Ranting Monkey vs VeganGains Live Debate

Ranting Monkey and I discuss the ethics of eating meat.

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Ranting Monkey vs VeganGains Live Debate

Ranting Monkey and I discuss the ethics of eating meat.

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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59 thoughts on “Ranting Monkey vs VeganGains Live Debate

  1. I think killing animals unnecessarily is wrong. We don’t need to eat meat to survive or to be healthy and have plenty of other plant options. Therefore killing animals is necessary because they provide nutrition I don’t need. – Ranting Monkey – 2017

    Vegan Gains is illogical because he thinks killing animals unnecessarily is wrong but is willing to kill them in order to survive. – Ranting Monkey – 2017

    The trait animals lack that justifies killing them for meat is they are not humans. – Ranting Monkey – 2017

    Vegan Gains equates animals with humans by saying they are sentient and shouldn’t be harmed. – Ranting Monkey – 2017

    It is morally justified for aliens to kill us all even though I wouldn’t like it. – Ranting Monkey – 2017

  2. >Killing animals when unnecessary is wrong
    >Meat is unnecessary to survive and live healthy
    >I’m not killing animals unnecessarily


    1. I eat meat for my b12. If a diet cant help me get b12 without popping supplements, I dont think it is a good one.

  3. >Cigarettes are healthy!
    >Meat is unnecessary for health and survival but killing is necessary in order to get meat

    Wow, Ranting Monkey is dumber than No Bullshit and Bearing. Keep up the good work, Richard!

    1. MisuerVanillo yea he looks great and I’m jelly af because I’ve been lifting for years, I used to juice, and never looked that good, my genetics suck ?

    1. Actually his name is Cruelty FREE Gains it’s one of his alternative accounts. He has hundreds of them and has to boost his own ego. His true fans are himself and vegans who like people just because they are a fellow vegan.

  4. 1 is 1
    2 is 2
    so 1+2 is 3
    -i agree
    so you agree 1 and 2 makes 3
    -No i didn’t agree to that!

    1. It’s also kinda like okay,
      A=B, right? “yes.”
      B=C, right? “yes.”
      okay so then A=C, right? “no!!”

  5. So what do we have now?

    Green Crabs
    Skyscrapers Tho
    Walls Tho
    Ancestors Tho
    Vitamin Naruto
    Humans Tho
    Invasive Species Tho
    Jellyfish Protein Tho
    Nutrition Tho
    Twinkies Tho
    Lentinals Tho

    The lengths one has to go to justify eating meat. Unbelievable. Just because you’re an anti-SJW with a clip art avatar doesn’t mean you are intelligent.

    1. +Alana H I fixed it. The video was not completely rendered when I commented so the time stamp changed.

  6. Fortunately the majority of people don’t think like ranting monkey. I think these debates are to open up the masses minds and hearts. Thats how people change their minds and think/ make conscious decisions. It worked for me. Allot of people are starting to realize that we don’t need animals to live and thrive.

    1. jvallex Ve the vast majority of people who become vegans or vegetarians go back to eating meat or dairy. good luck with ur utopian worldview but I seriously doubt it if the majority of this planet’s human population would ever come close to even becoming vegetarian, if given the option, forget about becoming a vegan.

    1. +Jonathan Bean Veganism opposes needless suffering and death. Not needless suffering and death (asterisk unless it’s caused by an animal who has no moral agency). And no omnivore + any carnivore whose not on the brink of death from starvation doesn’t NEED meat. Also cows can feel empathy, which is Richard’s barometer for morality.

    2. like I said, all this talk to determine if it’s right or wrong to kill innocent beings.. unreal
      im outa here

    3. Papau New Franku veganism is a concept ONLY structured by humans as a decision to not needlessly kill other animals…. other animals are not vegan, they’re herbivores, which we are too, but you won’t accept that either.

    1. +Ask Yourself this is becoming pointless; why don’t you organize 2×2 vegans to debate this topic, one side playing devil’s advocate with the best arguments against veganism or at least the most interesting or common ones. I’m sure you could counter your argument better than these people

    2. +thereddrob agreed. This is ridiculous. Richard’s argumentation skills are not that great and he lacks in his knowledge of ethics as well.

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