Vegan Diets Aren’t Healthier After All?

Some people question whether vegan diets are in fact healthier than traditional diets. Perhaps vegans have better overall health outcomes because of other lifestyle factors like exercise, drinking and smoking.

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Vegan Diets Aren't Healthier After All?

Some people question whether vegan diets are in fact healthier than traditional diets. Perhaps vegans have better overall health outcomes because of other lifestyle factors like exercise, drinking and smoking.

Miguel Blacutt's video:
Vegan Apparel:
Discount Code: Gains10
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research Referenced:
IGF-1 and cancer:
SF/Cholesterol and heart disease:
Cholesterol and cancer:
Methionine cancer:
Heme Iron cancer:
Sedentary Vegans vs Marathon runners:
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94 thoughts on “Vegan Diets Aren’t Healthier After All?

    1. likeliterally still you act like you did not segregate gay people, in America black people we segregated during 1800s-1950s every Muslims country to date abolished slavery, many hundred years ago. (300-400 year)

    1. How about that there self centered assholes who think that “There’s no real arguments against veganism morally or scientifically.”

  1. Bearing made a new response video to you, it’s about 40 minutes long. Hope we can get this debate to happen regardless.

    1. Cam again, morality is subjective, neither position is inmoral. kraut and tea, as the companion of VG, was only an intermediary to provide questions and order. By your side yes, a whole lot of people can be vegan, but not everyone; such as myself, i have a condition called schizosomatism which similar to schizofrenia has the same effects, but i need a diet a bit specific, i dont really know the details, but i cant consume complements or artificial protein and a vegan diet without those is pretty sure to fail, if my b12 on liver resources run low i go on violent attacks and my hormones go nuts and i start to alucinate or suffer schizofrenic episodes, thing that even cared me to hospital more than once. conditions that are also aplicable to some diabetics, some mental illness and so on.

    2. “Morality is subjective” is not a justification and that was all Vegan Gains was looking for in this debate but Bearing and Kraut always fell back on “I don’t care” and gave no actual arguments in response to why they thought it was justified to needlessly kill animals. Bearing admitted that his arguments were fallacious anyways. Therefore Vegan Gains already won the argument. Very disappointing debate.

    3. @exremecomments9 meat isn’t always the cause of these as lineage and other factors play roles as well but this is is a fair point i hadn’t considered.

    1. No one cares lmfao. Why would you go onto the internet and grieve about it? Go talk to some family or something.

    1. +Shepard Bros Films I’m 6ft too but I still want no risk I think I’m turining vegan at 18 but I think being vegetarian ok too (at 15)

    1. +scorpunk0
      “Yeah cause we killed unnecessary billions of innocent conscious and sentient beings a year to just satisfy our gluttony, ain´t it?” – there’s nothing inherently important about a being having consciousness and being sentient that requires you can’t kill it, humans just refrain from killing other humans for the sake of social order, *MORALITY IS NOTHING BUT AN EXTENSION OF ONES SENSE OF SELF PRESERVATION* . We (humans as a collective) created laws against murder because *WE (AS IN EACH INDIVIDUAL) DOESN’T WANT TO BE KILLED* . We merely extended our existence figuratively speaking unto other humans via “ethics” and “morals” because we project our existence onto other humans *BECAUSE WE ARE ALSO HUMAN*

      Get the point yet, humans refrain from hurting other humans because of the simple logical conclusion of – “I could be next”. These laws are agreed upon based on our *COLLECTIVE FEARS* formed via our *INDIVIDUAL SENSE OF SELF PRESERVATION* . So you vegan idiots need to understand you are making a *SUBJECTIVE EMOTIONAL BULLSHIT ARGUMENT* when you attempt to extend our morality and ethics onto animals, because it doesn’t count for them *BECAUSE THESE RULES WEREN’T CREATED FOR THEM* .

      Its the same with every other animal group, lions don’t mourn the deaths of their prey, but *THEY DO MOURN THE DEATHS OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN* . This is because *MORALITY ONLY TRULY APPLIES TO YOUR OWN KIND* .

       “meatards! You bacon lovers are fucking lunatics, god damn, hopefully you die soon of atherosclerosis, cancer or diabetes.” – So what if we die, I always say that if being vegan made you immoratal and unaging you guys would not have to convince anyone. I always find it funny that the go to argument of vegans is – “well you’ll die at a younger age”.

      1. Last time I checked all of the worlds oldest documented people ate meat, and the oldest was a woman who died at the age of 117 and said she ate 3 eggs a day lol. So maybe you guys need to rethink that.

