Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)

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heart-disease - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)

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1 - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1) 2 - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1) 3 - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)
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4 - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1) 5 - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1) 6 - Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)
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Heart disease affects more than 20 million Americans. Let's explore the various forms that heart disease can take.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:

Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)

Heart disease affects more than 20 million Americans. Let's explore the various forms that heart disease can take.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: http://www.healthguru.com/?YT

21 thoughts on “Understanding Heart Disease (Heart Basics #1)

  1. One of the best supplement for heart disease is Omega 3, especially
    products like Canada’s Newfoundland Omega3 (Harp Seal Oil). People with
    certain circulatory problems, such as varicose veins, may benefit from such
    supplements containing EPA and DHA. There is scientific evidence that n-3
    fatty acids reduce blood triglyceride levels and regular intake may reduce
    the risk of secondary and primary heart attack.

  2. AVOID: Cream, cheese, butter, lard, and hydrogenated oils [Crisco
    included]. Avoid milk chocolate, and/or conventional chocolates containing
    milk fat. EAT: dark chocolate. carrots, beet, celery juice best made
    freshly. eat many nuts. oatmeal is good. grapes. green, black, oolong teas.
    Cranberry and grapefruit juices. Lecithin is good fat. fiber is important.
    Use coconut oil. So stop eating unhealthy and start eating non GMO fresh
    fruits and vegetables.

  3. No biochemical involvement: Search for ‘HIUS jonathan thomason heart’ on
    how to use high intensity ultrasound to clear coronary heart disease

  4. Welcome to the club. I was diagnosed having a silent heart attack sometime
    in my life by my cardiologist. It was meaning caused by years of heavy
    smoking. But it’s now 7 months since I stopped as a result of using

  5. what about when the girld you love, worship and adore regects you and you
    have a broken heart. How do you treat that?

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