Tana Mongeau Is An N Word

iDubbbzTV has made a long critique of Tana Mongea but he glossed over the fact that she's a black lives matter supporter.

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Tana Mongeau Is An N Word

iDubbbzTV has made a long critique of Tana Mongea but he glossed over the fact that she's a black lives matter supporter.

Tana Mongeau's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWD8su9Sk6GzZDwy9zs3_w
iDubbbzTV's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8vaJaFCFYA&t=841s
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60 thoughts on “Tana Mongeau Is An N Word

    1. +Kelseys_storys I don’t think so, jesus said “love your enemies” mohammed
      said “whoever leave islam, kill him” people are different and KKK has
      nothing to do with the bible, but when you look at the quran and the
      sources of islam and you dig deeper you find something very dark. I know
      you said nothing about “kkk” but just giving you an example. I’m an atheist

  1. Lets not forget black americans commit about half of all murders in the
    country and only make up a small percentage of the population. same thing
    where I live in NZ. Our blacks (Maori) make up 60% of the prison popu;ation
    and 6% of the total population. Similar with aboriginals in Australia.
    Everywhere in the world blacks are the most violent and theiving (generally)

    Even sand nigs, 60% of france’s prison population is muslim.

    Of course there are plenty of good intelligent black people like VG lol.

    1. dirtynipples26 dirty nipples literally alluded to black people being
      genetically/hormonally more violent no matter what era lmao

    2. dirtynipples26 actually the gypsies had it hardest of all :/ but in most
      recent times black have had it the hardest no doubt over all time
      gypsies/kurds & jews

  2. Vegain gains you gotta learn to interpret statistics correctly bro.
    According to your stats 50% of victims of fatal police shootings were white
    and 26% black. But you have to factor in the point that 63% of the US is
    white and only 12% is black. Therefore blacks are killed more as a
    percentage my friend. Crime statistics are measured as a population
    percentage bro. Your general argument today was less about this girl and
    more about black lives matter.

    1. People are just fucking stupid. Taking any of their holier than thou asses,
      raises them in the depths of poverty (redneckville, the ghetto) and they
      wouldn’t turn out any different. But because they have an agenda, they’ll
      never acknowledge this point.

    2. You have to compare that number to the number of commited crimes. If black
      people commit 50 % of violent crimes 26% is a very low number don’t you
      think. It’s an argument against BLM

    3. +XxBeastlyGodxX Even poor white people commit way less crimes than blacks

      I don’t think BLM adresses the right issues about the black community.
      black on black crimes, “Uncle Tom”-labeling, rap music etc.

    1. “apparently” being the operative word. You know the black youth who was
      raped by french cops the other day? “apparently” his trousers accidentally
      fell down and the truncheon just fell down his back passage. don’t believe
      the accused, it’s a well known fact the guilty will usually lie to protect
      their asses. There are so many other examples I could list, how about Joy
      Gardner, in the UK this time, was being an ‘illegal’ a suitable
      justification for killing her like an animal?

    2. +Sundal Roy First of all, I am Canadian so you have no reason to feel bad
      for me. And I know they have the right to remain silent or withold consent.
      But as you said, in that case, the police can arrest you for multiple
      things as long as they have reason to believe that you are doing something
      illegal. I don’t think it’s okay for them to shoot people at all, actually.
      I said that I believe they have the right to, if someone resists arrest.
      That is all. And you basically agreed with me there so let’s call it a day.

    3. well you’re not too far behind i’m sure you’ve heard of bill C-639. having
      said that, we are also not too far behind in the uk either. yes they need
      to have just cause to suspect and unfortunately skin colour and even a bad
      attitude (which is often their just cause) just isn’t enough.

    4. +Sundal Roy Of course I agree with you. I myself am not white and think
      it’s disgusting when police officers or anyone in power is clearly a
      racist. But at the same time, I’m tired of people playing the race card to
      get out of anything. And yeah Canada’s not much better but you’d have a
      hard time finding anywhere in the world that’s perfect.

