Vegan Bulking Lower Body Workout

Going over some of my vegan bulking meals and I'm finally getting back to working out since my operation.

outro: Beef by KRS-One

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Vegan Bulking Lower Body Workout

Going over some of my vegan bulking meals and I'm finally getting back to working out since my operation.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
Discount Code: Gains10
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85 thoughts on “Vegan Bulking Lower Body Workout

    1. The fact that you think you’re part of a “cause” might be the funniest thing about you vegans. Keep thinking you’re making an ounce of difference on a global scale. You’re trying to feel better about yourself by adopting a trendy fad while extracting exaggerated eye-rolls out of everyone around you; that’s literally all you’re accomplishing, Dildo.

    2. I completely agree with Zegramo, but also whether or not we/I make a difference does not change the fact I do not want to support or be part of an industry which is destroying the planet and also killing many forms of life in cruel, horrendous and unnecessary ways. Not to mention from a selfish perspective I feel incredible being vegan, fitter, stronger, more energy, balanced energy, mentally healthier as well as the many scientific pieces of research showing more and more that a vegans risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks and cancer are greatly reduced!

      Also the contradiction in perspectives regarding what you are saying makes no sense. So it’s a trendy fad, yet it’s causing all around us to eye roll. How would having everyone around you eye roll make you feel better. I personally hate being awkward and causing increased effort for anyone, but I’m unwilling to partake in and support killing (as well as many environmental issues) when it is completely unnecessary.

    3. transcendence look at the response video from bearing to the debate. also he needed to debate with someone else who wasn’t gonna make it look bad

    1. Haha, his video was a half-hour of nonsense. Why is it that failed vegans so often seem to transform into illogical anti-vegan crusaders, bent on refuting veganism?

    2. Hard to say anything. Based only on my intuition, and I’m pretty good at judging people ( not perfect ), I’d say Joe is definitely not a bad person.

      Obviously, easier for someone who isn’t vegan, and less easier for someone, who is advocating this kind of lifestyle.

    3. Tom Mom he is obviously a dumb wannabe notsoveganceetah. People will do anything for money and atention these days.

    1. Or you could just get a life, or a hobby, or a job, or an education, instead of trolling the comment section of someone you don’t like.

    1. A single egg is over half the way to the current upper daily limit on cholesterol.

      nutritionfacts (dot) org/video/trans-fat-saturated-fat-and-cholesterol-tolerable-upper-intake-of-zero/

      It’s like saying moderate your cigarette smoking. Well yes, it will mitigate your risk somewhat but the fact remains: animal products are bad for you.

      Processed meats cause cancer, fact.
      cancer (dot) org/latest-news/world-health-organization-says-processed-meat-causes-cancer.html
      Read meat is ranked ‘probable’ carcinogen.

    2. nd4spd not ALL animal products, some sea foods (especially invertebrates like crab) aren’t that bad for you but the biggest problem is the decline of those species. If people don’t want to eat healthy that’s fine it’s their choice, people still eat candy and take drugs despite the fact they know it’s unhealthy.

    3. nd4spd also processed meat isn’t great, but if done right meat every now and then isn’t going to hurt you, our ancestors did eat meat after all

    4. Eating You Alive – Lindsay Nixon “Moderation”

      youtube (dot) com/watch?v=82K4vmD2UKY

      Ancestor argument has been played to death, appeal to tradition, think of something new carnists.
      What little science we do have on paleolithic eating habits indicate a largely plant-based diet (unless they lived in very inhospitable places (and their health reflected the animal consumption; shorter lifespans)).

    5. nd4spd shorter lifespans was also likely due to disease, natural predators, getting kicked out of a clan at old age but it’s all speculation.

    1. well yeah i don’t like the government getting involved in places they shouldnt, typically im on the right of the spectrum and find myself on point with a lot of VG anti SJW/islam/PC bullshit. But the government got involved in the same way with human slavery, telling people what to do with their land with what they saw as their “choice” because blacks/jews/lower caste are not “us” and we are superior lala. Difference is human slavery was actually quite beneficial to our western economies animal slavery costs the world economy trillions wastes tonnes of land and resources and is riddling us with all kinds of chronic diseases particularly from the high demand for low quality animal products which weve had no choice but to consume because of the ridiculous levels of demand. Abolish animal slavery and eliminate our chronic dependence/obsession with animal products, nurture wild deer etc populations and sustainably hunt in reasonable sustainable levels.

    2. If you increased taxes for the animal industry (justification: environmental impact or animal treatment), automatically the size of the companies would decrease and the number of products would decrease too. Crop fields would decrease as well, because the companies wouldn’t buy as much as they did before, which means free space to be recovered. Pollution would decrease and we would be fine again. The size of the fishing boats and the weight of the load would have to be managed, because the ocaens are in a pretty dangerous situation (

      Another option would be the implementation of laws that limit the amount of children that a couple can have. For example, if we limit the amount of children for two or one, population would decrease and the aniaml industry would be producing too much products for the public, so the size of the companies would decrease, …

      Conclusion: you have two options – you can decrase the number of people buying animal products or you can decrease the amount of companies producing animal products.

    1. 14Rogue Manatees Oh, I have no doubt she’s on something. I just think “tranny” is an insult for a muscular woman.

    1. The only cognitive dissonance is from vegans who have to justify their arbitrary lines in the sand about which living things are ok to kill and which aren’t, conveniently tailored to fit their preferred lifestyle. Meat eaters (aka normal people who don’t hop on trendy fads to feel better about themselves) have no set of contradictory morals to deal with.

  1. Hey Vegan Gains can you do a video explaining if a Vegan diet is good for acne since i have a lot of it? My friend says it doesn’t matter what you eat to get acne, granted Im 16 still going through puberty.

