Thevegancheetah Live Debate Challenge

Charles is claiming I'm afraid of him, I'm a coward and I won't engage in any kind of debate. Well how about we have a live debate and discussion on my channel?

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Thevegancheetah Live Debate Challenge

Charles is claiming I'm afraid of him, I'm a coward and I won't engage in any kind of debate. Well how about we have a live debate and discussion on my channel?

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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95 thoughts on “Thevegancheetah Live Debate Challenge

    1. For the people who are not aware yet. The “Vegan Gains” responding to this
      comment is fake. Easiest way to spot a fake profile is to see the number of

    1. UnVegan Cheetah is a Jeff Nelson’s product. UnVegan Cheetha would never be
      able to intelligently refute any argument of yours Richard because he
      doesn’t have the intelligence for it neither enough integrity. However he
      would rely on insults and cheap lying drama. Jeff Nelson the big liar
      should be the one being interviewed since he is the one controlling the
      strings of his UnVegan Cheetah poppet. What a pair of freaks these two
      (Charles & Jeff Nelson).

    2. alex tapia Jeff Nelson & Cheetah are scum bags. Choosing a vegan lifestyle
      is admirable, however, they are anything but.

    1. Farms have a milking cow which produce milk without being impregnated
      caused my our modifications and animal agriculture and don’t need to be
      raped.. but I’m only against how cows are still being confined and being

    2. the only reason that happens is because the cow was impregnanted and then
      you keep milking her. the supply wont go down until the gets old. then off
      to the slaughter house for her. But let me inform you. YOU ARE NOT A BABY

    3. Spencer Hernandez I’m vegan and Ik so you’re not informing me, I do know
      that regular cows are raped to produce milk for the calf who is turned to
      veal, farmers could really “use” milking cows so they don’t need to be raped

    1. Pinks Lee ok, just had to let you know that I can’t stop laughing over
      Vegetarian Felon. I keep randomly laughing when I think about it!

    1. Vegan Gains Vs. Theveganwigger. I’d pay good money to see a real fight
      between these two. I’d put it all on VG.

  1. Dude, you’re a savage lol. This is awesome.. you’re so right about his fans
    being as stupid as him. I hope this debate happens so that you can destroy
    him even more. Make that bastard cry.

    1. Don’t worry, I am not saying I hate fruits, in fact, I love fruits, I was
      just worried that I was going to miss out on all of the other food I like
      to eat outside of fruit, that’s it. Guess I will have to learn to like
      veggies as well as a vegan…

  2. poor Emerly, how he can have heart pick on her, she’s very nice educated
    humble honest knowledge vegan activists for us all.

    1. Watch this video on Sunshine Brights’s channel: ‘Cheetah goes after
      BiteSizeVegan and ThatVeganCouple for Jeff Nelson of VegSource’.

    1. +Flexitarian Lol you are probably right and Mina keep your sexual
      preferences to yourself. No one needs to know that you flick the bean to
      Richard analy raping Charles lol

    1. +UNITATO vegan gains is laughing at retards like you. He’s not about
      evidence. If he was he would eat an egg because it doesn’t harm a chicken
      or himself. If he was about evidence he would eat tuna because killing 1
      tuna saved thousands of fish. Yer all fools pretending to be intelligent.
      Gains though, i’m sure laughs at you to. I hear it in his voice. I see it
      in his eyes. he thinks his followers are pathetic fools and he’ll take you
      for every penny he can get

    2. +Tom Mom maybe not I don’t know. Not a matter of easy with me. Either it’s
      right or it’s wrong. He is a wrong guy, toying with wrong people. They
      deserve each other

    3. No proof to support your claims once again.
      Wow you really are delusional. Millions of baby chicks get ground up alive
      in a grinder because of the egg industry. Did you know that? Probably not,
      because you’re not interested in doing any research or finding out the
      truth. You’re too busy being butthurt. Please go do some research or don’t
      waste my time with your nonsense.

    1. +Leif D True. But Vanilla Ice tried to get by on appropriating a culture
      that he was too corny fradulent to belong to. Just like Vegan Cheetah

    2. +Ronnie Griffin very true, he’s certainly a fraudulent vegan. But he’s more
      like Cobain because VG killed him this week.

  3. Being a non vegan i was liking his idea of not being so restrictive but
    taking baby steps to becoming vegan. but you’ve brought up plenty of good
    points backed by scientific evidence. So he looks like a jackass now.
    Started eliminating dairy and meat from my diet as of today. Wish me luck!

  4. No, you’re forgetting Cheetah’s ultimate excuse: “I refuse to talk to you
    on Skype, because you would hack my computer / give me a virus” —YES, HE

    1. +Veges First He actually made a video on this. His most recent on VC as far
      as I remember. You might want to watch it if you’re really interested in
      the answer. Btw: Afterwards everyone is clever. 😉

    1. Katie Kelley watch ‘der vegans’ latest video, pretty much tells you all you
      need to know about the real Charles, if the scummy clips in this video
      weren’t enough for you……?!

    2. Katie Kelley , yeah dumbass, he is lying over and over. You’re a fool if
      you can see through vegan cheetahs bullshit.
      Sad. Believe me.

    3. +Katie Kelley Are you serious with that comment? It’s like you liked Vegan
      Cheetah, fell into a coma, then woke up again to this video. Did you miss
      everything that’s going on?

    1. +beanlandgm
      I already said we are all flawed including Richard. How many things have
      you done in your life that have been with hindsight regretful?
      I’m not here to look at every misdeed and cast judgement, otherwise if I
      were to subject every human being with that same yardstick then I
      couldn’t/wouldn’t have any friends, family etc. Remember we are all flawed.

      On the whole Richard is a good person and his cause is exceedingly just and
      he like us will evolve and change as life experiences shape him.

      By selectively focusing on the bad you are intentionally sidelining all the
      good which makes your case very agenda laden.

    2. imrandma my point is that he didn’t and hasn’t shown any remorse. that
      isn’t a human trait. but you are blind to this. you’ve chosen the wrong
      king for your cause.

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