Numi Organic Green Tea review

Numi Organic Green Tea review – is Numi Organic Green Tea effective and any side effects?

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There is no herb, tea or pill that miraculously causes you to shed pounds. Regular exercise and a healthy diet should be the cornerstones of your weight-loss efforts. But if approved by your doctor, green tea can benefit your health and potentially your weight-loss efforts as well.numi organic green tea review

Green tea is one of the oldest known teas and Numi Organic Green Tea begins its life in the gardens of Hunan Province, China. This smooth green tea has layers of subtle fragrance and hints of moonlight. Numi Organic Green Tea is sourced from the first Fair Trade gardens in China, where workers’ wages have increased 30-40% and premiums recently funded a school dormitory for children.

Numi Organic Green Tea is gently steamed within hours of being plucked, and then skillfully hand rolled into small tight pearls. This process preserves its delicate flavor and aroma far longer than other green teas. Steeped in hot water, the leaves unfurl, releasing a well-rounded, full-bodied flavor.

Green tea has been shown to activate our internal detoxification enzymes which may hinder tumor growth. Many teas are packed with antioxidants, but the direct mechanism of cancer prevention hasn’t yet been fully established. The good news is there is a relationship between cancer prevention and tea consumption.

While caffeine has been shown to help burn fat and increase metabolism, it’s good to know the effect of green tea on metabolism is much more than that, because simply ramping up caffeine intake will definitely give you the jitters.

Your metabolism is the speed at which you burn calories. When you burn more calories than you consume over time, you lose weight. The caffeine and catechins in green tea have a temperature-raising effect that speeds up your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories in the same amount of time.

Herbal supplements such as green tea that contain caffeine have potential for abuse and adverse side effects. It discourages the use of concentrated green tea extract for weight loss. Side effects of green tea may include irritability, difficulty sleeping, dizziness and heart palpitations.

If you drink caffeine from other beverages, such as coffee be careful not to overdose on caffeine. Signs of overdose are nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. Green tea may interact with antacids, drugs for diabetes and other medications.

Numi Organic Green Tea review – is Numi Organic Green Tea effective and any side effects?

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