Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

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Our Wedding

heart-disease - Our Wedding

Our Wedding

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Our Wedding

Our Wedding

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Me and Jasmin just got married!

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
Thanks to Ask Yourself for filming:
Also check out Meat Free Athlete and Gaiaisi:

Our Wedding

Me and Jasmin just got married!

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
Thanks to Ask Yourself for filming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQNmHyGAKqzOT_JsVEs4eag
Also check out Meat Free Athlete and Gaiaisi: https://www.youtube.com/user/meatfreeathlete/videos

82 thoughts on “Our Wedding

    1. Koala Sincero thats what people who dont go outside and socialize with
      people say when somthing makes them uncomfortable on the internet.

    1. omg vegan cheetah does like 10 videos of freelee/day so annoying he keeps
      coming up on my feed.

      “oh freelee farted, i guess i have to make another video!”

    1. ExtremeComments9 You’re joking, right? I just absolutely can not believe
      that anyone is as moronic to say that my statements make me “shallow”.
      Jesus christ, it’s like you people either cant read, or are just mentally
      incapable of understanding.

    2. +Felisha Kay judging by your comments, you seem very shallow to me, how are
      you gonna judge people for doing what they want?

    1. +Big McLargeHuge What does cuck even mean to you assholes? It’s basically a
      term for anyone who disagrees with you these days.

    1. he will probably try to take her money just look at the fucking cringe like
      the kiss was just oh my god the cringe i think this might acctualy be a
      troll video

    1. Tbh i wouldnt brush my hair for my greencard ceremony, i mean, you can put
      lipstick on a turd, but its still gonna be a turd.
      No amount of feminine hair can stop bill being bill.

      I just wanna know who’s the bottom and who’s the top.

    2. Actually the authorities are clamping down on green card marriages and one
      of the first things they check is the personal grooming of the bride in the
      wedding photos.

  1. These fuckers know how to live life on the edge! Doing what they feel
    without the need of approval from others. Congrats to you and your lady.
    Enjoy yaselves!

    1. WHAT they did was seek state approval and get the state to legally sanction
      their actions-least ‘living life on the edge’ thing ever

  2. They got married in casual wear and didn’t even exchange rings. Congrats
    but it’s obvious that this was a last minute decision so that she can
    legally stay in Canada.

    1. When they were doing their cringy and unfunny, synchronised intro – she was
      probably thinking – oh god what am i getting myself into.

    2. You are right Amber, to do common law they would need a lot of paperwork,
      to have lived together a year, a joint bank account and photos of them
      together and money. They would have to have a lot of proof they are common
      With marriage she will have the marriage document as proof.
      Marriage is the only way she can stay without her having money or a job.
      Sure wit marriage she will still have to apply for a visa, be it will be an
      online form and very easy for her now.
      But I am surprised they didnt bother to put on any different clothing, or
      make any effort at all.
      To me it seems VG likes her a lot, and she has been messing him around over
      the months and not bothered much about him. I’ll bet now he pays for
      everything and is her sponsor and she won’t do much.

    1. +Red Munic The HQ of the EU is now a muslim country? Really? Why, why are
      so many of my countryman retardedly ignorant

    1. Morgan Amlett yep! I mean if you’re going to partake in some hocus pocus
      black magic voodoo ritual, you might as well save your goddamn money….

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