leg press.

    2. Diabolik Dooby420 As a medical student who’s studied human anatomy and orthopaedics, I approve!

  3. Hey man I found you fairly recently when I came to troll your comment section and I ended up watching a few of your videos. About 3 months after that I turned vegan and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and for the environment, thanks man.

    1. bandwidthzero When all the huge commentary channels started making videos on him I decided to check the living meme out for myself lol.

    2. Jaysen Gomez yeah, that’s when I found his channel, after the grade a bullshit video lol…
      even back then when I ate meat,I just needed to hear the other side of the argument

  4. This is up to u Richard, but I personally would really like to see a physique update. Like, if u agree!

  5. Now these are some Vegan Gains. Vegan Gains could really be doing some serious damage at powerlifting meets.

    1. Hello All no coaching or anything but I doubt it would matter since I apparently use fake weights and take steroids because it’s impossible to put in hard work and be strong if you’re young

    2. Brycen Taylor lol I see a better chance of young guys getting strongrr faster then a guy who like starts in his 20s. you started the perfect age

  6. Im 67 yrs old , 6′ tall and 195 lbs. I have never eaten a single Vegan food in my life, my diet is and has always been 100% Animal Foods, in the last 20 yrs or so ive eaten a TON of Fast food like Burger King, Arbys , Long John Silver, Mcdonalds , Wendys etc.

    I have a full thick head of hair with NO greys , I Have all my natural teeth with No filings or cavities ever, No dental work. Very few minor Wrinkles, super soft smooth skin , Bright clear eyes, I run or bike about 35 miles a day every single day . Swim about 5 miles day in YMCA pool , I am ripped solid muscle with the body of a 30 yr old elite athlete !

    I workout with Bench Press 495 lb , 3 sets of 12 reps with ease , i deadlift 650 lb. with textbook form 4 sets, 14 reps. and i curl with the straight bar 175 lb easily with no swaying or leaning , excellent form all way down and all way up .

    I consume about 2,500 grams of a protein a day and my typical BREAKFAST is : 2 dozen of scrambled Eggs , 1 full pound of Bacon , about 20 links of Sausage , 1 quart of Milk .

    LUNCH : yogurt , 6 extra large Cheese Omlettes , 5 lb. of Turkey, Huge container of Cottage cheese and half gallon of Milk with 10 Heaping scoops of Whey protein shake and 10 Raw Eggs added , 5 Very large 8″ inch hot dogs

    DINNER : 5 massive T Bone steaks, 12 large slices of Prime Rib , Ham , half gallon of Milk, 9 Chicken Breasts, Fish or Seafood . I feel amazing and alive with so much energy !!!! and im in excellent health with No problems, NO aches or pains anywhere in my body , My joints and muscles feel Great and i feel like im 20 again !!! i take No medications and haven’t done so for last 30 yrs , You gotta try this diet it will turn you into a superman , No joke . When people try to guess my age they think im in my late 30s !

    My Dr. said i have the body, mind and physiology of a typical man less than half my Age and all my vital signs and tests are superlative , best he has ever seen , he claims no one else is even close, he recently told me i am by far the HEALTHIEST patient he has ever examined in his 30 plus years of a busy practice !!!!!

    My sex life is equally Amazing as i have 3 sex partners currently and their ages are 22, 27 and 31 !!! and yes they all look like Supermodels with incredible curvy Athletic bodies , the kind of Women most men drool over…and yes i met them all at the Gym and in case you are wondering….. YES they approached and started flirting with me and asked me out 1st !!!!

    My Penis is always rock hard when needed , as im easily sexually aroused with a HUGE sex drive and NO viagra of any kind zero , never have taken that stuff and never will ! I have been having Sex every single day, about 3 or 4x a day for the last 35 yrs ! I typically can maintain my erection during sex about 90 mins of very fast nonstop vigorous pumping

    My Girlfriends joke with me that im like a machine ….. and in case you are wondering….YES they always achieve earth shattering Multiple Orgasms with me EVERY SINGLE TIME, NO EXCEPTIONS !!! : )

    1. In fact EVERY Vegan i know of , esp those Vegans who base their diets primarily on Organic, Fresh, Ripe raw Fruits and Vegs eventually get either Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, IBS, Colitis , Crohns disease, Auto immune disorders, ALS etc. the list is a Mile long !

      i notice these idiot stupid Vegans eating alot of Watermelon, Berries, Cucumbers, Peaches etc. in hot climates and im like YOU FOOLS ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? Dont they know they are destroying their health doing that ?

      Melons especially are Horrible for summer, they are extremely difficult foods to break down and digest and they leave alot of Waste and Disease producing Toxic sludge in the body and because it takes ALOT of water to digest and break down those foods, you get VERY dehydrated from them . They ” steal” the water from your cells and use it to help digest the melons, they cause tremendous damage

      here try this…. here is my Secret workout smoothie , gives me lots of energy, hydration , Put all this in a Blender and use this as a power shake on the go , its amazing !

      1. 8 ounce Steak
      2. 2 cups butter
      3. quart of Milk
      4. pint of heavy whipping cream
      5. 8 raw eggs
      6. 4 hot dogs
      7. 1 chicken breast

      BLEND all that up , its delicious !!!! Way healthier and far better for you than any Fruit smoothie you could possibly conjure up , this one is far superior in every way . We are NATURAL Carnivores by Nature, we Crave Meat and alot of it, every time i see an Animal i wanna KILL ! KILL ! KILL !

      Meat = health, vibrant vitality, beauty and Life
      Fruits and Vegs = Disease , decay , degeneration, early Death

    2. Vegan Gains and Ask Yourself would NEVER have the guts to debate me on this , i gots all da science, facts, logic, studies and biology on my side , i would DESTROY them in a debate !!!!

      they would never have the guts or courage to debate me cause obviously my Logic is sound, and rock solid

    3. Trust me man, you will Not believe how CLEAN and PURE that smoothie will leave you feeling on the inside, it acts like a broom with all that Fiber in it and it just sweeps your entire digestive system Squeaky clean !!! SO good you gotta give it a try !

      its a very cleansing and Detoxifying Smoothie : ) Good for us, Good for the Animals and Good for the Planet, its a true Win Win for Everyone !!!

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