Roaming Millennial Admits She’s Wrong

Roaming Millennial tries to admit she's wrong over twitter.

Roaming Millennial Admits She's Wrong

Roaming Millennial tries to admit she's wrong over twitter.

85 thoughts on “Roaming Millennial Admits She’s Wrong

  1. After all this debate, I have only just realised Roaming Millennial is a Christian, that explains everything. An exercise in futility intellectually, but perhaps some people noticed the impregnability of the vegan position.

  2. I wish Roaming Millenial had the humility to admit she was wrong.
    This debate exposed the bland, vapid nature of content and the sloppy research that passed for burden of proof by her own standards. I hope that this debate made her, and a few of her subscribers think logically about veganism.
    Congrats to VG and Ask Yourself, another moron bites the dust.

    1. D – Day
      I’d love to see who’s behind that keyboard; if you would like to have a discussion can you try to keep calm please.

    2. Ive been calm the whole time, i have no need to be angry??? Ud love to see whos behind the keyboard huh…well uve been lookin at me the whole time, that picture next to my name is who ur talkin to!!!

    3. ok good, I must have misunderstood your intentions.
      so did you want to make the case that an omnivorous diet is superior to a vegan diet, or that the behavior of vegan people online is not to your liking? or a bit of both?

    4. No, if u read my comments here u will see im not a vegan but im not against it either, i dont care what u choosd to eat & u shouldnt care what i eat…..thats the point, my angle is that we all have freewill to make our own choices & decide what feels right & wrong for ourselves, we dont need vegans trying to force it down our throats, u do whats right for YOU thats all u need to worry bout i reckon. My other point is that MOST vegans are hypocrites & have so many double standards its ridiculous, i make many examples here in comments i encourage u to read em through if u havent already & my “case” should be crystal clear to u then.

  3. The Time that Richard spends on research, RM spends before here mirror and the result is pretty obvoius…

    1. +Carl Nathe Übtra that’s one for fish studies, look there are many studies Wich you can find easily online they’re not “inventions” why would i take all these supplements when I can eat a piece of fish that will make me feel full and give me all it’s benefits.

      “Native speaker”what does that even matter ?Okay buddy you are on a really high horse there, what is confusing about my question? I could never compare a cow to a human that simple, even though I don’t eat cows or their milk I see nothing wrong with killing an animal to eat it, NOTHING I would go and catch a fish myself if I could or slit a chickens throat.I don’t support these factory farms that mistreat the animals though I check what I buy as much as possible.

      Yes he tries to talk like he’s some qualified nutritionist/doctor he kept asking​ roaming if she was a biologist I believe I can’t go back and look for it too long. But his point was you have no credentials when he himself doesn’t either.

      If you want to know how many vegans actually stay vegan till death you can look it up.And again it’s not practical for many in the long run

    2. Almost every edible substance on earth has nutritional value .
      and a lot of needed substances will also kill you , if it makes up too much of your diet.

      A lady died in sacramento from drinking too much water (over a coarse of hours)

      what does this mean? we can’t reduce the viability/ correctness of an omnivore / vegan diet by looking at “eating too much of this 1 food is bad for you” because that’s true for most anything we eat.

      a diet with brown rice in it may be great. a diet of 100% brown rice would not be great. this doesn’t prove or disprove a vegan diet is optimal for humans.

  4. Vegan Gains, you are running out of people to slay, who is left?

    Mercola? it’s too bad you were not a YouTuber in the late 2000’s; there were tons of Paleo anti vegans out there like Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness, you would of made a fool out of him.

    1. I use to follow Sean croxton from UNderground wellness lol
      I use to listen to all the pod casts too and the shitty doctors he had on there

    2. Radu Antoniu’s “documentary” on why eating “some meat” is better than “current veganism”…

    1. Sapphire Collins compassion for all living is how I was raised as an Armenian Christian. I can’t imagine being religious and condoning the horrible acts of violence towards animals or people. its hypocritical for someone to preach love, compassion and life but still eat meat.

    1. Richard could get just about any girl he wanted
      Tall, muscular, handsome, smart & funny.

      RM is an air head Eww

    1. Nigel Hunter Sure but in the grand scheme of things what does this really mean ? I see that number as a way to convince yourself that you’re making a big difference but in reality you’re not. Maybe I just view the future in a negative manner. What if the majority of the planet turned vegan ? All those people making big money up top and profiting from the meat industry would lose and in what real life situation is that going to happen ? Also turning vegan would be one issue that is resolved but there a billion other issues at play concerning preserving the human race and this planet. Wars, technology and the damage they cause are going to be a lot more concerning in the future. Matter of fact wars have already destroyed lots of animal habitat. This whole saving the planet thing seems like a big utopia to me.