      2. So what if we die earlier, you guys are going to die anyways too lol. So whats the benefit here of being vegan, escaping the inevitable for a few more decades. Nah I pass, if I’m just going to die anyways I might as well die enjoying myself.



    …all super amazing ways to debunk veganism. ?

    1. Jonnie Bravo

      So because our body has enough storage, it means that you must use all the storage? Our veins have enough storage, it seems like nature way of saying “Good job for blocking your veins!”. Storage itself doesn’t really matter, you have to look at the healthy quantities and say that vegans can’t obtain healthy levels of creatine (if that’s true). If the average meat eater and the average vegan have healthy levels of creatine, creatine isn’t really a good way to debunk veganism, since both are healthy when it comes to creatine levels.

    1. +Rad tbh if you’re an alcoholic in the first place you’re pretty much vegan with the solid starch diet that comes with alcoholism ;P

    2. you have cheek to tell people there diet is harming there body if you delibrately poison yourself for a high

  3. Bearing is still drowning in logical fallacies and has even recruited some friends to join in too, it’s much lols! 😀

    1. vegan: i really want to slit your throat and watch you bleed oh yeah and i’m totally the moral one

      non vegan: oh, you’re a total psychopath, i see. for the lols i’ll let you rant.

      * FIXED

    2. He brought in Kraut and Tea to the debate, and he hasn’t watched any of the videos. He also smokes 30 cigarettes a day 😀

    3. He is not worth of all this attention he gets from vegans. He will never change anyway. Since he doesn’t care. The best way to punish him is to give him no attention.

    1. I wasn’t making a statement, apologies I should of put a question mark at the end. Do they (Vegans) all abuse pets or is it just Vegan Gains?

    1. Doge what would one get out of chewing cardboard? definitely not the protein and iron you get from meat

    2. It was satirical, just because you could digest something doesn’t mean its good for you. Farm raised cows are fed leftovers from slaughtered cows and digest it, no one is going to argue cows should be fed dead cows

    3. That’s cause they’re ruminents. Rhinoceroses, horses, and rabbits, an practically every primate all are herbivores and only have one stomach as well

  4. Feed vegan food to dog — HOW COULD YOU FEED UNNATURAL FOOD TO YOUR DOG.

    There is no winning.

    1. I LOVE NUTMEG :] The breeder of VG s dog gave it to him for cheap because of all the medical problems. In a way it was a rescue

    1. Sophia Wright the studies I’m citing are the ones in the description of the video. So read the description of the video.

    2. It is nearly impossible to get a paper published if reviewers sense biased. The point of science is to investigate or explain, not prove right or wrong.

    3. Well Evan, biased papers do slip through the cracks. One of the references on this video made a very odd conclussion when you look at their results (the one called “Vegetarian diets and the incidence of cancer in a low-risk population”).

      They admit that the people in their study that got cancer was generally older (59 on average), and also had family history of cancer. The number of cancer incidents were also close percentwise. Combined with the general fact also explained, that vegans are generally younger (also comes from the study, and the first one on the list), well, their conclussion that vegan diet help against cancer does not make any sense.

      It looks like VeganGains just did a google search, found the page he linked to where they just state their conclussion, and copy+pasted the link because it agrees with the views he already holds, without actually reading the article and checking their results.

  5. Yeah,as long as someone is not convinced to something they will keep searching and keep searching and keep searching to defend their state and if they finally find something it is enough for them to think they won because they were not convinced in the first place,lame

    1. pyrobotnik not sure if Im the one obsessed,my goal is to leave the animals, the nature alone,you are the one that uses animals for your own profit

    2. Zuy Jojoboy We have been eating meat and using animals to benefit our kind for hundreds of thousands of years. You are the obsessed one. Thinking your diet gives you a right to dictate how other people should live. What amazing arrogance.

    3. pyrobotnik bye,have a great day ,bro 8-)/ and one more thing,same way as we try to tell you how to eat same way the corporations and industry TOLD you how to eat,it was not really your own choice,you get to pick your choice out of the options they give you/there is a difference between own choice and picking from given options,and dont you see how the food industry dictates you how to eat?you may say they dont dictate you because you have a choice but dont they spend lots of money and hard work to convince you that the food they give you a option to buy is the right decision(marketing and corrupt medical advice)? 😐 we can talk about it if you want to 😛

  6. The BMI argument is my favourite, “vegan diets aren’t healthier because they studied vegans with lower BMIs”. I wonder why their BMIs are lower than omnivores? Smh

    1. You didn’t answer to my argument. I’ll put it this way: how can 7 billion people grow their own food and make their own clothes? Do you expect everyone to plough soil manually or we should use horses?

