Starting My First Cycle

I've called out a lot of fake nattys for their dishonesty and I'm not going to be a hypocrite and be dishonest to any of you.

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Starting My First Cycle

I've called out a lot of fake nattys for their dishonesty and I'm not going to be a hypocrite and be dishonest to any of you.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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83 thoughts on “Starting My First Cycle

    1. When a vegan goes on an anabolic steroid cycle *facepalm*. No injectable
      B12 isn’t superior to oral. You could get tablets which are sublingual with
      1000mcg of methylcobalamin (a superior form of B12) and correct your
      deficiency within days, you click bait vegan motherfucker.

    1. @BigDogJang0:
      “Why do you non-vegans keep watching this guy?”

      Because they are bored and have no clear objective. Just browsing and
      trolling. Sleepwalker…

  1. Vegan gains I am a nursing student and based on that syringe size I am
    hoping you are injecting into subcutaneous sites. I reccomend the abdomen
    (1 inch away from the umbilicus) due to the increased absorption of that
    site. Also, pinch the site prior to injection. If you have any questions
    feel free to message me :)

    1. Wow a nurse huh? Impressive…lmao. Maybe listen to the freaking video
      before you give advice like that. Because he said very specifically that he
      recommended shooting sub-q.

    2. Caleb Amaral That’s a bad nursing school then. The most current evidence
      states that alcohol wipes are NOT necessary for subq injections mate.

    1. WorldDomination depends on who you are everyone is built differently you
      could be 150lbs and heavy and someone else 250lbs and light (not that
      extreme lol)

    2. i gained 40 pounds over the last 2 years (most of it in the first year) and
      to be honest i didn’t do cardio and when i did do cardio i felt so slow but
      i guess that’s just because i wasn’t used to it whenever i do cardio now i
      don’t feel the difference any more

    3. WorldDomination there’s a fine line, too much muscle does make you slower,
      you wouldn’t see Ronnie Coleman running fast at all. fat or muscle is the
      same to the heart; however, some muscle is beneficial because it increases
      your power output and endurance.

    1. Kiwi
      Your argument has no meaning, it seems you are arguing with yourself. Keep
      talking you’re making my day, I’m happy to finally witness a human being
      Below average intelligence and set of life skills present before age 18. 🙂

    2. Anna Spears YA BOUT TAKE BE DESTROYED!!! b12 is not a vegan deficiency. It
      is just a difficiency, plain and simple. Only 1% of the world is vegan yet
      37% have low b12. The numbers don’t add up. If meat, eggs and dairy
      prevented deficiency then you would not see meet eaters comprising 97% of
      the total population deficient. 1 out of 37 = about 3% of people deficient
      in b12 are vegan while 97% are not. When you go to the doctor they don’t
      say “oh you have a vegan deficiency/disorder” they just prescribe you b12.
      Two of my family members are deficient despite eating all kinds of meat and
      dairy and eggs. Also, bodybuilders supplement with b12 despite their high
      animal product intake because it #1 helps performance and #2 athletes lose
      b12 much faster than the average person. He is or was in both situations as
      a previous bodybuilder and this depletes b12 levels. Deficiency can also
      take years to develop, and you are not him, so you do not know if he had a
      deficiency before becoming vegan or not. You can’t use a half witted
      argument or bro science to assure yourself he is debunked. This is the same
      as using a clausical statement like saying everyone who uses creatine is
      deficient in creatine. Or looking at a meat eater and saying “look at him
      he’s using creatine he must not be getting enough meat!” It is a poor
      argument with no support. SOMEONE JUST GOT DESTROYED!

    1. The placebo is you thinking an injection of b12 will make you feel good so
      you feel good for a bit. It doesn’t mean the effects of b12 are placebo.

    2. Lmao. What are you saying? That you don’t need vitamins or nutrients?
      Vitamins don’t do anything? What? Dumb comment, regardless.

    1. I heard that all people who don’t live in Africa don’t get the suggested
      amount of sunlight and should supplement Vitamin D3

    1. However, several deficiencies can present similarly to B12. So there are
      things besides B12 that he could be getting checked for.

    2. ai jao That also said my doc since I’m a vegan and a blood test revealed an
      MCV of 102, he tried to lecture me yada yada yada…. But then he shut up
      as he saw my B12 level in the blood, it was over a 1000… I found out
      myself, that I need to take active Methylfolate, now my MCV is normal. You
      know nothing just as my doc…

  2. VEGAN GAINS….B12 methylcolbalamin is better absorbed than b12
    cynocolbalamin which is actually delivered by cyanide. I wouldn’t want
    cyanide in my body.

    1. Katherine Owens in injection cyano or or methel doesn’t matter if taken
      oral then methel for sure as it would pass through your liver ..ask any
      doctor or pharmacist that in the injectable form they are the same and the
      cyano is such a small amount that is peed out hrs later

    2. +Katherine Owens So what was the point of this discussion then? I thought
      people want to provide reasoning with their advices

    3. Cyano is safe..methyl doesn’t covert efficiently. See the files in the
      b12deficiency / pernicious anaemia Facebook support group.

    1. they don’t clickbait to this extent, it’s litterally like im subbed to
      buzzfeed this is pure aids and im staying unsubbed because every video i
      click on is just a half truth

    1. Surpuppa Veganism enables his mental problems therefore, he, like many dumb
      ethical vegans, believe his diet can “cure all.” Ethical veganism is a cult
      and should be fought against.

    2. Vegans gather because the glue is ethics. Meat eaters know that they can’t
      gather because their glue is self harm, ignorance and pleasure. This gives
      vegans a massive advantage when it comes to the attack and defense.Not only
      do meat eaters not have a sword but they also don’t have a shield.

  3. Stress? You sit in your girlfriend’s house making youtube videos and eating
    fruit. That sounds like a super laid-back existence to me

  4. Omg it was me who wrote about vitamin b12 deficiency in your previous
    I never thought you would actually read it..

    Did i lend a hand to the Devil or did i save society from a serial killer?

    1. Clorox Bleach Good tip, meds are not always the answer and should be a last
      resort. But then again hearing vocies/schizophrenia is pretty heavy stuff.
      I’ve got relatives, Yes plural, whom suffer from it.

    1. i think vegan diet is more of an adaptation to modern life than anything
      else. meat products are not what they used to be when they were running in

    2. Adam Abuamouneh It will eventually die when teens and millennials stop
      caring. Basically, when it’s no longer edgy and trendy.

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