Taking Vitamin Supplements are DANGEROUS, along with Colloidal Silver (Why Anyone MUST AVOID)

People should NOT be taking ANY Vitamin Supplements, as well as any Silver products, such as Colloidal Silver!

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Why NOT to Ingest colloidal silver :

Vitamin Supplements Can be Very Dangerous:

5 Medicinal Mushrooms:

You must consult your licensed physician before starting or changing any new diet or foods
WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking.

Taking Vitamin Supplements are DANGEROUS, along with Colloidal Silver (Why Anyone MUST AVOID)

People should NOT be taking ANY Vitamin Supplements, as well as any Silver products, such as Colloidal Silver!

BUY the Highest Quality Oregano Oil Guaranteed to be the best:

Why NOT to Ingest colloidal silver :

Vitamin Supplements Can be Very Dangerous:

5 Medicinal Mushrooms:

You must consult your licensed physician before starting or changing any new diet or foods
WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking.

50 thoughts on “Taking Vitamin Supplements are DANGEROUS, along with Colloidal Silver (Why Anyone MUST AVOID)

    1. Sorry, but I would never take a Vitamin D supplement. Almost every area gets some sun at some point in the year. Vitamin D stores in the body and can last the rest of the year. People need 15 to 30 min or more of direct sunlight at least 3 times per week. People also should have at least 40% of their skin showing. Vitamin D supplements can also be dangerous if you take too much. Taking B12 2,500mcg once per week is safe is the only safe pill I would ever take.

    2. Nasar Khan vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. So when you go out into the sun and your skin begins to soak it up, don’t wash it away later that day. It takes 24-48 hours for vitamin D to fully absorb, but people take showers after being outside, and the soap washes it off. Wash the stinky parts, but avoid soaping the big sun exposed areas to optimize absorption.

    3. People just need to do in the sun with No sun block. An fat soluable vitamin should be taken with fat such as teaspoon of coconut oil.

  1. I have seen colloidal silver being raved about in the natural/raw community and I never trusted it. Thanks for your input on it james

    1. You are very welcome! People think they need to add all these supplements but they are only causing their bodies to never heal. I have heard people tell me they are taking 20 or more supplements. Sadly, people cannot figure out why they never heal. Taking 20 supplements or 20 drugs it doesn’t matter since both are not helping the body to heal.

    1. Huh? My videos are about healing the body with fruits, berries, melons and herbs…. I don’t focus on treating symptoms. Seems like you want a quick fix which is why lazy people never heal. Sorry, but this is the truth. You need to move your lymph system and hydrogen peroxide will DO NOTHING for your lymph system and may make it even worse. You also cannot add minerals and think you will heal the body. It will never happen. Once you come off MMS, your symptoms will come back. All it does is treat symptoms. Minerals come from foods. What people digest and absorb is a whole different ball game. People need to heal their digestive system so they can absorb the minerals from foods. When people cannot properly digest their foods taking minerals will not help and may even make it far worse. I think some people have truly lost their minds and get caught up with ALL these so-called miracle solutions. Just eat living foods. Watch my other videos and educate yourself. You will see the truth…

    1. RedneckTreeGoddess again, you so clueless when it comes to health. Have you even seen my other videos? Sounds like you haven’t. You cannot be that dense. I am sorry… You sound very misinformed.

    2. James Destroy Diseases Yes I have seen your other videos and thought you were pretty good and informative that’s why I followed you. obviously I wasn’t the only one that thought this video was ridiculous…..And how immature of you to name call. Clueless? Dense? That’s the way you talk to people that comment on your channel when they don’t agree with you? You even put down the guy In The article……. Not very Classy James. Grow up.

    3. Sorry, but You stated this is ridiculous.. Seeya….. I stated: I just presented the facts. So basically you are saying you cannot understand the video right? My 2nd comment was for RedneckTreeGoddess.

      So i am assuming YOU think it’s ok for you to say what ever you want back to me… Whats wrong with being blunt? I am here to spread the truth and not read a book quietly in the library. Sorry, but supplements don’t heal the body and the fact you think my video is ridiculous frankly just proves that. However, your comments were not appropriate but you seem to think they are just dandy?

      Also, I commented on the articles and gave my opinion and you claim I am putting the person down? Are you serious? It’s sad you are not the only one in society that thinks this way. So I will agree with you on that statement. geez…
      Honestly, I don’t care if you don’t like it but the video but I am trying to help people but not everyone can be helped or wants to help themselves. Take care… I hope you come to your senses soon. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery… Remember, fruits, herbs and rest. This is all you need!

    1. James Destroy Diseases there being exposed and found out…they can’t out wit us anymore… people are on the wake and coming together … ☮️

    2. I agree. Look, at the some of the comments below… People are either clueless or are just brain dead! Maybe it’s both… So sad…

    1. DMSO contains sulfur and should be avoided! You have arthritis since your body is acidic. You need to detox and move your lyph system. Have you seen ALL my other recent videos in the past 60 days?

    1. He was wrong and he also died, No offense but if he knew what he was talking about he would be alive today. His issue could have been healed on a raw diet with fruit and herbs. He never went raw. He was against doing so, so what he states is not true..