      P. S. I’ve never driven a car and hopefully never will.

    2. How do you think they did it before factories? Given there was less people but there was still a lot of people back in the 1800’s food didnt just magically come packaged in a store. Villages hunted and grew things. During cold times itd be rougher but its mot impossible.

    3. Yes, in 1800’s there were six billion people less, and one tiny little billion could survive without mass scale production. You should focus more on human sterilization, because this is the culprit of the problems you mention.

    4. lets have the hunger games so the strongest survive lmao. We are way overpopulated anyway. Thats highly disturbing. Ive never been more pro abortion thn in this moment.

    5. “Cars do 10x more damage than animal factories”
      Please don’t make up false statements, every single car in the world only produces 7% of all greenhouse gases. Animal agriculture produces a whopping 18%. You’re also using a tu quoque fallacy, you’re responding to criticism with other criticism. You’re ignoring his point and making up another claim because it is not necessary.

      “Fools would rather eat meat than save our world”
      You’re one of them lol

    1. +Kara Camille Delonas “Fat kins” diet certainly isn’t healthy and I understand your concern for your father, I just don’t understand why everybody immediately runs to VeganGains about everything.

      The vegan lifestyle isn’t for everybody, and it’s not as though he’s doing perfectly well, either.

    2. We don’t just run to Vegan Gains. You could run to the American Dietetic Association which states that veganism is healthy for all stages of life. There is not a single essential nutrient in animal products that you can’t find in plant foods. Animal products are even linked to our nations biggest killers such as heart disease. The main reason people fail on vegan diets is simply because they are not eating enough calories. We can not blame the vegan lifestyle for those who do not educate themselves. If done properly, a vegan diet is ideal for everyone.

    3. +Kara Camille Delonas Perhaps, but I wouldn’t call it convenient lifestyle, nor do I appreciate this self important, high and mighty ego I’m seeing from a large portion of the vegan community.

      Humans have evolved to consume both vegetation and meat products, and while I do think we should cut down a little on the meat aspect, I don’t think alienating an entire food group would be healthy. That’s just an opinion.

      Animal products are essential to our lifestyle, even contributing to about 80% of medication today.

    4. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, it IS healthy. Vegans are the only group of humans who on average have a BMI in the healthy range. We are safe from heart disease and most types of cancer. Because of the adverse health affects a diet with animal products can cause, most vegans do not even consider animal products to be food. I certainly don’t. We did not evolve to eat meat. We adapt to eat meat. If you go a long time without eating it, you will eventually lose the enzymes to break it down. Similarly, if you don’t drink milk for a long time, you will become lactose intolerant. We can train our bodies to eat these foods and not feel sick (in the short term), but that does not make them healthy.

    5. +Kara Camille Delonas Eating meat gave our ancestors an evolutionary advantage over our herbivore competition. It required more physical effort and brain power to accomplish and the domestication of animals led humanity to the top of the food chain today.

      Eating meat goes back several thousand years and an omnivore diet is a more practical and natural diet than an all plant based one. Which could only be accomplished by modern means.

  7. People have zero logical arguments against veganism!!
    Checkout the Vegan Song I just uploaded called Vegan Batman ??

    1. I think vegans just need to accept the fact that not everyone shares the same opinion or same level of passion for animals as vegans do. Vegans operate with the assumption that everyone should care and have empathy for animals, or in other words, have the same perspective of morality and ethics as themselves. This is simply not realistic. We as humans operate under the laws implemented within our society. This means people have the right to eat meat if they choose to do so. This is a reality that vegans need to accept. People just have different opinions and there is nothing you can do about that. Just because you care about animals doesn’t mean other people have to also. It’s a pretentious mindset to think otherwise.

    2. Vegan Artist BJT I have one. Most medications were derived out of animal testing. And what about anti venom? Literally it is an animal product. Get off your high horse and try to face reality.

    3. adam zarbon the harvest of crops kills creatures that live in the fields such as field mice. Vegans strive to minimize harm to animals as much as is possible; animal testing for medicine unfortunately remains as a neccassary evil for the good of humanity, but people do not need to consume meat to ensure their well-being.

  8. In 20 years, vegan gains will be the king of youtube, because he will have destroyed everyone with facts and logic.

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