Sterilization and Population Control Discussion

A very informative discussion about sterilization and population control. This was taken from a live stream on my gaming channel. I'm restricted from live streaming on my main channel until February.

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Sterilization and Population Control Discussion

A very informative discussion about sterilization and population control. This was taken from a live stream on my gaming channel. I'm restricted from live streaming on my main channel until February.

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94 thoughts on “Sterilization and Population Control Discussion

    1. One of my best friends just died and she was gay. She was only 45. She got colon cancer and ate a lot of meat products (burgers mostly). I’ve honestly never met anyone gay that was a vegan yet.

    1. there isnt overpopulation,there are vast open places where people can live the point is there is nothing there so no reason for people to go live there.
      also instead of living in harmony with nature atm people would destroy that nature and habbitats to make way for villages and city’s instead of working with nature to preserve places in there naturel state while living there,heh ya people stil have much to learn or relearn from ancient days.

    2. if you define overpopulation as food, housing, or resource shortages, then it only exists in the third world.
      but if you consider environmental factors and sustainability then overpopulation is real.

    1. what is this skinnyfat? im less than 10 pounds away from being overweight, am the same height as vegan gains and have never been referred to as fat outside of the internet. Truly pathetic lies coming from the vegans

    2. Skinny fat- you have a belly with no mass. Usually a troll because they have no muscle lol. Talks a lot about masculinity but embodies physical traits of a female- long hair, no mass, tits.

    3. *milk jar* in your video of your Liars series. You seem to do this thing in which you arguably(I am not gonna delve into it) catch him lying. And therefore Asume everything else within the video is “lies.” I particularly dont need to go and chase down the debate and parse for the argument you are responding to in your video to see this is a rethorical device on your part.

      I take issue with that.
      So your silly statement of : “All of his videos are lies beginning to end”
      is simply not justified, unless you are actually going to “debunk” or argue every proposition of the video.

    4. i will do a full expose of all lies once I get my setup for decent production values in order. I can only do videos 7 minutes at a time now and theres no way I can fit anything except one lie at a time in these.

    5. milk jar you could say that ANY group of people lie! Fitness youtubers, makeup youtubers, feminist and left wing youtubers! Anyone could make any type of expose videos. What is it with you and vegans?! So you went vegan, got sick and instead of tweeking your diet- adding more calories, fat, carbs, protein, salt etc.. you do a complete 180 and eat cow brains? Your personality seems extreme. You seem so angry, but I’m not quite sure why exactly ?

    1. Come on this dude actually wants to give over the right to have children TO THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT, yet hes talking about “Muh stupid people”

  1. you own yourself, you own your body, forced sterilisation is completely immoral it’s a violation of self-ownership

    1. Infinite Rectangles since the one child policy, There is not enough young people in the workforce, theres far too many old people with out childrsn & Males out number women greatly 3 to 1
      Just google Chinas population, or Chinas population crisis. It’s becoming common knowledge of chinas woes, they even instituted a two child policy. Not helping

    2. What don’t you understand? Even if you get rid of the welfare state, you will still have children being born whose parents can’t afford them or are otherwise incompetent, unintelligent, etc thereby having a dysgenic effect.

      Therefore, forced sterilization would be a better solution to dysgenics/overpopulation etc than getting rid of the welfare state.

    3. Ding Bringer if the smartest person in the world thought it a good idea to rape you in the butt you’d drop your pants & let him.

      Facts are Facts, morality is what lets us guide through them.

  2. “Let’s control the population and have the government control reproduction,” yeah that worked great in communist Russia where abortions out numbered live births 3 to 1.

    1. One child policy in China actually worked pretty well. The whole sterilization is idiotic and unnecessary. VG is just promoting it to make himself feel good about his dumb & unnecessary choices.

  3. VG does more harm to the vegan movement than any other vegan YouTuber. He doesn’t bring people in, he pushes them away.

    1. i believe vegan gains is probably in the top 3 for converting people to veganism.
      the technique of bullying your viewer into submission is quite effective especially when directed at children who are the majority of his fans.

  4. It is a shame… but vegans will soon be extinct. Over 92.7% of all vegan men opt to take care of their girlfriend’s son rather than have children of their own.
    It is a strange world we live in.

    1. PlantEatRepeat And there is another statistic that has shown the majority that turned vegans, went back to meat again or at least diary. People will keep eating meat for at least couple of centuries still. World will never go vegan.