    2. I guess you Are Right. So you think a lot of his content is absolutely wrong? He is Promoting all the Time this liver Flush To get rid of gallstones. Do you think there is Truth behind it or do you think it’s a Scam? (Drinking Olive oil and cleansing also the Gallbladder)He really pushed that in his Books and especially Videos. James You’re pretty much one of the few People i could and want to ask that. You’re Content is Awesome. A lot of channels/Creators here on YouTube Are so vague and only lead you to certain Programs and webpages that you have to follow and Pay a lot of money for. You’re Information is a straightforward-kick-in-the-face Wake up call. So if you could answer if there’s any Truth behind a liver Flush then please Tell me 🙂 it’s really hard to Tell with Andreas Moritz. He blurrs the Lines with health a lot with Spirituality Heavily. Do you See any pro’s in his content? I only Started Today to turn raw. Thanks for Everything you do. my wife and ME Are watching your Videos now everyday. Greetings from Germany

    3. Thank you! Honestly, I only viewed a few of his videos about 4 years ago. You cannot do a liver cleanse using olive oil. This is not how our bodies work. If this was true the Chinese would never use herbs. The Chinese are highly educated when it comes to the diagnose of our bodies by looking at wrinkles on our face, eyes, nose, mouth ect… All organs which are not functioning properly will show up on our face. Each wrinkle reflects a different organ inside the body and type of organ will depend on where the wrinkle or line is located. The Chinese believe a persons face should never change as they age, otherwise this will reflect an organ which is not functioning properly. When you use herbs and a raw diet these wrinkles will diminish as your organs heal. Herbs will help aid in healing process and only herbs, along with fruits can naturally detox the body from toxins, chemicals and stones..

  2. You are either terribly misinformed, or spreading disinformation. Not all colloidal silver is the same. If this is the only research you’ve done on silver, one opinionated article, you definitely need to look deeper. Sovereign silver is a top notch brand and is absolutely safe to ingest when needed. I don’t take every day, but when I’m feeling sick it’s not going to harm. There’s a difference between positively charged ionized silver particles and raw silver. And as for vitamins, don’t just buy any old supplement…!! There are good and bad brands. Obviously food is best, but there’s lots of things that would be beneficial to increase. If people have heavy metal toxicity, just eating correct foods won’t help. We must get rid of the toxins which prevent our bodies from functioning properly and optimally.

    1. Seriously, Misinformed… My videos are about healing NOT about treating symptoms. You are clueless when it comes to health. Our bodies can ONLY heal with fruits and vegetables and herbs. I also NEVER GET SICK…. This is a clear sign your lymph system is stagnated. You really need to educate yourself. You missed the entire point of the video and are completely clueless when it comes to what the body truly needs in order to truly heal…. The articles were just a talking point. My knowledge is far beyond those articles. I just wanted something to go off of since ALL the information I know is not posted online.

      Also, our bodies remove heavy metals with the right foods and herbs. Why not understand science and Bio chemistry before making yourself look like an UN-educated fool! Sorry, but your comment is of full of misinformation.

  3. I make my own 10 and 20 ppm colloidal and ionic silver and mostly use it externally. Seems to work fine its great as a surface disinfectant and has the added benefit of not making everything smell like a pizzeria.

    Considering that tap water contains a lot more than 10ppm metals i dont feel too worried about a few tea spoons colloidal not ionic silver.

    1. You can also just consume herbs and eat real fruits and vegetables. Your body would actually heal, instead of treating symptoms. Also, why drink tap water? I would never drink tap water… There is a lot more nonsense in tap water than most people are aware of. Also, oregano oil from the Mediterranean is not the same species of plant used in the oregano for pizza. Learn the difference so you can understand that oregano oil is substantially more effective and powerful than using a silver.

  4. I can’t take it anymore. People, don’t believe these lies. Colloidal silver is misrepresented in this video. The real issue is WHERE you get your colloidal silver. Please disregard this video and turn your attention to real science. http://www.drmercola.com

    1. Sorry, but You will never heal your body using this supplement. Seriously, my videos are about healing NOT about treating symptoms. geez…. Also, Dr merecola sells many supplements this is his business. Nothing against him but you need raw living foods to heal, he also mentions to consume mostly raw foods. So your comment is contradicting. Merecola says people need raw foods. So why use a supplement by adding more metals? People need to get rid of metals and NOT add more into their bodies. Supplements will never heal the body. People need to consume REAL FOODS!!!

  5. Are organic cashews harmful to the herpes detox..also in dealing with adrenal fatigue what are your thoughts on ashwaganda and rhodiola rosea? Ive also been dealing with ptsd. What do you suggest would help with sleep?

    1. Yes, avoid ALL nuts. All nuts have a hard shell for a reason. These must be avoided! Using a small amount of seeds such as Spouted Pumpkins seeds are ok but just don’t over consume. Please view my other videos to learn more. You need berries, melons, grapes, figs, dates, fresh coconut, ect… Does that make sense to you?

    2. James Destroy Diseases yes it does. Thank you..going 6 months on the detox and im getting tested in a few weeks again. Cant wait to post someday that ive tested negative.

    3. If you come back positive it means you need to go 100% raw. It sounds like from many of your other comments you were not fully raw using just fruits and some vegetables. You cannot do a deep cleanse on the body without a 100% raw diet with ONLY fruits and vegetables. While you may make progress consuming mostly fruit with other foods you will not fully heal until you are 100% raw. However, at this point you are making progress so just keep moving forward. Take care…

    4. James im 2 months and a half of 100% raw fruit taking mostly grapes, berries and melons along with oil and the herbs and 5 mushrooms.. but i still get the tingling or itching on my lip due to the hsv1. My kidney is filtering very well everyday and feel really good i know this will take time but the itching means my body is fighting back? is that right

    5. Great! Since are only 2 months in the process this is quite early. Your lymph system needs more than 2 months to get moving, unless you have detoxed before. Just keep eating raw… Did you wait 30 days before you started to use the oil? Also, you will get detox symptoms and everything will come to the surface. Some people can loose all their finger nails. No one really knows what the detox symptoms will be, but these are all great signs that the process is working. I personally lost a couple of toe nails myself, but the body regrows the nails back and they will look better than ever!

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