Roaming Millennial Live Debate

Roaming Millennial attempts to defend her position that eating meat is both healthy and ethical.

Roaming Millennial Live Debate

Roaming Millennial attempts to defend her position that eating meat is both healthy and ethical.

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    1. VG: “Yeah salmon has omega-3 which is good for you, but it also has saturated fat and cholesterol so obviously the most logical thing to do is to look for a source of omega-3 that does not contain saturated fat or cholesterol, so things like chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, those have omega-3s, you can take also an LG based supplement which has absolutely no environmental pollutants like mercury, PCBs that are found in salmon. So why are you saying salmon is healthy when it has all of these pitfalls?”

      RM: “S-s-salmon is healthy, it has omega-3 fatty acid. Those are good fats, instead of bad fats.”

    2. 1. 99% blaire is vegan as if you pay attention to her videos she has the vegan symbol tattooed on her arm. one time she posted on her instagram story a picture of menu saying it was one of her favorite places and it was a vegan restaurant, pretty she’s said she’s vegan on twitter as well
      2. she tried to stop richard from interrupting, whether she thought it was justified or not, because a debate can quickly turn into a hot mess with everyone talking over everyone if you let people interrupt. and she didn’t try to stop all the time, just when he started doing it a lot and the debate was starting to become incoherent and messy

  1. The vegans don’t like what they are hearing so they get mad. These retards are a bunch of freaks. You don’t make the answers ,Not everyone wants to be vegan. We don’t need a reason. No one needs to explain. Stay in your fucking lanes and live strict diets. I’m healthy and love meat.

  2. rock on dude. Meat eaters never know what they are talking about. They can never explain why it’s ethical and healthy to eat innocent beings.

    1. +maybe youtube I don’t know if you’ve picked up this pattern but since time immemorial humanity has been ruled by stupidity, ignorance, and callousness

    2. Actually, things as simple as grass send out distress signals when harmed. So says at least 5 or so articles made by Harvard students with numerous achievements in their backgrounds. Even clovers have a response to being eaten, they send a chemical throughout them that makes them taste bitter and unpleasant to eat, so acting like a plant cant have a reaction to violence, or outside damaging stimuli, is a rather weak argument honestly.

  3. Meat-eaters are just robots. They spew what they’ve been told from time to time. She eats “Jelly Fish” as a GOOD source of protein, and when Richard asks, “WHY”? she has NO CLUE. She’s eating JELLY FISH because someone told her it’s a GOOD SOURCE of protein. Really? Why? What’s the Amino Acid composition? What benefits does one get by consuming Jelly Fish and its protein?? Do you people understand how stupid that sounds????

    1. Jeremy, you really are a lazy robot. Wow. You and Roaming should get married. The Omega 3 in JELLY FISH – 1 CUP – is 162mg. The Omega 3 in CHIA SEEDS – 1 TABLESPOON 2,500mg. My vegan friends – we have to stop trying to educate these idiots. They really are “sheeple”.

    2. And the fact that you’d want to gain a state of Ketosis is plain idiocy. It’s a BAD STATE to be in… and to get there by eating Jelly Fish is just as stupid as the creators of this concept. Jesus. I know America is becoming really dumbed down, but this is beyond my imagination now.

  4. healthy is not the same as “health benefits”. coca cola has health benefits. it’s mostly water and water is healthy

    1. +smokedoubt How do I put this……… Enroll in a private school since public has clearly not done a very good job.

    2. +smokedoubt Health benefits meaning things which benefit your health. Overall coke is unhealthy but water which is an ingredient is healthy as itself and it is added to coke so it therefore has a health benefit? Ok? Or….. you’re pea sized brain still doesn’t have enough caliber.

    3. but you still used healthy and health benefits in for the same purpose.

      You have a point, but you tricked yourself.

    1. naw shes getting fucked like the middle east has been getting fucked for years by Christians for the oil and poppy fields

  5. Roaming: jellyfish is a good source of protein
    VG: why is it a good source of protein?
    ……..awkward silence…….
    Roaming: becau- I don’t know- its meat

    1. sanjay nahar actually their 98% water. like eating a ice cube. i know how vegans love ice. (by the way, ice is 98% water because the other 2% is trapped gases, i know how much vegans love them too hahahah ah ha a)

    1. BunyipDemi My comment was mainly a repsonse to Alexander Delarge. I also disagree with Vegan Marine’s sentiment, as I feel it’s solely formed by this specific video (or her other video talking about this certain topic), which is not an accurate way of defining someone’s intelligence.

    2. ksts45Ⓐ Ah, yes I wondered if you might have been responding to Alexander instead.
      Although, ugliness of the brain is what the initial comment suggested, not lack of intelligence. I felt like that was fairly accurate for the three videos I have just watched involving this woman.
      No matter. Maybe I’ll watch something else of hers one day, when I have nothing better to do.

    1. Mentally comatose space cadet or genius debate tactician using stalling to pull off a debate tie: You decide

    1. P.S I made a mistake, but you can figure out which one. So you’re saying that if we eat human meat then it would create a transmission. JUST LIKE ANIMALS.

  6. “Our bodies can digest meat so we should eat it!” …umm, our bodies can digest dirt but you wouldn’t eat it. Just because it’s possible to eat it doesn’t mean that you should.

    1. gunmunz it’s cruel, so what’s your moral justification of unnecessarily contributing to it? Why would you want to kill an animal that can feel pain and has the desire to live?

    2. Hudson Marie Buster no our body can’t digest dirt lol you vegans think you’re better than everyone else

    3. If the dirt has minerals and the process of breaking down food by mechanical and enzymatic
      action in the alimentary canal into substances that can be used by the
      body is used, that is digestion.

      If your body can absorb anything from what you eat, it would be considered digestion.
      You are technically wrong. Anyhow, The point is, just because you can put it in your mouth and your body can absorb some of the nutrients doesn’t make it healthy.

    1. Fingers crave – sorry, but I don’t like misinformation to be spread about people with mental issues. Lol <3

    2. no because they’re people. you do not eat people. remember that, people are not food. you can not eat them as much as you would like to. however animals are not people, you can eat them as much as you’d like.

  7. The Truth is Vegan food really does not have any protein that is why Herbivores like Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, Bulls, Gorillas etc. are some of the tiniest and weakest animals in the animal kingdom.

    1. +animated stock footage even though that was sarcasm you’re actually correct. elephants in comparison to their size are quite weak. i think its 4-8% of their body mass they can lift which is nothing. and i can imagine the same can be said for the other animals you’ve mentioned since elephants are the biggest one sooooooo there’s no logic to your argument.

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