43 thoughts on “Open Heart Surgery Live

    1. It was a question. I study medicine and i was told that the universities
      keep a record of you if apply and don’t get in. So that’s why i was curious
      how old the person was. “Elitist” lol, the complete opposite you twat.

  1. That moment when you’re 14 and watching this, telling your friend about it.
    I honestly cannot wait to be a surgeon and save someone’s life, I’m going
    to work hard!

    1. Medical school will be very hard work and social life will become non
      existent but once complete extremely rewarding .
      The best advice for anybody wanting to work in a hospital would be that you
      should call up one of your local hospitals and find out how to volunteer or
      even just shadow a nurse or doctor before making a serious choice.

  2. I’m going to be a video game created then surgeon, I’m 9 yrs old and its
    12:37am and I’m 8m through the video,probably like 2:24am when it end

  3. LITERALLY just did one of these for the first time last week. It was
    amazing, such an adrenaline rush. Holding the heart in my hands was an
    experience like no other, stopping the heart was unbelievable, knowing a
    machine is doing all the work for the heart.

  4. I had this done. I had an add repair and a bypass. I will always be in awe
    of the surgeons that can do stuff like this. they saved my life

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