OmarIsuf and Kinobody Ditched Me

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My heart is broken but I got a vegan big mac to fill the empty void in my soul.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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OmarIsuf and Kinobody Ditched Me

My heart is broken but I got a vegan big mac to fill the empty void in my soul.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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66 thoughts on “OmarIsuf and Kinobody Ditched Me

    1. Is that why your face is perpetually twisted, from cringing 24/7 about
      every little thing in your pathetic existence 🙂

    2. Isn’t it ironic? A bunch of fat neckbeard virgins on (((REDDIT))) cringing
      at other people?

      Top fucking kek, it’s just like cringe threads on /b/.

    1. LOL i just wrote that in CAPS i didn´t meant to, i just wanted to know cuz
      i heard Chicken fingers and im like wtff, im not vegan, i just wanted to

  1. God forbid someone goes out and has a good time drinking before you
    criticize their lifestyle. Not everyone wants to party with carrots and
    tofu on a weekend bud

    1. Riff Raff yes because making yourself sick constantly from alcohol
      poisoning is just so normal. any other drug and people would think it’s

    2. Getting drunk to the point where you can’t leave your bed is dumb and
      dangerous. There is something called being responsible.

  2. When you say how much protein powder you use in grams – is it 60 grams of
    protein powder or 60 grams of protein in the protein powder?

    1. Kurt Phillips the first one was prettyskinny , almost like the one in the
      video and basically stayed that way , other 3 all fat as puppies and now
      they’re pretty muscular and big

    2. Out of my two dogs the one that was skinnier as a puppy ended up being more
      muscular. Every dog is different, and as long as they are fed adequately
      they will grow (for the most part) as large as their genetics will allow.

    1. +Bonsoir Elliot
      I would be worried about him if he is ashamed of who he is. Second part of
      him is black, so he is black. That rule exists in the USA, and probably
      exists in Canada.
      I am talking not about “black proud”, I am talking about not being ashamed.
      You agree with me, don’t you?)

    1. It’s not size that dog can barely dig a hole in fucking sand, my Husky at 5
      months dug a 3ft deep hole in my back garden the first time it was left
      alone for HALF AN HOUR.

      That’s a Wolf dog and it’s skinnier than a greyhound ffs.

    1. OldSlyEyes pretty sure the point is to teach him something, not just trash
      on him. If he wants to meet up than that sounds like a win

  3. A person who you made a video about called “worst of the fitness industry”,
    didn’t show up to hang with you.


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