Roaming Millennial Refuses To Debate

Although Roaming Millennial agreed to have a live debate she is now refusing to defend her position that it is morally justified to kill animals for food. This is a debate she knows she can not win and instead of admitting defeat she is trying to make up excuses to weasel out of the debate.

Roaming Millennial Refuses To Debate

Although Roaming Millennial agreed to have a live debate she is now refusing to defend her position that it is morally justified to kill animals for food. This is a debate she knows she can not win and instead of admitting defeat she is trying to make up excuses to weasel out of the debate.

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  1. If Roaming Millennial wanted her video to be only about vegans being mean, she never should’ve made points about nutrition and ethics in her video. She is being ridiculous. And she wants to discuss vegans being assholes. What’s there to discuss?

    Let’s imagine such a debate:
    Roaming Millennial: Vegans are being mean assholes.
    Vegan Gains: Yeah, okay, you’re right, we’re assholes.

    Shortest live debate in history of debates!

    1. The premise of the original video was that she doesn’t like vegans because of their behavior. She brought up some points about ethics and health because vegans like to harass people on false premises. She’s right, you can be healthy without being vegan, and there’s a difference between eating a human and eating a plant, or an oyster, or a cow.

      So Roaming_Millenial should bring up the fact that vegans are treating people like jerks when their entire lifestyle is on logically shaky ground. I mean, it’s one thing to treat someone poorly or condescend to them, but to do so when your arguments aren’t even that solid is even worse. It’s like people who call you a moron but can’t spell the word moron.

    2. commissar some are socialy bad i agree but its not because there vegan its because its in there personality,and you call genocide against animals in the meat industry not a social problem? people who eat meat and dairy are social dicks to animalsand those animals get hurt and killed for them. its all about perspective 🙂

  2. She’s whining about meanie vegans who say things that hurt her little feelings while simultaneously paying people to raise animals in horrific conditions and slit their throats, and she’s too dumb to catch the blatant hypocrisy in her position.

  3. I’m ………. not surprised she backed out. How will she maintain her perfect image after she gets destroyed by “an annoying whiney vegan”? Haha.

    1. Dax Orien fucked more? bearing didn’t even debate. bearing was fucked before it began. did you even watch the debate? vegan gains destroyed him.

    2. I’d destroy all vegans!

      I bet you one thing, a vegan will kill a line of ant’s in a minute.

    3. That’s the trick isn’t it? Who’s to say an ant doesn’t feel pain? They still go about crushing them when they graze their hand accidentally or if the ant is just minding its own business just sodding along. To claim “don’t eat meat because it hurts cows” is easily countered with “don’t crush an insect just because you find them creepy.”

    1. I see you people are quite the dense bunch, Vegan Gains kept on changing the dates and rules. Congrats, you’re all idolizing a lying sack of putrid tofu.

    1. Rose K And this is why people think militant vegans are scum — comparing atrocities that happened to humans to animals being eaten.

    2. Seraph O. Storms cognitive dissonance. there is no difference. the difference is caused by your emotional reaction towards a possible loss of meaning if you are only part of nature and dont stay above it.

    3. It’s funny how non vegans are happy to compare themselves to animals when they are talking about the food chain and ‘animals eat other animals’, men are constantly comparing themselves to Lions ? and the we have ‘canines tho”’ etc, but other times when the comparison points out the horrible things people are responsible for, then it’s not okay to compare.

    1. +mon k

      sudo (/ˈsuːduː/ or /ˈsuːdoʊ/) is a program for
      Unix-like computer operating systems that allows users to run programs
      with the security privileges of another user, by default the superuser.
      It originally stood for “superuser do” as the older versions of sudo were designed to run commands only as the superuser.

      So programming langauge, like ASCII or Basic, not a spoken langauge.

      Now, since you suggested that, why don’t you look up ”pseudo’

      There are some psuedo-vegans around that have somehow gained a following of vegans despite blatantly being against the movement. The best example is probably Unnatural Vegan. I’d say, with her pseudo-intellectualism and promotion of sites like LetThemEatMeat and spending more time bashing vegan activism(not even specific kinds, just in general) than she does animal ag. Worse than VG in my opinion, who at least has a degree of investment in the movement, as much as I don’t care for him.

    2. But you see the dilemma in his way of “debate,” yes? He calls her names, speaks over her, and chooses to remain as impolite as he pleases just because he can. Sure you CAN do something, but that doesn’t mean you SHOULD. ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to get someone to listen to you. I don’t understand that. He doesn’t WIN an argument just because he spoke louder. He’s got more practice at one on one debate, but I view what she intended as a discussion in response to his video response, something he went out of his way to say isn’t the issue which to her, that’s the only real issue she wanted to talk about but made the decision to talk to him about it in exchange for some answers. What he really did was help prove her right: a lot of outspoken vegans are a bit insane. I’d call VG very unbalanced. It’s not all an act. There are a good many candid videos of him just acting ridiculously such as the bit where he tried to film his dying relative to show it online, basically out of spite. That’s sick.

  4. so she can compare vegans to radical terrorists, but we cannot compare animal agriculture to the holocaust?

    1. a VEGAN [McGregor’s Kryptonite] – It’s weird how you say Morgoth Bauglir is in no position to assign value to things and yet that’s the basis of the entire vegan argument.

      Why can you do that but no one else can? The pure unadulterated arrogance and hypocrisy of vegans is mind blowing.

  5. enough with the Harry potter jokes why try to attack Richard through his girlfriend it’s not like we choose who we love. she must have a really awesome personality that Richard is attracted to which proves that he’s not shallow like most people.

    1. its bottom barrel insults people cling to when they can’t refute anything without using garbage information

    2. Why even care what someone looks like? It’s not like anyone in this universe chooses their bone structure or body like a sims game or something. I don’t even get the insults, has anyone actually ever thought about that?
      Let me know

    1. N. Zhiv It’s so obvious that you and Lindsy Dee are very attracted to me. I’m not interested in either of you.

    2. +Gilgamesh Clearly!! You are a god! I mean, all my life I was looking for happiness and never found it until your pain-filled comment cried out to my soul. Now, I feel complete. Will you marry me? I cannot wait to have your kids and finally understand joy through domestic servitude and subservience. Where is the kitchen so that I may make you a sammich?

      Fucking moron.

    3. N. Zhiv I’m not a God, but I understand your extreme attraction. It’s all good. You’re only human.

  6. Fucking vegans.
    Going round being mean to people, milking women in the streets and artificially inseminating small children… oh wait.

    1. Li Sp V
      please, watch this /watch?v=NIacX8rPoKw&t
      Video more than thousand word and your arguments are mentioned

    2. Li Sp V You’re completely wrong. They have a right to be pissed since they see animals killed and eaten EVERYDAY. Whether fast food places or somewhere else, so of course they would be pissed and hostile when they see people basically killing them selfs.

  7. Vegan gains is a total beta fag …. He literally sounds like EVERY SINGLE “I’m better than you cuz i don’t eat animals” VEGAN that i’ve ever met .

    1. And you’re the kind of beta fag who tries to talk tough on the internet. If your only argument against me is “you’re a fagot” then you are a moron who is incapable of defending his position.

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