Surgery Update

Recovery from surgery is going well and I'm no longer in constant pain and I can even go back to weight training.

Why I had surgery:

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Surgery Update

Recovery from surgery is going well and I'm no longer in constant pain and I can even go back to weight training.

Why I had surgery:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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69 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Kinda off topic, but people who mutilate their kids genitals without their consent are fucking ignorant barbaric appeal to tradition fallacy loving morons.

  2. If you’re gonna make two videos about your surgery, you should at least post Before & After pics. For science.

    1. He did another video on baring and again destroyed him ( btw live debates just shows who can divert the subject to whatever he wants to talk about – but in video replys you can actually compare arguments )

    2. Yeah right lol 🙂 they won’t admit to their own little mistakes 🙂 just like mental Richie(quietly deleted posts) lol he starts to remind me of Laci Green:) they should be a couple 🙂
      In today’s show: “can carrots give consent”?

    1. Cole McInnes

      Oh ok. Well, Richard deleted the comments and the whole thread. i didnt take a screenshot or anything because I didnt think he would delete it.
      That comment had 198 likes

      But if you go to Doc Testosterones channel. There is a video called “Meat eater cooks his first vegan meal”. In the comments there are other people are saying the same thing.
      You can go to the guys channel (The guy who made that comment on Docs channel- Trejos world) and ask him too, if you want.

    2. live debate just shows who can be more impressive with words and divert the talk and focus on what fits him – this video reply format is much better and has more focus on the actual arguments (or in bearings case lack of them) VG made a new video reply to bearings reply and again destroyed him

    3. @Pull Ups Okay I believe you.

      @mymymy Oh hey I think you’re on another comment thread I’m talking on haha. And I agree, not sure if you were responding to me or “Pull Ups” but if you were replying to me, I’d say the debate is more so for our entertainment. Im sure regardless of what happens, both of them will leave the debate telling their fans they wrecked the opposer.

    4. Cole McInnes

      I agree with mymyby. Live Debates are more about showmanship and putting “people on the spot”.

      It would probably be very entertaining but not the best way for them to really get their points across.

      The thing I see is – VG is so intent on arguing with someone he knows he can beat.

      Thats the thing about VG – he is a typical bully picking on people he thinks are weaker.

      I remember months ago VG said he didnt want to respond to people like Doc Testosterone because “he doesnt have enough views and subs” and VG doesnt want to give attention to smaller channels.
      Sounds like a valid reason, right?
      Well no, because he attacked Scott Mendelson (who is a complete dumbass meathead(literally and figuratively)) who only had like 10k subscribers.

      Now look, I personally think Doc Testosterone is a bit of clown. But he is a qualified medical professional. And VG said he would respond to him.
      I would rather see VG debate with someone knowledgable , not this dumbass Bearing with his pathetic fallacious arguments.
      I dont know what his reasons are for not responding to Doc.
      Most people would think VG is scared, with the way he is acting deleting comments and stuff.

    1. Well you can’t do much when half of the words coming out of the others mouth are dictionary examples logical fallacies. And, unlike bearing(i watched both responses and originials), he didn’t edit the video to the point where it’s not even reflecting it’s core information.

    2. Every argument is a logical fallacy to this guy. He never goes into detail on anything unless it’s supporting his side of argument.

    3. Not Saying

      I wouldnt take Richards word too seriously. On his homegrownbig video. He said in the comments that he would respond to Doc Testosterone.
      Then he goes back and deletes the whole thread with all the comments!
      Now look, Regardless of what you think about Doc Testosterone. He is in fact a qualified medical professional. This isnt about that.
      This is about telling people you would do something and then going back and deleting the comments because you got scared.

      He responds to Bearing a few days after he makes his video. But doesnt respond to Doc, months after he said he would.
      The thing with Richard is – he only attacks people he knows he can “beat”.
      He makes videos about idubbz and tana mongeau. That has nothing to do with veganism,

      All you fans of Vegan gains,need to hold him accountable to his word.

