Thevegancheetah is Afraid Of Me

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Instead of making an appropriate video response thevegancheetah has been throwing a tantrum on twitter making up excuses for why he doesn't want to refute my criticisms of him.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Thevegancheetah is Afraid Of Me

Instead of making an appropriate video response thevegancheetah has been throwing a tantrum on twitter making up excuses for why he doesn't want to refute my criticisms of him.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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71 thoughts on “Thevegancheetah is Afraid Of Me

    1. The Young Turds Yes! I include it in my Vegan diet 3nights a week,or just
      whenever I’m feeling those “Vegan Deficiencies.”

    1. At the very beginning of Fake Vegan Cheetah’s pathetic attempt at a
      response he says he’s not going to address the “science or facts”. LMAO!!!
      So what’s the point of even responding?? ??????

    1. Vegan Footsoldier vg has turned way more plp from veganism than hes brought
      in it, vg followers are upset because vc has a much more realistic and
      effective approach supporting vegan till 4, on Monday, weekends whatever
      that is helping the animals and inspiring others to do the same

    1. +Peter Todd Did you not watch the video? lmao Richard made that name up
      rofl. Besides that, the “cartoon” as my avi has way better
      plot/story/character development than a majority of television shows you’ll
      find on TV

    2. Not that Plantbased either. When he goes to restaurants he eats dairy. I
      think vegetarian is more appropriate. None of his vlogs do you see him ask
      the waiter if there is cheese or eggs!

    1. +Maple Hill what does? VG bashing other people to stay relevant or VC doing
      the same thing. On both cases you would be right

    2. +Blue09 Words, movements and ideal change definition and evolve with time.
      Nothing stays the same not sure why it is such a surprise that this
      “movement” wouldn’t go through a similar thing.

    1. Philth- E He is telling the truth thats why he become more and more white
      hahahahahha just kidding im not a racist

    1. lol. He made a response and posted it an hour before this video was posted.
      I’m guessing Gains had already started uploading this when Cheetah posted

  1. I liked his channel when he blew up,but hes just become another
    hypocritical youtuber and tries his best to manipulates his i
    think the only ones who really watch him are young teens and older
    women.His response was a mind numbing joke.

    1. AlbeitBeast That is BS. Most of the males on YT are in a battle of the
      egos; bullying and trolling one another.

    2. Nah it’s the young kids, both male and female that paste copy paste
      But male audiences usually follow smarter channels, if you consider the
      vlogging and pretty guys/girls community wasteful

    3. ali aman The young kids for sure.. Unfortunately, YT is saturated with
      crappy popular content.. A lot of intellectual thought provoking channels
      don’t receive half the recognition beauty and gaming channels do.

    4. I was actually subscribed to Vegan cheetah around the time he made the mark
      blob-liner videos. I liked his videos, but after a while all the
      drama/clickbait made me unsubscribe. I randomly watch some of his vids, but
      the quality is just terrible, the kind of vegan that gives people a bad
      rep. I am no longer vegan, I havent been for 6 months, so I only watch
      quality vegan channels…. not that many imo (Vegan Gains, Bite Size vegan,
      Erin Janus and Unnatural vegan are the only ones I can still manage to

    5. +Your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth
      Not bs, if you look at every trending video it’s all the same crap, unfunny
      dumb women, some dumb 12 year olds, and basically scientists.

    1. +Sarah Gwin There is truth to his madness? Nah it is just a bunch of cherry
      picking and misrepresentation of studies (maybe due to ignorance or maybe
      to fit his agenda). They are both crazies like 90% of vegan youtubers out
      there. They are both the product of the demand that the vegan community

      If your friend was that sensitive then maybe she should have thought twice
      about going into youtube. The internet is a nasty place and if you don’t
      have thick skin then you shouldn’t put yourself out there. So as far as
      mocking her lupus then she should have thought about it twice before
      sharing that info. It is the same thing with his heroin addiction. It is
      fair game and you will be made fun of on the internet. Either way neither
      of them are good men so what is your point with that?

      The only thing that will take him back to the needle is if something bad
      happens to his channel. His trigger points have always been when he hits
      low points. So as long as he keeps getting paid over the views he is
      generating and as long as he doesn’t have a bad break up with whatever her
      name is I don’t see him relapsing.

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