    2. I see what you mean, i’m just one guy after all. However, if you became a vegan you may inspire others by setting a good example. For me going vegan was a huge weight off my shoulders; i live in the comfort that my lifestyle is sustainable even if i’m the only one doing it and i feel happier about who i am.
      War and poverty is sadly out of my control; however the food and products i buy is one way i can make a small difference. I would suggest watching earthlings (a documentary). It might help you to decide!
      Nice talking to you btw, i can tell you have a good heart.

  5. I would like to see a debate between you and an actual physician (specialized in nutrition) who is pro paleo or even against veganism.

    1. tomastocornal Just because Richard doesn’t have formal training does not make Roaming an equal to him in this area. It also doesn’t mean that having Richard debate a registered dietician would be an unfair just because an RD had a formal education. Richard is self taught and is fit to debate someone on that level.

    2. Appeal to authority fallacy. If you think that “Doctors say you need to eat meat to be healthy.” Is an argument, then vegan doctors are just as weighty evidence, and then, well, we get nowhere. See, THIS is why appealing to authority is a fallacy and not acceptable argument.

  6. To The Christian Roaming Millennial

    If God condones the enslavement and chaining of the elephants in the circuses THEN WHAT DOES THE DEVIL DO?
    If God condones lighting dogs on fire for burn research THEN WHAT DOES THE DEVIL DO?
    If God condones torturing bulls in the rodeo THEN WHAT DOES THE DEVIL DO?
    If god condones slaughtering animals and hanging them up side down THEN WHAT DOES THE DEVIL DO?
    If God condones taking baby calves away from their mothers every single year and then the mother cries and screams for weeks and weeks for its baby who is killed for veal just because the dairy industry don’t want that calf to drink all the mothers milk THEN WHAT DOES THE DEVIL DO?
    If God condones grinding up baby chicks alive THEN WHAT DOES THE DEVIL DO?

    Just a few

    1. God doesn’t give you free will, you have free will and gods knows it, whatever you do with it is your own business, we all live and die by our choices in life, in Genesis is the mos clear passage about humans, animals and plants, I am not going to quote it, but it basically leaves very clear that although you have all the food you need in plants, god also recognizes that you have free will and that humans rule over animals, that ruling can be interpreted as the right to eat them or as the right to protect them. Your choice.

  7. Roaming Millennial should become a storytime YouTuber or beauty guru cus she’s not intelligent at all!

    1. hellowutlol I agree with that. Am I like the only person who noticed she uses a FILTER on her camera, or airbrushes all of her photos and videos? It’s so obvious if you compare an image of her to a less “hazy” image.

    1. +Devil’s Advocate
      Well, I read the complete article, and the part that is about “humans are omnivores” is not written like a scientific piece of literature, that’s for sure. In my opinion, it is full of fallacies like implied appeals to ancerstors or implied appeals to tradition and there is not a single inline reference (about humans being omnivores). He didn’t even mention which of “our enzymes evolved to digest meat” (Naming this enzyme(s) seems to be a tough challange, huh?).

      That is not science, that is anecdotal material. That is a huge problem, because therefore you can’t know wheter he is presenting scientific facts that are backed up with peer-reviewed-papers or just his personal opinion, covered by his status as an emeritus professor. I personally could not find out if his claims about humans being omnivores are his opinion or if he is refering to scientific literature.

      I also could not find a single publication of him (I looked at pubmed) about humans physiological adaptations to omnivory are something related. I could not find anything to back up the claim that he wrote this specific part in his book (where he sais that humans made physiological adaptations to omnivory) as an expert, but rather as his personal opinion (and therefore, as a journalist, as far as I understand this term). But I am happy to be corrected.

      Also a question for you: did you even read the article? Because it is mainly about how humans could change animal agriculture to make it better (for the environment, e.g., which makes sense, since the author is an environmentalist), and only a very small part of it is about how humans are omnivores.

      This article is not a scientific or serious reference to back up the claim that humans are omnivores, it’s just another article that claims it itself withouth backing it up. Using this article to back up the claim that humans made physiological adaptations to omnivory is just an appeal to authority (“humans made these adaptations because some professor said it”).