  3. I hated bearings response video, he really did pick everything to side with him, ignoring all the fact parts, and lol now still thinks meat is healthy and good for people because of what old time scientist say, like, “meat is healthy for you, if people eat a proper serving.” And heres the health benefits. Bullshit. Lots of studies people make now is throwing away the bad facts, fit in the good facts, and pay a magazine to publish it in order to make money, and sometimes its to benifit the meat industry. And people agree with studies that benefits there taste preference and get education based on the popular study. People with the degrees go on google to look things up just as much as people to learn new things. But you kinda got a little overboard with your anger parts in your video response.

    1. MEH NAME I should be more mature? Well my mother taught me that lying is wrong, so what’s your excuse? How about you take your own advice? Lying isn’t very mature, kiddo.

    2. MEH NAME yes we all have to face uncomfortable realities, like your dishonest nature. Maybe if you correct that horrible personality trait you will be taken more seriously in the future. Good luck.

    3. MEH NAME so now I know that vegans are psychos who want to kill humans and they’re also dishonest and not above lying to try to get their point across. Thanks

    4. He won’t reply when he knows he’s wrong, just like VG did with Doc Test.
      Lol people don’t follow veganism because of morons like these two.
      Plus if I was to stop eating meat and all animal products and behave like VG(mentally unstable)
      I’d rather stick to eating meat.
      VG seems to value his health when it comes to body, but his neglecting his mental health hugely…

  4. You should debate Bearing to make up for the fact that you and Repzion didn’t debate. Lets see how good you are live!

  5. Furious Pete chops off a nut, you disabled your nuts then chopped off half your foreskin. Seems like you two have a lot in common. I say you gals hookup, your both in Canada, then you two sickening Canucks can windge together about chopping off part of your manginas.

  6. you still fear the cheetah though. im actually surprised you waved the white flag with him. Didnt think you feared anyone, but apparently i was wrong!

    1. +Paul Allen
      Is this another juicy tabloid title from the Cheetah? Oh the desperation. Anything said by a dope fiend cannot be trusted. The motherfucker is a pathological liar. How do you know he doesn’t lie to you about being clean?

    1. Zweistein You did not refute Vegan Gains’s arguments with any logically consistent counter-arguments. Instead, you resorted to ad-hominem attacks, and ridiculing the opposition’s view on the subject of Veganism by typing malicious comments that are irrelevant to the discussion. Congratulations.

    2. I do not refute them, hence me saying I have a reduced footprint for eating meat. It’s been like that for a long time. You may have, in your ragequit moment, overlooked it. Anyone will attest what I said about vegan gains, I am not ridiculing the cause, feel free to show me where in my comments I did so. Your presumptions and lack of ability in engaging in the discussion is what makes me not want to debate this any further with you.

    3. Zweistein Commenting that you’re going to have a “steak night” is an attempt to ridicule the opposition’s side on Veganism by indirectly stating that you don’t care about Veganism, or animal rights. Since Vegan Gains’s video was intended to persuade people like yourself that consuming and using animal products is illogical and unethical, you indirectly stating that you don’t care about his arguments is an irrational attempt to assure yourself that what he was saying was not important.

    1. You should seriously make videos giving your own accounts to disprove some of the pseudo science that intactivists keep repeating such as the 20k nerve endings claim. Tired of hearing their bullshit on every video like this.

    2. The theory is that foreskin covers the glans (while flaccid), making the glans more sensitive (retracted foreskin). With the foreskin cut during birth the glans become desensitized because they are not covered throughout life.

      If you cut the foreskin as an adult, your glans are still sensitive because they haven’t become desensitized.

    3. I agree, cutting the foreskin won’t make a significant difference in pleasure (10% less?). It’s not the foreskin per say that gives pleasure, rather the glans sensitivity, so cutting off those (foreskin) nerve endings specifically doesn’t change pleasure, the exposure of the glans gives pleasure.

      All in all it doesn’t really matter. As long as sex feels good, can pleasure your partner and can impregnate a female your o.k.

  7. VG, I don’t recommend you debate Bearing, but not because you’ll lose or anything like it, but because he’s just trolling you. His response had little arguments and pretty much tried to ridicule you.
    Bearing’s audience is pretty much like him, so I don’t think you’ll be able to do much about it.
    I think it’s best to cut your losses.

    1. Go ahead, then, but don’t get your hopes up on accomplishing anything. You just can’t win with those people, man.
      I do think he’s trolling you, definitely. He himself was seconds away of saying “bacon, tho”.

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