Smart Answers To Stupid Comments #4

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heart-disease - Smart Answers To Stupid Comments #4

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Some people don't think I'm spiritual enough.

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Prayer no better than random chance:

Something can come from nothing:

Smart Answers To Stupid Comments #4

Some people don't think I'm spiritual enough.

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Prayer no better than random chance:
Something can come from nothing:

15 thoughts on “Smart Answers To Stupid Comments #4

  1. Richard, I believe you to be a generally logical person, which is why it surprises me that you parrot arguments against God that are so poor. If you believe in the Big Bang Theory, you believe that the universe BEGAN to exist, which is why people can make a good case that it would be most reasonable to believe that there is a cause to the universe. If that cause is not a personal agent like God, there would be no reason for the universe to have started a specific point in time. This is not a 100% clear topic, but the way you characterized the argument is incorrect. The argument is not that everything which exists must have a cause, so it is not a special pleading fallacy. There are plenty of things besides God which could easily be argued to be eternal.

    Secondly, why would people expect God to stop a bullet? That would mean that people are effectively not free to do evil things, and so they are not free to choose good over evil. So they are just a bunch of goodie goodie robots? How can people truly be good if they are effectively forced to be good?

    Thirdly, you believe that animals have moral value such that we should not mistreat them. If God doesn’t exist, then the universe was not created by a person that can understand personal relationships, interaction, and morality that involves relationships and interaction between people and other creatures. So if God doesn’t exist, it is basically impossible for morals to be real in the same way that your table is real, because whatever created the universe is limited to creating physical objects and not moral objects. But you’ve previously mentioned that you are a moral subjectivist, right? Do you understand the implication of moral subjectivism? It means that you are stating that it is not in fact evil to hurt animals for no reason. It is an outright contradiction. It makes no sense to express moral outrage over the abuse of animals in a morally subjective world. You should think about this topic more instead of getting emotional about random comments in your videos.

  2. I do believe in god, I am also an engineering student and believe in facts and arguments. I know that sounds contradictory and I don’t want to, nor do I have to explain myself for my beliefs. But, the moment your religious thoughts harm any other person or influence your thinking and behavior in a bad way (harming yourself or others) you should rethink your position and beliefs. I can’t understand how people these days can still base their whole believe system on one freaking book… Like seriously. Especially Muslims have a really dangerous and stupid idea of how the world has to work. So I think it’s okay to believe in whatever you want to, as long as you don’t harm others with your thoughts and actions. If you want to believe in a God or a rainbow shooting ninja cat, go ahead do it, but leave other people the fck alone and don’t try to justify your bad actions with religion.

  3. so just because you dont believe in God that makes people with religion and people who believe in God stupid ?
    what scientific proof do you have that God does not exist ? just because you dont see God that doesnt mean he doesnt exist.
    you can’t “see” gravity oh well i guess gravity doesn’t exist.
    i enjoy watching your videos and you have opened my eyes alot over the past couple of years but sometimes when you talk about religions you can be a little stupid like for example talking about islam is one of them, bruh that religion is 1300+ years old, obviously it doesnt make sense in this age and time but back then that was the way of life, people weren’t as smart as they are now.

    ps. im not even muslim

  4. These videos are my favorite. Especially when you start talking about people’s imaginary friends. ?Now, I’m off to watch “the atheists experience” because you put me in the mood.

  5. To simplify that life has occurred by chance is silly and lacking depth. Like it or not millions of people are Christians which affects the world mostly for the better, think out reaches, food, clothing and medicine. Orphanages and the lot. Many Christian missionaries die in countries where children are suffering like the places you reference. So you could say millions of people that are like minded and working towards a goal makes it very much a reality unlike you saying a dragon is in your room. If you don’t need religion (Christ) that’s your choice, but your video does not prove or disprove anything. It’s an exercise in futility that grossly leaves out the good Christians do, God or no God.

  6. The Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study examined the IQ test scores of 130 black or interracial children adopted by advantaged white families. The aim of the study was to determine the contribution of environmental and genetic factors to the poor performance of black children on IQ tests as compared to white children. The initial study was published in 1976[1] by Sandra Scarr and Richard A. Weinberg. A follow-up study was published in 1992[2] by Richard Weinberg, Sandra Scarr and Irwin D. Waldman. Another related study investigating social adjustment in a subsample of the adopted black children was published in 1996.[3] One of the studies’ findings was the IQs of adopted black children reared by white families did not differ significantly from that of black children raised by their biological parents.

  7. 4:30-5:00 Didnt you just contradicted yourself, first you said that most planets are uninhabitable due to not having water or extreme temperatures etc, and therefore they don’t have any form of life, then you also said shortly after that our planet also has ways for us to die like freezing etc, but if our planet has dangerous obstacles on it and we’re still able to live on it don’t you think other planets might be able to live on it despite the fact that they also have dangerous obstacles, have you even tried to read the Bible instead of just taking what it says out of context, when the Bible says not to pray in public it’s referring to people who pray in public just so other people can see them, it actually says in the Bible that praying in numbers is better, but you wouldn’t know that because you just did a biased search result and took a few verses of the Bible out of context and used it in your argument, you are not very good at proving points, try to do some better research next time, and God bless you.

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