Thevegancheetah vs Vegan Gains

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Thevegancheetah is not so vegan and he's not so honest a bout a lot of things. I think it's time to put an end to all the lies.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
American Dietetic Association position on vegan diets:

Causes of atherosclerosis and ideal human diet:

Dietary saturated fat and cholesterol significantly raises serum cholesterol:

Thevegancheetah vs Vegan Gains

Thevegancheetah is not so vegan and he's not so honest a bout a lot of things. I think it's time to put an end to all the lies.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
Vegan Cheetah's channel:
Follow me on Facebook:
Support me on Patreon:

Research referenced:
American Dietetic Association position on vegan diets:
Causes of atherosclerosis and ideal human diet:
Dietary saturated fat and cholesterol significantly raises serum cholesterol:

71 thoughts on “Thevegancheetah vs Vegan Gains

  1. make a video on the worst of religion.the religion of peace.
    hit like if you know,which religion it is 💣💥

    1. ZoDd go to a Muslim country then and not be a Muslim and try to practice
      another religion like we allow here in America which has a large amount of

  2. It might take a while for hd options for the video to be available because
    it’s a really long video but it’s 4:40am and I need to get to bed. Just
    wait a little bit and you’ll be able to watch just fine.

    1. +Anna Spears ” Until you can provide evidence of healthy multi-generational
      vegans, to go vegan is a risk not worth taking.”

      The above statement is an appeal to fear.

      Now I understand having a status quo bias, in the face of informational
      deficiencies, but the information that currently exists concerning a vegan
      diet being wholly sufficient to meet nutritional standards, it would not be
      unreasonable to theorize healthy multi-generational vegans could exist.

    1. I never turn adblock off anywhere unless the website literally blackmails
      me to turn it off in exchange for viewing its content.

  3. Dude, so glad you made this video. Charles is such a joke. I’ve given up
    watching his videos cause I have better things to do with my life.. what
    gives a heroine addict the right to give out health advice.. such a

    1. your insult to people with addiction stinks. I don’t like Charles but
      you’re making “hair update” videos. come on man!!

    1. To all of you, *THANK YOU!* I appreciate all your support and kind
      comments. I made my video not because I hate Charles or want anything bad
      to happen to him, I made my video because *I LOVE ETHICAL VEGANISM* and all
      it represents. I had to defend what I believe in and what I stand for; I
      truly believe that the root of all evil concerning discrimination, starts
      with *speciesism*. All humans, from a very young age (2-8years), are
      indoctrinated to believe it is perfectly normal and rational to love one
      hairy mammal (dog) and at the same time kill and eat another hairy mammal
      (cow). That right there my friend is the foundation that the house of
      Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, ect. is built upon. Without that *speciesism*
      foundation, no rational person could ever think that people can and should
      be treated differently based on the amount of melanin in their skin or who
      they choose to mate with, none of that would make any sense if we all had
      not already been taught to separate and see differences that weren’t really
      there in the first place… Best wishes to all and Happy New Year!

    2. redneck2vegan now that VG has done this upload don’t back track and say VC
      I’m sure your good deep down . He is not . He is worse than DR for veganism
      !!! Harley is just a sugar fiend , Charles is a fucking fool who literally
      wants to destroy veganism for views and money !!!!! Can’t be Jeff nelson
      respects this idiot !!! Thanks for starting the truth train Redneck!!! You
      are my hero !!! 💖

    3. +Jude-a-licious ! Listen, just because I choose to try and see the good in
      people, I try to think of, or see, people I am upset with as they were when
      they were 5-10 years old. I don’t hate people, I hate what they say or do
      but, always remember that adult you see as a evil monster was once a very
      innocent and vulnerable little child and something happened to that child
      to turn them into the adult you so hate. Honestly, the more I researched
      Charles and the more I learned about him and his childhood, I began to feel
      empathy for him and see him as a heart-broken grown little boy. I do think
      deep down, beneath the years of callouses he has created on his heart he is
      a very sensitive person, just now broken. Please don’t think I am ‘backing
      down’ because I choose to see the good in Charles.

    4. +redneck2vegan I can’t allow myself to see that until he stops hurting
      people. One person hurting many , purposely, maliciously and without regret
      or cause doesn’t deserve sorrow. it’s simple math. more people have good or
      bad backgrounds to look into and they aren’t doing anything while one
      person tries to destroy them. i’ll worry about the destroyers childhood
      after everyone else he comes for is okay.

    5. +redneck2vegan I was so happy to see you featured here. Amidst the bullshit
      on YT, you’ve never faltered from your message. You’re a powerful voice.
      Keep it up, brother, so proud of you.

    1. BiteSizeVegan is a good person.
      VeganCheetah is also wrong when he says BSV reaches few people.
      Emily’s 30 day views (videos made in between Nov 2 2016 to Jan 3 2017) is
      SocialBlade possibly does not count videos that get de-monetised for
      factory-farming videos!

    1. +Jason Hives
      No, just make sure you’re eating foods with essential fatty acids in them
      (and lots of water). Would you happen to know what those are?

    2. Clorox Bleach BEANS, LENTILS, CHIC PEAS, BROWN RICE, soak them all over
      night, cook them in bulk so you always have those things ready. Also brown
      rice and lentils digest better from soaking them over night. Add greens to
      everything you eat. I’ve been having spinach on the side with my oatmeal
      every morning it is a great way to start, also Flax seeds and chai seeds
      (all beginner tips)

    3. +XxBeastlyGodxX How do we know it’s just a bait? He didn’t reply and even
      former trolls may come to some insight once in a while 😛

    1. I’ve sent Charles a DM and asked him to be on his younow, no response. Then
      he takes a clip of me out of context cutting out the majority of my clip.

    1. +Paula Strange
      And you’re the type who’d send love letters to felons in prison. Why,
      what’s wrong with you for not being able to see the truth about Cheetah?
      And What exactly was schizophrenic about this video? Oh that’s right, I bet
      you didn’t even watch it. Learn the truth already!

    2. Maple Hill 🤗 and in all honesty I just watch vegan gains and Charles for
      entertainment.. never for any advise.. their both so good at it wow!! I
      can’t wait for Charles response 👍🏼

    3. +Paula Strange 🤗
      Glad you enjoy them. I keep coming back to Vegan Gains because he’s very
      honest. He keeps reminding me why I went vegan in the first place.

  4. B12 doesn’t come from animals anyway. They get it from their food. I
    believe they also get it from shots as well. B12 is found in soil. It’s 2nd
    hand b12 if you get it by eating meat & Dairy. So why wouldn’t you just
    take a suppliment or shot to get it. I do. I did before I was vegan too.
    B12 is NOT a vegan issue. Leave it to Charles to not get that. Research, it
    does wonders.

    1. You would think you are a fucking rocket scientist considering how many
      people don’t understand what you just wrote.

    2. E Lynn the us has one of the highest meat and dairy consumption rates in
      the world. 40% of that population is b12 deficient. The percentage of
      vegans in that country are in the single digits so clearly it has nothing
      to do with being vegan.

    3. Nightmares X Exactly. Yet many people do not know this. Some people need to
      get their head out of their arses. The facts are right in front of our
      faces. Unfortunately there are those not interested in facts.

  5. by your definition I will stop calling myself vegan, because I’m only vegan
    95% of the time, sometimes I get some honey or a bit of cheese, this
    philosophy crap is too annoying, I don’t want to have the same philosophy
    as you psychopaths.

    1. Yea that’s not veganism you didn’t even listen it’s a lifestyle and if you
      mostly don’t eat meat and dairy then you eat mostly plant based not vegan
      vegan is and stance against violence and oppression against animals

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