The Health Nerd vs Vegan Gains

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heart-disease - The Health Nerd Vs Vegan Gains

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1 - The Health Nerd Vs Vegan Gains 2 - The Health Nerd Vs Vegan Gains 3 - The Health Nerd Vs Vegan Gains
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For a nerd The Health Nerd isn't too smart especially when it comes to nutrition.

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The Health Nerd's video:

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
Cholesterol and CVD:

Methionine, life span and cancer:

The Health Nerd vs Vegan Gains

For a nerd The Health Nerd isn't too smart especially when it comes to nutrition.

Support me on Patreon:
The Health Nerd's video:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
Cholesterol and CVD:
Methionine, life span and cancer:

81 thoughts on “The Health Nerd vs Vegan Gains

    1. i think i read somewhere that dork is the term for a whale’s penis……so calling someone a dork is calling them a giant penis

    1. VG has to make a video called “Steven Crowder vs Vegan Gains” since Chowder made that stupid Vegan video with Lierre Keith.

    1. I think you can create a religion for $70. So, instead of baning the other religions, you could create a bunch of fucked up religions to discredit the other religions (which is what people did with the FSM, which is an actual religion in several countries). That’s pretty much the maximum level a troll can go.

    2. Religious people are too fucking stupid to actually take notice of parody. They think a God killed himself/his son/nobody is sure to absolve humans of sins that he made up so that we can be punished for arbitrary morals.

  1. No aftermath statement after the previous debate? Was like debating with children…. nice guys but wow, WTF are their IQs?

    1. Hi Footy ?. How’s it going? Why have you dropped ‘vegan’ from your name and what do you see as the purpose of those debates?

  2. VG you’ve beenn killin it lately. Looking foward to more of your debates, preferably with smarter people than your last couple opponents

    1. Correlation does NOT mean causation. This is the most basic rule of science. Get a degree before you attempt to educate people, hypocritical half breed.

    1. Spot the difference between a chemical reaction and an actual brain with nervous system. I know it’s hard to understand. Keep find more excuses.

  3. I stopped watching after 2 mins. In January 2016, The American Heart Association said ” yes, there’s cholesterol in eggs, but, contrary to what we’ve previously been told, dietary cholesterol doesn’t seem to have much effect on blood cholesterol, the type that actually clogs your arteries, for the average person.”  YOU are the one giving outdated advice and health news to push your agenda. NO ONE should take this guys videos for more than Entertainment value because  they are Absolutely worthless on facts and health advice. INB4 the Hilarious Vegan Hate Retaliation Comments…..

  4. “He’s one of those dumb nerds that just plays video games and jerks off all day” LOL this is why I love vegan gains

  5. Oh don’t worry, Health Nerds response video will just be..

    -Takes killing babies clip
    -Talks about death of your grandfather
    -Takes repzion clip
    -takes other random satire clips
    then proceeds to say

    “Do you really want to listen to a guy like this!?”
    Just like everyone else does because they cant actually refute the video.

    1. Chukwu

      When people commit a logical fallacy, they’re basically saying “I’m making absolutely no sense”. How is that good from any perspective?

  6. Every time that Vegan Gains posts his new videos, I’m always learning something new. It was after a year of being subscribed to him that I decided to bookmark the studies he references to have the nutrient names and sources, the methodologies, names of medical and dietary professionals, and every other sciences memorized. I have all of these subjects memorized like movie lines, that every time I get into debates with people on the sciences and ethics of veganism, they’re stuttering and struggling for a response that sounds remotely smart.
    Keep it up Vegan Gains! Watch out for a new Patron!

    1. lmao i was just thinking about doing this lmao I’m going to debate aginst my herbalife idot family that thinks eggs and dairy are good for you and that meat has a bunch of health benefits?

    2. Awesome. I don’t understand how people try to argue that being vegan isn’t the superior choice. Eat meat if you want, fine, but when you have the choice to not murder an animal for food but you choose to anyways, you’re obviously making the morally inferior choice. I’m not even vegan at the moment, I might have a burger once a month, and I eat cheese, but I know that not eating animal products is the morally superior choice and soon I’m going to fully commit.

  7. you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. if you want to make an argument that eating eggs is in moral that’s fine but don’t tell people there unhealthy.

    1. William Shanks high cholesterol does not equal heart disease. clogged arteries do. not once the vegangain specify what cholesterol does for the body.

    2. mason snyder high cholesterol and clogged arteries mean the same thing the thing that clogs your arteries is cholesterol itself

    3. I demonstrably proved that dietary cholesterol raises serum cholesterol which has a direct relationship with heart disease. Linking me some stupid video by a quack doctor doesn’t disprove the research I referenced. No where in this video did he debunk the fact that dietary cholesterol increases heart disease risk.

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