The Alions Ep. 2 – Extreme Vegans

VegAnimation's second episode of 'The Alions' in which a human eating & a vegan Alion experiences several difficulties while discussing human ethics …difficulties that feel somewhat familiar.
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The Alions Ep. 2 - Extreme Vegans

VegAnimation's second episode of 'The Alions' in which a human eating & a vegan Alion experiences several difficulties while discussing human ethics ...difficulties that feel somewhat familiar.
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68 thoughts on “The Alions Ep. 2 – Extreme Vegans

    1. Varg thinks blonde hair and blue eyes make someone instantly more European, regardless of the random variability of genetics

    2. Oh god, I may be a sworn vegan and no fan of Varg’s, but when I see a self-proclaimed commie, I just have to start up the rotors – common ground in veganism simply isn’t enough to bridge that massive political X axis gap.

    3. Well, this is his way of reasoning. He thinks neanderthals were the original Europeans and that they had pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair. So if you got all those things, you have traits that proto-Europeans had and are therefore “real” European. He considers most people with white skin and dark hair/eyes to be either Asian or Arab. He also claims that some Iranians/Turks/Asians perhaps have blonde eyes/hair and that he has more in common with them. He says that he is more connected by blood with them, but I’d say that he is more connected by certain genetic traits (blonde hair, eyes)… Most people living in Europe today, if they are not recent immigrants have those genetic traits while they are young (I myself had blondish/red hair) but because blue eyes and blonde hair are recessive, they are easily bread out of Europe, since they are no longer an advantage (because of modern civilization and no harsh cold weather/little light/need for absorption of vitamin D). So, he also claims that Europe will be ”Nordic” again when the new ice age comes around, which would probably be true in that scenario; namely, IF there is no civilization when the ice age occurs, which is inevitable at one point, genetic traits that are more adopted to the circumstances of their surrounding will survive.

    4. Patrick Bateman Varg debunks himself. He’s a lunatic, seemingly a white nationalist who lives in the fukkin hills of Norway and acts like a caveman.

  1. Yo VegAnimation ?. This is a super coup getting VG to upload your vid. Well done mate.
    Hey VG ?. Wanna help out another little guy lol?

    1. VegAnimation its great man made me smile thanks! I was literally suicidal and the voices in my head were making me feel horrible and low self esteem but this video made me get my spark back. Thanks! Great animation and love being vegan.

    1. +Alan Lopez
      “opening your eyes and seeing” is not an argument. You have to explicitly point out flaws in her stance to convince anyone that she is an abomination.

    2. Levnerad
      People who have seen her videos can decide for themselves.
      Siding with Joe Rogan and against the Drs in what’s the health did it for me.
      She’s an idiot.
      Case closed.

    3. Levnerad
      I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
      The facts are out there, seek and you shall find.
      I’m done wasting time on your pathetic existence.
      Learn your place in this world and STFU

    1. Yeah he should make a video showing the truth about how Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for our sins and is returning one day to set up the Kingdom of God forever on earth

    2. He won’t wast his time. Most christian’s are just guilty of hypocrisy, unlike muslims who suicide bomb and lie about their religion.

    3. Dirtkid98505 unfortunately they still promote concepts of violence and arbitrary moral exclusions based upon the emotions of imaginary beings

  2. I am thinking of becoming vegan but am worried about the lack of nutrients and protein in a vegan diet. What suppliments do you vegans take to fill the deficiency gaps? Thanks in advance.

    1. watch dr.greger how not to to die talk. the guy has an annoying voice but his info is solid.
      multivitamin with b12 and tablespoon of ground flaxseed (omega 3) every day is a good insurance policy.

    2. jaybeee jaybeee don’t need to worry about protein at all if you eat enough you will get your daily protein requirements easily. I my self only take B-12 And falxseed oil.

    3. John Constantin Listen up and maybe you’ll learn something, vegans TECHNICALLY don’t need to supplement for ANYTHING since everything they need can be found in a vegan diet BUT the reason we normally supplement certain nutrients is because the amount of the givin food we would need to consume to get said vitamins and minerals would be a LARGE amount on a daily basis making variety low and it would honestly get very repetitive. I NEVER said you couldn’t get a certain nutrient from a plant based diet so don’t jump to conclusions and address your fellow humans with more politeness in the future, just a tip.

    4. jaybeee jaybeee Dude, you do not need to worry about protein or B12, these are the two biggest misconceptions. Just buy veggies, and spice it up with some Gardein meats and you’ll be fine. I’ve been vegan for 6 years, I lift, I have killer stamina, no protein powders, no supplements. If you feel the urge, get a B12 supplement just to pacify your mind, but you don’t even need it.

      Please go vegan, the animals need you, your body will thank you and you’ll feel better.

    5. Miron Gaines you should definitely supplement b12 no matter what. Flesh eaters are receiving b12 via supplemented animals, either by injection or their feed. It’s like 5 bucks for a year of vegan b12 sublingual tablets 5000 mcg take one a week.

  3. This is extremely cherry picked and biased. The arguments on both sides are the same, and vegans only defense is a morality clause. In the end, eat what the fuxk you want to eat, there will always be a power structure, plain and simple. We happen to be at the top so we decide the rules to fit our own narrative.

    1. I am sure slave owners considered themselves at the top and a higher sentient alien being would also but that would justify murdering humans.

    2. Riiight. That’s why we, as humans, are destroying our eco system and the habitat that supports us. So powerful and intelligent.

    3. @Poison Ivy
      Yep, too much for our own good. We know how to trick ourselves not too worry. We’re still needy, emotional, exploitable animals at heart

  4. Vegan Gains, you are a monster. You put your beliefs above your own fucking family. And like the coward you are, you never respond to my comments. You are a sociopath. You are lower than prions. If you hate humans so much, why not shoot up a fucking school?! If morality is objective, how is it decided what is good and what is bad? How do you know which is which? You seem like the kind of person who would! Even most of the vegan community hates you. You don’t deserve to be considered a life form, let alone a human being.

    1. Ultima ZillaRex – I reckon he doesn’t respond to you because you talk shite. What do you think? I, myself dislike humans in general, but i’d never shoot schoolkids, and i doubt VG would either. That’s a hellish thing to say or do. You’re getting all hot and bothered over nothing. It would be a kindness to shoot you, and i wouldn’t lose a second of sleep if i did.

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