Upper Body Workout Meeting Frank Yang

I met up with Frank Yang at Fortis Fitness and big thanks to Barmak for filming. I hit some PR's including a 260 pound bench press and a 100 pound dumbbell shoulder press.

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Upper Body Workout Meeting Frank Yang

I met up with Frank Yang at Fortis Fitness and big thanks to Barmak for filming. I hit some PR's including a 260 pound bench press and a 100 pound dumbbell shoulder press.

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71 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout Meeting Frank Yang

    1. Ezio Auditore – “like zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and Vitamin B12 which surprisingly are found abundantly in animal based products.” – No each nutrient is found in high levels, only in specific animal products. Like if you want zinc you need to be eating lots of red meat and you know that’s not healthy. If you want vitamin D, then you have to eat specific fish, such as Salmon and mackerel. If you don’t eat those fish then you don’t get rda of vitamin D

      In the same way you can get those nutrients by eating specific plant foods. Pumpkin seeds for zinc, fire weed for calcium, field grown mushrooms for vitamin D etc.

      If you don’t eat the specific foods or don’t take supplements, then in both diets you are deficient. Both vegan and not vegan diets contain good sources of those nutrients.

      Where did you get the information about cholesterol and testosterone from?

    1. Spandan Adhikari I mean you have to be strong to be big asf so it all makes sense. If he was weak af and big af than he’d have to be on something

  1. 100 fucking pound dumbbells on shoulder press. For reps. Damn, you’ve gotten strong in the past year.

    1. His rep range is too low he isn’t getting enough volume he would get a lot bigger if he lowered the weight so that he could get more tonnage per set

    2. hes been this strong before, he just stopped lifting for a while, now he’s gotten his strength back…

    3. zukodude487987 Healthy dose of broscience right there. What you said about the rear-delts being activated which supposedly damages your shoulder is absolutely and completely wrong, BUT you actually do cause damage when you flare out your elbows. It has nothing to do with the rear delts though. The supraspinatus gets impinged between the rotator cuff and humerus, every time internal rotation occurs during shoulder flexion under load. Acutely you might feel a painful sensation in your shoulder and over time it might inflame your rotator cuff or cause even worse injuries.

    1. You’ve activated my trap card “Pot of Greed”, which allows me to draw two more cards from my deck.

  2. Hey Richard, please can you do a video on the Race/IQ stuff? We need some logical science-based people to tackle the Skepcuck community ?

    1. Yeah know its all pattern recognition. What I’m saying is IQ wont stop growing up until 20, if someone has a good education growing up, their iq will reach the upper level their genetics will allow. While IQ tests do not test remembering what you learn from school, education gets someone to engage with their intelligence helping with pattern recognition. For the race IQ tests to be accurate they would have to test for all these variables.

    2. Acosmys you realize that a vast majority of research, research papers and patents come from western nations like the US, UK, Germany and Russia? In fact a lot of institutions don’t trust Chinese research papers that don’t have western citations because the government tries to inflate the numbers of papers by fabricating false research. Sorry but you’re delusional if you think this isn’t a European dominated world.

    3. UndeadTexas Nope. China is 2nd, Japan is 3rd and South Korea is in 5th in research and development spending. Inflated research is common in all countries. The egg and dairy industry fund specific researchers in the US for example. China still has lot of important research. Asians in general however are definitely more technology and engineering oriented, unlike Europeans who are much more likely to study and do research on less challenging, non technological and engineering fields like psychology, and anthropology. Asians are smart enough to pursue fields that pay well and ones that whites can’t do as well, like engineering.

      The world isn’t European dominated at all. You are just living in an outdated delusion. Like I’ve said, Asians have not only higher IQs, score much higher on academic tests, but also make up large portion of the top US engineering schools despite being vastly outnumbered by whites in the US. The 21st century, this post world war era, has leveled the playing field and it’s easy to see who is dominating.

  3. vegan stains is a skinny twig that picks on bigger utuberz to grow his channel! – typical fat meat eater

    1. Don’t even see the point in that, it’s going to be vegan scientific studies vs sun gazer opinion

    1. +hellowutlol *autocorrect changed “substitution” to “substation” for some reason. Only a true idiot would attack me for that, though. So I’m saving you the trouble of embarrassing yourself*

  4. It’s impressing to see how you have changed (improved) in the last year! You seem to be more mentally stable and it looks like you are a lot happier overall.

    Keep up the good work! I wish you all the best!

    1. Marvin Payne i use to but it was caused by bad benchpress form. Once I widened my grip I had no problems

    2. I get shoulder pain
      And I learned it’s from canola oil foods

      I know it sounds weird but some processed oils hurt my left shoulder joint I’ve been experimenting for years

      Let me juice cilantro and my shoulder pain is 100% gone.
      As a kid my doctor said its early arthritis

      But it’s just inflammation from something

    1. i was sure you on creatine too , and i know that you start to change after the video with omar
      my guess he give you some good advice but you dont share it in youtube
      the only thing that i know you start too eat good like bulking mode

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