Sv3rige and Milk Jar Live Debate

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Sv3rige and Milk Jar attempt to defend their unusual dietary choices.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Sv3rige and Milk Jar Live Debate

Sv3rige and Milk Jar attempt to defend their unusual dietary choices.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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69 thoughts on “Sv3rige and Milk Jar Live Debate

  1. ​How come the vegan Richard haven’t taken a pee break during the whole debate but the raw meat eater *Milk Jar* and *Sv3rige* did? *FLAT EARTH CONFIRMED!*

  2. That was surprisingly the most interesting of all the debates, so thanks to all four of you for that. The illogical and biased argument on nutrition right off the bat. Sv3ige arbitrarily draws his own definition of nutrition. Assumes the vitamins and minerals in meat is the only marker of nutrition, ignoring the detrimental effects of those products. It’s like saying urine has vitamin C in it therefore it is better than or as good as an orange. Ignoring what the rest of the urine might do.Even your own faeces has vitamins and minerals in it. The fact that your body can synthesis every single non essential mineral and vitamin in animals is nothing but a poetic irony telling you not to eat these things. Vitamin A poisoning only occurs in meat eaters, true vitamin A is toxic, getting your vitamin A from carotenoids gets you the perfect amount you need while excreting the rest. How is this even an argument? K2 is adequately made you can also buy non animal K2 supplements, a false claim from Svee fridge. Taurine is adequately made, carnitine is adequately made from the essential amino acids. DHA is adequately made from ALA. The only reason conversion rate is low is because of the excessive fish we have consumed throughout our history. It gets higher the longer you don’t consume DHA. It comes from seaweed anyway. B12 we know, is a bacteria, however it is still made naturally by ourselves, we cannot re absorb but it is there for a reason it is there and at some point in our evolutionary history, we would have been able to use that, theorised probably from our appendix and adrenals. Vitamin D from the sun is the most natural and pure way to absorb it. Being a tropical species, where it rains for crops and sun shines heavily, that is our home. Cholesterol is made by the liver and even then cholesterol does exist in plants, it’s a bit of a myth that it doesn’t, much smaller amount but it is there and often labelled as zero due to food labelling laws. There are literally no vitamins or minerals that humans need to get from food that exist in animals, that do not exist in plants. I searched on amazon vegan retinol, literally thousands of products. Another lie from Svee fridge. Insulin spikes causes heart diseas he claims, red meat causes a higher insulin spike than refined sugar, so what is the argument? Even if you want to consume saturated fat for whatever reason, eat coconuts, vegan, full of saturated fat, all the benefits of coconut oil, without the low carb marketing dogma in a whole food. Milkjar throwing studies at vegan gains, only for him have to explain them back to him was hilarious, he had no answer lmao. Vegan gains was very much on form today, his ability to break down studies quickly is very impressive. They had no answer. However this is all easily debunked because mercury is healthy when in fish.

    1. “Vitamin A poisoning only occurs in meat eaters, true vitamin A is toxic, getting your vitamin A from carotenoids gets you the perfect amount you need while excreting the rest. How is this even an argument?”
      It’s an argument because most people have difficulty converting the carotenoids in plants to retinol. Vitamin A is pretty persistent, so as long as you don’t over feed on animal products, vitamin a toxicity won’t occur. Plus, if you’re going on ketosis, your appetite will be greatly reduced, so not only are carnist getting real vitamin a, but we are also getting greater satiation.

      The vegans that don’t get vitamin a deficiency are probably in the really high ranges of carotenoid to retinol conversion. But considering the fact that most people don’t stay on a vegan diet for long periods of time, that doesn’t prove anything.

  3. The meat eaters got up to urinate multiple times during the debate. The vegans didn’t move. Vegan bladders tho, just saying.

    1. Peace Love I got up to pee like four times during the debate but all the women in my family are like this

    1. Samuel Sagarna I was watching it live, the beginning of the debate was hilarious sometimes when Milk Jar spoke. Even the narrator is laughing

  4. Hey guys, I’ve just started a channel about health and nutrition (plant based), please consider subscribing to help it grow… Thanks!

    1. milk jar – BS! I watched the entire thing live, 5 hours of you looking stupid. Don’t lie, the mercury Gods will damn you.

    1. hb liver has way more vitamin c than any plant. When vilhallmur steffansohns crew was dying of scurvy and eating lemons it didnt help at all. Then they encountered the natives who told them they have to eat raw liver and they were cured almost instantly

    2. +milk jar: I just checked beef liver in cronometer, it has less than 1mg/oz vitamin c. And don’t you have to limit your liver intake to not overdose on retinol? 1oz liver has nearly 9000IU vitamin a (300% RDA).

    1. toure7 We actually have bacteriae that can digest fiber, “dummy”, that’s why plenty yogurts have added fiber so they can help us digest food better.

    2. I said that it’s not easily digested. You don’t want foods that are hard to digest in your stomach because there is chance for harmfull bacteria to reproduce in stomach and small intestines.

    3. Meat is one of the hardest foods to digest, that’s why a lot of people need to supplement stomach acid to digest it properly. A lot of these keto “gurus” especially routinely recommend stomach acid pills to their clients, it’s ridiculous (see Eric Berg).

  5. Ask Yourself needs to debate Stefan Molyneux… Molyneux has a massive philosophy audience, and Ask Yourself would dominate.

    1. I watch Molyneux for history stuff, I don’t know what his stance is on veganism. and I don’t think his audience is stupid either.

    1. Yes, stolen generations. “Servant or Slave” is a great introduction and firsthand account of some of the more recent stories of the stolen generations.

    2. Jasmine Woods aboriginals recieve countless benefits and government programs in australia. dont act like youre marginalized when you recieve free study, free health benefits, free schooling etc etc.
      Ive met a lot of aboriginals who take agency over their own lives though and arent burdened by history, maybe you should try that too instead of living out grievances that have nothing to do with you.

  6. Lol, as per usual the other side exposes itself as absurd and/or inconsistent. Rape is ethical, happy Sunday.

    1. Ask Yourself this was so hard to watch. I kept laughing and shaking my head. I don’t know how you and Richard handle things like this, but you handled it really well. keep it up guys πŸ™‚

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