Rich Piana’s Autopsy Results Explained

Rich Piana's Autopsy results have been released and there are some interesting details that I want to discuss.

Read the report here:
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Rich Piana's Autopsy Results Explained

Rich Piana's Autopsy results have been released and there are some interesting details that I want to discuss.

Read the report here:
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87 thoughts on “Rich Piana’s Autopsy Results Explained

    1. 100% vegan natty. Unfortunately vegan lifestyle killed him. You should eat meat to live long, vegan gains are not worth reduced lifespan.

    1. Dashcam Channel Do you know what causes atherosclerosis and what doesn’t? Do you even know what atherosclerosis is without having to look it up?

    1. akroma12345678910

      Rich has never once told people to do steroids. In fact he told people to stay natural if possible. He informed the public of what bodybuilding is really like. If idiots want to use drugs without knowing what the hell they’re doing then they deserve the consequences. I feel absolutely no remorse for morons who do things like that. Let natural selection take its place…..

    2. akroma12345678910

      Not to mention, I don’t care about what happens to anyone other than myself. I don’t care too much if you agree with me or not. But what society does is of no concern to me. If people want to do drugs because other people are doing them, why should I care? It doesn’t affect my life in any way, shape, or form.

    3. Zone 9 well not all people want to live until they are old and cant fucking walk, some people want to die early like rich wanted

    1. Hejhouyou, that’s not true. Vegans don’t get sick and their digestion is always perfect. Vegans are immortal and immune to diseases.

    2. Marcin Witkowski ahahahah fuckass I laughed hard ? it was like a saying.. I obviously meant that we’re not protein eaters like carnivores.. Acidosis breaks down tissues. Get informed.. Cheers

    1. Söndēr No, it was his video about the history of fat where he was pushing a lot of nonsense regarding the harm of saturated fat and cholesterol on the body

    2. Patrick Bateman lol I thought telling Richard about him months ago for a debate. He referenced the book : “the great cholesterol myth” in the video which was written by Johnny Bowden ( Fraud )

    3. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Interesting, i wasn’t aware that he qouted that specific book as a source. Thanks for letting me know

  1. Idk dude, I don’t think this whole thing is very respectful. Burping while going over the details of this guy’s death and stuff… Eh. Just let it be. This is not a good opportunity to be a smartass.

    1. My two grandpas are alive and one is 91 and the other turns 94 next Thursday. They both have eaten well above average meat per day for 80 plus years now. Both my grandmas were vegans. One was a vegan for 32 years and died at 68 from cancer the other was vegan for 42 years and lived to 65 before cancer got her too. Cancer is very much about genetics. So this proves to me VERY VERY VERY conclusively that eating some meat is much healthier than eating no meat.

    2. Danny Branderson you cannot take single incidents and make a general assumption about a specific way of eating
      I know people who have been smoking for over 40 years and are still alive – so smoking is healthy? No.

    3. i find it funny how you think danny shouldn’t take single incidents and make assumptions when this is a vegan gains videos, and richard blamed meat after his grandpa died :^)

    4. Danny Branderson I’m going to lower my intellect to your level for a second and see how it goes. my grandma is 92 and still smoking. I guess smoking cigarettes is healthy right?

  2. Anyone of that size would have high blood pressure. He was obese, except obese with muscle. That means the heart has to work harder to push blood through all that tissue. Lots of people think BMI is wrong for muscly athletes but it’s actually not. It’s a measure of body mass which directly influences by how hard the heart has to work.

  3. Damn this is sad. I get that he “did it to himself” but still…it’s sad. He had serious body image problems. It’s sad that he could not get help before it was too late. 🙁

  4. Not saying Rich was a perfect example of a healthy individual, but you do realize the autopsy was performed 3 weeks after he was in a coma in the hospital right? Most of those issues like brain necrosis are the cause of him being in that life support state after his incident. This autopsy tells us nothing about what might have happened. Without toxicology it’s useless. Everyone already knew about his enlarged heart and nothing else points to any indication that he was at risk to just suddenly drop dead. The real cause of death is more than likely related to drug use at the time. And we’ll never know because the most obvious cause is the one we have no information on. Almost seems like a cover up to not go after the most obvious evidence. The real question is why this coroner did not pick up the phone to call the hospital and ask for his toxicology report upon admission.

    1. yeah sorry i didn’t mean to imply that his hospital stay caused the damage, but the condition he died of was obviously the cause and his necrosis occurred after it happened while he was in the hospital dying. It was not something he had prior due to steroid use, his diet or other such things. The same with his lung issues. It all occurred while he was dying in the hospital. His enlarged heart was the biggest danger he was living with that you could say was due to his lifestyle. Odds are he was speedballing and died of an opiate overdose

    2. lorenavedon
      His enlarged heart could have been because he exercised a lot.
      Also he probably had ” ventilator pneumonia ” from the coma.
      I think your definitely right about it.

    1. Infinite Rectangles Never said that, just told him to show some respect towards someone that was trying to inspire people to be a better person.

    1. not hard to believe for me; he led a very unhealthy lifestyle. Still a shame that he died because he seemed at least halfway decent.

  5. I made a few mistakes in this video. Firstly his lung infection was in all likelihood due to being on a breathing machine for 18 days. The autopsy was also performed 3 weeks after his death which would also explain the necrotic tissue. Lastly I didn’t emphasize the significance of his heart enlargement. His heart was about twice the size of a normal man’s and this could have caused a cardiac arrest especially if he was taking recreational drugs at the time.

    1. Let me ask you vegans. If veganism is so healthy. And richard is healthy. Why is he almost always sick? Over the last few years he has been sick multiple times. His latest lasting about a month. I eat meat. Lots. Havent been sick once in the last 10 years. Not even the flu. If eating meat is unhealthy. Why am i healthy?

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