    1. Helen Keller I’m a teen that had acne as well and diet helped in a very minimal way. Go on accutane if it is a serious issue for you

    2. Going vegan definitely helped my acne! I do still get pimples but my skin is definitely better so I’ll take what I can get πŸ™‚

    3. @Helen Keller try quitting dairy for 3 months…dairy is in more than you may imagine. candys, pastries, chips, etc….but dairy and milk wreaks havoc on our gut micorbiome which in turn directly effects our skin. my eczema was healed from quitting dairy and i kno wmany people whos acne went away when they quit ingesting the mucus and puss that is cows milk….. :] good luck!!!

    1. Platinum Bars you don’t know much obv. That’s when guys are using WAY WAY WAYYYY too much weight. If your hamstrings can handle the weight they will. That guy was barely able to move the weight and was using his hands to push it.

  2. Call me stupid, but I didn’t know vegans ate potato’s. All this time I just never thought about it. Veganism just got a whole lot tastier.

    1. I’ll call you stupid because you spelled “potatoes” wrong AND you inexplicably added an apostrophe for some reason. I could have let one or the other slide, but not both for Christ’s sake. “Potatoes” is not a contraction, nor is it being used to show possession. It’s simply the plural of “potato.” The only thing you seem to be contrarian on is using proper English.

    1. “So would mind telling us what is (now) your opinion on free speech activists, unbelievers, gay people, religious critics and apostates?”

      Allah hua Akbar.

    2. congrats πŸ™‚
      yeah, there are many who started to recognize the out-dated tactics of the disgusting media and embrace Islam nowadays. even though they spend billions of dollars on distorting the image of Islam, Islam is the most growing religion, and it for a reason

    3. before, I spent tons of energy & emotions on nonsense u know but now I have a deep and profound perspective towards life. I’ve found the real comfort and tranquility in my heart after knowing the almighty god Allah SWT

      thanks for answering on my behalf. May Allah grant you the highest level of Paradise

    4. Stivo 10 Right, they all believe what they see on the internet without thinking by themselves. May God keep you too ! πŸ™‚

    1. it’s time for me to destroy vegan logic. so either we release these animals into the wild or we slaughter them into extinction. both of these choices are very irresponsible. look at the wild pig epidemic in the South. destroying millions in of dollars in property and crops. yes the food you vegans enjoy so much. under attack by a ruthless and dangerous creatures. because the numbers of wild pigs have been going unchecked for years, they are now coming into towns and just inside the cities (suburbs). these are non-native species that is very invasive. even if people didn’t destroy predator numbers (years ago). the predators themselves couldn’t and or wouldn’t even put a dent in the wild pig population. I don’t want to hear, “but you’re encroaching on their land”. for one non-native species. two unless you live on the moon, you are encroaching on some other animal’s territory. mic drop.

    2. it’s weird how non-vegans are happy to have animals bred into existence for no other purpose than to exploit & eat them, but when vegans suggest that maybe it’s not the right thing to do anymore suddenly the animal killers are like “oh no, we can’t let the animals die out!!” l ha ha

    3. lou shulgin-smythe is that what vegans want? to let an animal just die out? usually do to starvation. a slow miserable death. how caring of you.

  3. This is great! Tofu is a great high protein food, and kale to back it up! Great meal choice, I’ll be looking into some of these meals. Gonna take my weight training seriously. My arms have really improved.

    1. I would not even waste my time arguing with that stupid comment. You do not even know me. And just beacuse you are pretty sure does not mean meat does not have a taste. Meat, chicken, fish all of those products have distinctive taste. Have you ever tasted meat?

  4. So what does the wife do? She doesn’t work, obviously doesn’t cook, the house is a mess. I’m gonna assume she plays games all day? No?

    1. Yes, blacks who want in on the most psychopathic genes in human history. Some blacks are fooled and think they are only worth the scraps, like VeganGains does. Other blacks see that white women don’t age very well and look old at 30, gain a lot of weight easily, and generally use men until they can get better, lose their libido and find a puppy to invest their time and energy in.

    2. It’s self doubt and personal insecurities that cause so many black guys to think they are only worth low level white women. The few wealthy, powerful, confident black men, can get any women they want. Same with white dudes. Low self esteem can reduce any man to a MOUSE.

    3. But BASIC white bitches can get ANY black man. The wealthiest black man in America is married to some former callgirl/playmate who looks old and disgusting. Yet ugly and fat and ragged black women cannot get rich and handsome white men. This is obvious and it is because of race, though self esteem plays a small role. For black men, ANY white woman is on a high level, even if she’s fat, ugly, nasty or all of those combined.

    4. If Hope had on no makeup and her hair in a ponytail and was your Checkout girl at the grocery store, she would not strike you or anyone as extraordinary. She is average AT BEST, only with LOTS of makeup. Elin Nordegrin. All of these “beautiful” white women who had zero success as models. Elins face is too large and squared with a large chin. She was trying to marry up, being a nanny to rich men who have rich friends. You still missed the point. Black men get the worst of white women but this is not true for black women and white men (you never see accomplished black women with fat and nasty white men, or even very handsome white men). THE REASON it is not true is because of racism and white supremacy. THAT is my point.

  5. Isn’t the protein in lentils ‘incomplete’ so you have to have other types of protein within 24 hours to make it complete?

    1. No literally every single plant food has a complete source of protein. The only food that has an incomplete amino acid profile is gelatin which is missing tryptophan.

    2. HumphreyBriggs there’s literally no such thing as an incomplete protein when it comes to whole plant foods. The person who popularized that myth decades ago, has long since recanted.

  6. I think that woman at the beginning in the gym was wanting get a piece of you lol… should get on that

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