      Don’t get me wrong, this dude has some valid points, e.g. that meat should be more expensive to fight obesity in the USA (^_^), but he doesn’t provide any scientific arguments, references or facts about the topic that RM and VG talked about.

    1. A. R I am merely pointing out the obvious. Does that upset you? Even Gains made a video putting j?
      down Jazmin’s homely aesthetics.

    2. wishful thinking on your part ? you want sexual tension watch RM on someblackguy’s channel, he’s an idiot who will mostly agree with her so she was all giggly and flirty.

    1. once more you are not proving anything your just insulting me, you never counter my stance on human behaviour or why animals act on base desires

      Also if you did your damn research, Vegan gains only went for RM cause she had no clue what she spoke of. You are a sheep, but you could prove me wrong.

      By deleating your post, you were mad and dare call me a animal, when a person is back into a corner or a animal they get scared and lash out at first. You are no man.

    2. You’re not a vegan, you just kill and eat less animals.

      Of course there are differences in the levels of empathic abilities between humans, that is clear. Studies have shown that carnists have the lowest empathetic responses between carnists, vegetarians and vegans. The brain rewires itself to deal with whatever reality it is subjected to.

      You can’t be 99% vegan, you either are or you are not. You could truthfully say you are primarily plant based. Veganism is an ideology, and what you consume is only part of that ideology.

    3. “You’re not a vegan, you just kill and eat less animals.
      You can’t be 99% vegan, you either are or you are not. You could truthfully say you are primarily plant based. Veganism is an ideology, and what you consume is only part of that ideology.”

      Yeah I don’t like ideologies, and I don’t like calling myself vegan for exactly that reason(hardliners like you) even though 99%+ of my food is plant based, that’s not good enough for some vegans hence why I don’t like bringing it up usually. By your definition I would have to call my diet a 99% plant based one as opposed to vegan.

      Slightly akin to telling someone they are not a true christian because they don’t mind gay people, it’s their version of the faith, the bible clearly states that being homo is wrong

      “Of course there are differences in the levels of empathic abilities between humans, that is clear. Studies have shown that carnists have the lowest empathetic responses between carnists, vegetarians and vegans. The brain rewires itself to deal with whatever reality it is subjected to. ”

      And that is a problem? Has nothing to do with intelligence. “empathic abilities” is bad phrashing as if more means better. Women on average show more empathy in studies than men. But they are not more intelligent than men(not less either).
      But they are more prone on average to irrational empathy/feelings governing life decisions(not saying veganism is one, quite the opposite) but they are less rational(purely result oriented, doing what is right even if it feels bad) and their decisionmaking. period. 80% of vegans and 65% of vegetarians are women.
      Irrationally overproportional empathy for animals is the reason

  8. Richard, there are actually real philosophers who defend the killing of animals. There’s a whole animal ethics discussion going on in philosophy, but it goes into meta-ethics and all of that. It would actually be pretty interesting seeing you reading and discussing some of this on your channel.

    1. +TheJaguarthChannel
      “Vegan Gains can’t even debate!”

      You still failed to note what errors he’s made.

    2. leave it to meat eaters when they have ran out of things to say , create meta – ethics. sounds like a new level of the same ole bullshit.

    3. +CallmeDoctor YourPaco as someone who was in my schools’ debate club, the idea that this is a debate is laughable. Where’s the form? Where’s the mediator? This is nothing but bullshit pandering to the audiences, a circkejerk if you will.

    4. +TheJaguarthChannel
      I’ve debated in Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy. If your contention is that this debate doesn’t qualify as a debate because it’s not formal, you are lacking in the critical thinking department.

      Do you really think debating only came into existence after formal debating became prevalent? God forbid. Again, you keep making baseless statements. Point something out rather than make baseless claims.

  9. During the debate I wish you or Isaac had just brought up the American Dietetics Association’s position on vegan diets (that well-planned vegan diets are perfectly healthy and can help prevent various chronic diseases). That should have pretty much settled the nutrition argument.

    1. THANK YOU. like even if we did have these enzymes to digest meat, that doesn’t mean we NEED it to survive!

    2. “i went to collage” yet you still can’t spell lmao
      like there are people who have been vegan for 50 years and are in their late 80s and in unbelievably good health why aren’t they dying from nutrient deficiencies? why are people eating steak getting kidney stones and heart attacks even when they look to be in shape? you’re not a registered dietician and you’re not eating steak because it’s healthy (considering red meat has been classified as a class 1 carcinogen).

    1. elemeNtt “I have no argument so I’ll just make it seem like I know what I’m talking about by saying it’s true”

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