ESC TV 2014 – Cardiologists should see the entire aorta

Interviewee : Prof. Raimund Erbel, FESC, Essen, Germany
Interviewer : Prof. Michal Tendera, FESC, Katowice, Poland

ESC Congress 2014
ESC Guidelines on aortic diseases
Aorta, peripheral arterial and venous surgery

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ESC TV 2015 – ESC Andreas Grüntzig Lecture on Interventional Cardiology (Session 763)

Dan Atar (Oslo, NO)
Jean Marco (Martres Tolosane, FR)

Dan Atar (Oslo, Norway)
Bernhard Meier (Bern, Switzerland)
Jean Marco (Martres Tolosane, France)

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Legends of Cardiology: Dr Eugene M. Braunwald

Thomas Lüscher, Professor and Chairman of Cardiology at the University Hospital Zurich and Editor-in-Chief of the European Heart Journal, speaks with Dr Eugene M. Braunwald, Hersey Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, about life and career in the field of cardiology.

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