  5. This is your brain on veg kids. Don’t do veg.

    Eat meat, cheese, poultry, and a nice mix of food from all of the food groups.

    1. Infinite Rectangles I wasn’t trying to come up with an argument. I can’t believe your serious. To me it’s very simple the only problem that exists is that 1 percent of the population owns everything. That isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s just true. Look at people like bill gates you don’t think he could provide tons of resources to rooks in third world countries or things like that? Also I think that the powers that be are already doing a good job with depopulation. There are studies that have shown that GMO corn kills sperm cells, there are studies that show that having your phone in your pocket kills sperm cells, there are studies that show that the active ingredient in round up which is glyphosate can turn a male frog into a female frog and the other way around. There is a video of bill gates talking about global warming talking about the population and he says if we do a good job on our reproductive healthcare, exc we could reduce the population by 10 to 15 percent within a certain amount of time but one of the things he mentioned in vaccines.
      The earth isn’t overpopulated if we gave everyone alive now a half acre and everyone else gets a half acre at birth we could fit everyone in the continent of Australia. Now you might say what about stores and things like that? I’m not saying we should actually do that but it’s a way for you to picture this. We would still have all of the other continents. By the way not that many decades ago they were telling us we need to worry because the earth was cooling. Now they say the earth is warming but again they used to fear monger about the opposite.
      I think my strongest argument is UN agenda 21 you can google it and see that it is a real thing. It will take effect in the year 2021 and part of this is that it will be illegal to grow your own food, everyone will only be allowed to use a certain amount of water everyday (I think like 65 gallons including what you use to wash your clothes with, shower, cook, wash dishes, flush your toilet, everything.)
      So if you just look up un agenda 21 and 2030 you’ll see I’m telling the truth and you’re absolutely going to hate this fucked up new world because it will apply to you as well. They even have a map that shows that we will be given access to hardly a fraction of the earth. Is this what you really want?

  6. I had to unsubscribe when I realised that when you talk about anything other than veganism you’re uninformed and ignorant, just like the many people you criticise.

    1. +Emma Honan “you’re driven by your emotional biases rather than evidence and ethics”

      Yeah, you’re totally not emotionally biased yourself. You couldn’t even bother to watch more than a few minutes to realize that he was in fact in the process of informing himself. He spent most of the time listening and learning about it during this talk, not preaching.

    2. Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis my comment is not just referring to this one video. I have been watching his videos for a while.

    1. Earthling Carl Europeans are born with this xenophobia of being threatened because they are the minority when it comes to population naturally as they occupy only a small section of the earth. Your standpoint comes from a eugenics standpoint and very warlike. You can justify it all you want but it all comes from a stance of inferiority.

  7. Probably the first debate Richard actually lost. So many bad points being made. I am vegan and it makes absolutely no sense to abort a child or sterilize yourself. If you don’t support animal abortions, why support human abortion? Be consistent and a bit more ethical Richard.

    1. Im not challenging you. It just seems silly to me for someone to condemn animal abortion but not human abortion. I am interested in knowing how Richard explained himself.

    2. Odawg Kizzack collecting eggs still isn’t the same thing as a human abortion. They’re so so much more issues with collecting eggs in a chicken farm than aborting a baby. Also if you mean killing alive chicks I don’t see how that’s comparable either

  8. in india poor people produce more children the middle class and the rich produce near about 2 children .two children are fine for maintaining a good population .

    1. India should not be our standard! Mumbai alone has 23 million people-hundreds of thousands are homeless. India is catching up to China as far as population is concerned- and it’s not looking pretty.

    2. gary mann The problem isnt overpopulation, it overpopulated areas. Plus the reason why population is suddenly a problem in the past decades is that the people on top have to give up more of their opulance and adjust their already excessive lifestyle and thats where the issue lies. Plus the main reason for the rise of human lives was the industrial revolution in which people flock to cities where the main manufacuring/production jobs were.

    1. @Steven Flinn Brady just swallows the refs raw dog, that way his gay receivers can shove wide receivers out of bounds with out trying to make a play on the ball.

    1. lol, like everyone can be a nikola tesla or a sigmund freud? Obviously 0.0001% of people can do that, the rest just pop out kids

    2. MorganaDays people want kids that are a part of them. people want that new person to be a better version of themselves in every way.
      People want to pass down things which can only be passed down to their own kid

  9. Yeah you can’t make decisions for other people’s bodies without their consent, thats wrong. Your level of hatred of children is entirely unreasonable and leads to ridiculous ideas like this. Disappointing really.

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