    5. sure the race card shouldn’t be played tbh when i see police behaving
      heavy-handed i don’t think it’s necessarily cos they’re racist, i just
      think a lot of them are bullies. they are order-followers, therefore their
      job is act without conscience. i know from my activist work that they give
      anyone who doesn’t conform like a willing slave a hard time. but having
      said that, the police in india and pakistan where my grandparents are from
      are no fucking joke. it just annoys me cos there is so much propoganda
      about how liberal and freedom-loving the uk and the states are when the
      reality is they are just as bad as everywhere else if you get on the wrong
      side of them.

  3. Richard, you’re wrong about the Black Lives Matter movement being racist.

    The BLM movement aren’t suggesting that black lives are superior and more
    significant than other races, but merely that *they* ALSO matter, and that
    the problems against black people can no longer be ignored.
    Saying “all lives matter” is only avoiding the reality of racism and
    discrimination — be it against black, brown or any minorities — which is
    still very real in the US today.

    Categorizing an entire group of people, based on a few individuals who take
    advantage of the movement to take out their anger, is as ignorant as the
    people who say “all vegans are angry, pushy and militant”
    And cherry picking a few angry groups and people spreading hate speech is
    even more ignorant and manipulative as those anti-vegans.

    1. There are no statistics that suggest that cops have a racial bias against
      black people. So there is no reason for the the movement in the first

      Apart from that it is just dividing people.

      BLM is stupid and dangerous.

    1. Laura Lou They are all racists, who use guilty, white idiots to push an
      agenda. And dumb liberals will virtue signal until their head falls off,
      literally *coughIslamcough*

    2. Laura Lou Yeah, police don’t know how to do anything other than shoot
      people,that’s why we have one of the highest prison populations in the

    3. I wasn’t commenting on the laws regarding prison sentencing. I felt that it
      was more important to discuss innocent people with their hands up in
      surrender being KILLED

    4. +Laura Lou I dont really support BLM because they seem to solely focus on
      police reform. There are WAY worst social practices being done towards the
      black community other then police killings. Only focusing on police
      killings takes focus away from the root of social issues. People need to
      educate themselves a lot more.

    5. Hengi T LMAO NIGHA WTF ?!? FRANCE ?! Dude you OBVIOUSLY dont know the
      situation in other country so dont comment on them, ever.

  4. I think you should leave social issues alone because you really sound
    stupid. Especially in regards to black people

    1. +Cortion Carter

      Truth hurts idiot. You own people can even agree. Michael brown was a
      worthless piece trash and waste of oxygen who committed a crime and paid
      for it. I enjoyed looking at his carcass. He probably caused the suffering
      of many animals.

    2. Cortion Carter Look at all this positivity! See if everyone could get along
      like us the world would be just fine! haha.

  5. As a French Canadian I really appreciate your correct pronunciation of
    Mongeau. She doesn’t even pronounce her own name correctly and it triggers

    1. Don’t be ashamed, most people realize that this shitty group doesn’t rep
      all black people, there are plenty of white people supporting this shitty
      group too

    2. This comment makes me so sad:( Although I don’t agree with blm and I think
      white people are even dumber for trying to be part of it.

    1. The Candid Counterbalance the meaning of the movement was created to point
      out the deaths of black men by the police, the people who go around killing
      whites don’t understand the meaning of BLM and shouldn’t even claim to be
      part of the movement

    2. I’m pretty sure saying you should kill all white implies, that they think
      blacks are superior beings (aka. begins who deserve to be alive), whereas
      they think white people don’t deserve it.
      How is that not claiming racial superiority.
      As mentioned in the Video, this movement didn’t start because black people
      where shot a lot more than white people, but rather off a single incident,
      where a criminal trying to kill a cop got shot, because the cop had to
      protect himself and the people around him.

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