Smart Answers To Stupid Comments

I roast some of the dumbest comments I've received recently.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Smart Answers To Stupid Comments

I roast some of the dumbest comments I've received recently.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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76 thoughts on “Smart Answers To Stupid Comments

    1. Mimi Misaki Bu fucking huuu.
      Newsflash:” Everybody dies in the end, including yourself, it’s a bliss.
      Personally I’m looking forward to it!”???

  1. LOL “Since you have zero videos of you lifting” Your fucking buff look at
    those muscles dude that means you lift lol

    1. George Costanza Okay. I may be a millennial. I may also be a vegan. But I
      don’t partake in feminism/76-gender/white privilege or whatever else some
      of my peers have ruined the country with ?

    1. @Emanuil Ivanov shto si pisal komentar na vegan gains 😀 nqma smisul, ili
      go slushash i si suglasen s nego ili ne, kvo se zanimavash s komentari 😀

    2. Валери Топуэов iskah da stana famous ? 1 sedmica po kusno:’ emanuil ivanov
      worst of the fitness industry’???????

    1. +Paleo bro
      Not many people… The average life expectancy for the Maasai is under 50,
      sounds like your brain is made of play-doh.

    1. xD my mother is olmost 60!!!! she was overweight 6 years ago. went vegan
      and lost 15 kg in 1.5 years. now she healthyer than ever! actually started
      running every morning a couple of month ago!!!! (olmost 60 yo mate).
      veganism is the way

  2. I thought that the video on non-binary people was okay and you definitely
    don’t need to enforce that on people because it’s ridiculous, but I don’t
    think that you should go far enough to say that being non-binary isn’t a
    valid gender identity. Which is what you said in that video. You did have
    some valid points about how you should be allowed to say what you want and
    about the ignorant SJW violent “protest” but I think we should be
    respectful of other peoples orientations and gender identities.

    1. phillip long YES. his other video was pretty good. In this video he clearly
      confuses “gender” and “sex”. Gender is not scientifically defined… sex
      is, however. He needs to brush up on semantics.

    2. phillip long gender identity in itself is a joke. its not real and its all
      in their head. just because you claim your something doesn’t make you that

  3. I recently found out about the horrors the animals go through for fucktards
    fill their mouth

    Now that I want to become a vegan, Can someone please give some minor tips

    1. you can check out my subscribers and liked videos to help you further
      educate yourself on ethics and food to eat. I basically binged watched
      youtube videos back in February and march. there is a ton of support and
      easy recipe ideas on social media like through twitter and you tube, I’ve
      saved A LOT of money by going vegan… and I have enjoyed it very much can
      honestly say i would NEVER go back!! there is a ton of options. it was hard
      for me at first so i didn’t eat much because I didn’t know what to eat. I
      would check out cheap lazy vegan channel (she’s the one that originally
      made the light go off for me… also vegan activist is awesome… Again if
      you check out some of my liked videos and subscribers, i have a lot on
      there that are interesting, not all are vegan but most of them are) Vegans
      are here for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! much love XOXO P.s. if you mess up at
      first just start over with the next meal, its all about trial and error…
      even eating mostly vegan is better then not at all…

    2. what do u need help with +Johnny Danger ? It’s been many yrs since I ate
      animal products but I may be able to help answer any questions… Basically
      I’d say just Start Simple- lots of whole foods (fruits, veggies, lentils,
      rice, beans, etc.), if u have any animal product that u Really Love & it’s
      gonna be rlly hard 4 u to give up, then get the vegan ready-made analog for
      that (like, I don’t rlly eat vegan junk food but let’s say something u rlly
      love is like cheese, then get a chao or daiya cheese so when u crave
      cheese, u have something so u don’t eat animal products… I mean, when I
      transitioned to veganism, there were hardly any products so it’s Much
      simpler now). And, u need a B12 supplement (but they’re cheap & most ppl
      who eat animal products are also deficient), D3 is good to take too (though
      there’s a food source for nearly every vitamin & I tend to try to get whole
      foods sources of vitamins & I vegan multi-vit is good to take as well, like
      by Deva) though certain Kombuchas (like GT’s) have your rda of B12 in them.
      Also, Blackstrap Molasses is a good vegan source of B vits…. If u have
      any questions, hmu

    1. Sellout loser nate going to visit the YouTubes house with his new buddy
      sellout Brian turner. Wonder what’s next? Sellout Nate going vegan ? You
      heard it here first folks lmao

  4. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the
    green plants, I give you everything. ~Genesis 9:3

    1. +David M.V. The bible contradicts because the Old and New testaments are
      different sets of laws. Theya r enot the same. The New testament laws are
      the only vlaid ones (aside form the ten commandments)

    2. So…half of that thing doesn’t even matter? Supposing any of that matters,
      why is the point of having half a book that’s worth nothing, I know, stupid
      question, because the other half is worthless too.? I appreciate you
      talking nicely and calm, I apologize I didn’t answer the same.

  5. Wild hogs cause over a billion dollars in farm damages to the U.S. each
    year. I see a win-win solution here. Hunt hogs for the meat, and save farms
    across the nation. Or would you rather hogs breed out of control and reek
    havoc on their ecosystems until they slowly starve to death? Also, you take
    vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. You take more supplements than my grandfather.

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