Vegan Scum: Plant Eats Part 2

Part 2: Plant Eats is a vegan youtuber who slanders animal activists over petty jealousy and attention.

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Vegan Scum: Plant Eats Part 2

Part 2: Plant Eats is a vegan youtuber who slanders animal activists over petty jealousy and attention.

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78 thoughts on “Vegan Scum: Plant Eats Part 2

    1. Who doesn’t (secretly) want to get a thumbnail like that from Vegan Gains? 😉
      And two thumbnails too, I guess somebody is in for some serious action..

    1. +Freevoice that’s terrible advice! Not only is it literally impossible, but it also doesn’t make any sense. You opponent shouldn’t get to control what you do. If you refuse to do something that you might want to do just to spite your opponent then you are taking this way too personally and just being stupid.

    2. It doesn’t mean your opponent controls what you do. It means you gain an understanding of how they will fight you, you can learn the attacks that your opponent will make, it isn’t hard. They might surprise you but generally you can understand how they are going to try to beat you. I have a lot of love for VG but this is playing into the hands of an attention monger.

    3. +Freevoice So if you don’t want to concede anything to your opponent then you are letting your opponent control you. My original statement still stands. If you characterize doing something that you want to do, that you are good at doing and do routinely for a career as ”playing into the hands of an attention monger” then you’re fooling yourself.

  1. I wonder if Plant Eats takes issue with musicians busking..? If someone were taking money for a specific purpose then misusing it that would be one thing, but the notion that it’s somehow wrong to open a virtual tip jar is absurd. Anyone who’s gotten far enough with content creation will know that eventually you start getting bombarded by messages from viewers who WANT you to create a Patreon or PayPal.. When you make good stuff people naturally want to give back, it’s is a voluntary transaction that all sides view as beneficial.

    1. Tip jar? I’ve seen a lot of videos I enjoyed but never one I thought was worth paying for, I “give back” by hitting the like button.

    2. Dk. Ask yourself is a narcissistic brat you truly thinks he is incapable of being wrong. People are starting to see that and thats why his channel is stagnating. You’re very right about the debates he chooses mods that are on his side already and claims he ” murked” everyone. Nobody wants to talk to a child who refuses to see the flaws in his bullshit ” logic” So now ask yourself must attack videos that are years old now to try and stay relevant.

    3. the bottom line is regardless of her mission statement, youtube status, or activism, patreon is volutary and any one of her patrons could stop any time they want. What is the point of a nonpatron to but in and try to judge what is going on? the only possible thing i can think is jealousy. it’s not as if her patrons don’t know what she is up to. she is right there on other social media. she is not hiding. anyone can follow her on facebook. i do. if Planteats had questions, he could have messaged her privately. truth is it’s not so much he wanted to ask questions, he wanted to imply answers like she is not doing enough to earn this money….envy

  2. I was pleasantly enjoying the classic VG take down until the friendly advice rant started.. VG i think your are mentally deranged, get more help VG… I do love your videos and a big fan and that’s only reason i am posting this comment to see more what i love..

    1. I don’t think you understand what it means to be a public figure who has an audience by speaking the kind of truth that damages the people who have risen from the popularity of their lies. VG likely speaks from experience.

    1. no he’s not, you’re drawing conclusions that don’t exist in this specific instance. i read this comment before i watched the last minute and i replied after watching the last minute carefully.

  3. Vegan Gains, please make a rebuttal video to the claims made by Varg Vikernes (black metal musician famous for murder and church arson) about veganism on his channel ThuleanPerspective. He claims that one cannot live healthily on a vegan diet and many people believe him.

    1. Cory McCarthy refuted him very well, but he said at the end despite showing all the evidence it feels like an “exercise in futility”

  4. Literally one minute in and all you’re doing is projecting. Everything you say about this guy is true about you. Get help man..

    1. Plant Eats is comparable as he’s a liar and thus his content is naturally malicious. It would be similar to any health expert recommending bacon nowadays. A carnist health channel may have the lousy excuse of ignorance but Plant Eats has no excuse for attacking Emily.

    2. There is big difference between Vg calling out brandon carter for promoting bacon and eggs, and PE uploading videos commenting on other vegans lives, just go check out his last 10 videos, he has done nothing to help anyones, look at emily, and mics, even vg releases the truth, in a fucked up but funny way.

  5. It kills me just how toxic the vegan Youtube community is. Seriously. As soon as there is any deviation in opinion, do you think people can agree to disagree? Not everything has to be so dramatic.

    1. Slandering people isn’t an opinion. It’s a crime. It’s like if I went to your place of employment and claimed that you were a pedophile. Would you stand up for my right to call you a pedophile? Doubt it.

    2. Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis What I say applies to Plant Eats as well. I was speaking of slanderization in the community in general.

    3. that guy
      Here we r again, the LIBERAL ARTS expert. LOL
      I thought u say everyone can say anything they want on utube n u should impose anything at all?

  6. Plant Eats asked questions. Questions other people were asking. Then Vegan Gains lost his ?. People should never be afraid to ask questions. . I wouldn’t hire Vegan Gains to do Pr work I genuinely think Vegan Gains suffers from a personality disorder. He threatens physical violence and calls people’s names. All under the disguise of defending vegan activists.? Also don’t worry I am not subscribed but YouTube keeps sending me recommendations tho ?

    1. Laszlo Vegh wow you are so fucking stupid, he is lying about Emelie, and you think Thats okay? He is just coming up with his own truth and ugly
      Cunts like you are so dumb you cant see it

    2. Boober Lee
      That’s normal cuz u keep on watching but just call him out by posting comments n give his vids dislikes like what others r doing. LOL

    3. If people where asking tbey didn’t try hard to figure it out. Emily is transparent. It took minimal effort to figure out what was going on with Emily because Emily told us herself.

      With all of her content I will donate to her patreon just for her old videos. Her interviews alone are amazing. Going after her was sleazey. People who don’t see it for what it is are either not smart enough to know whats going on, didn’t do any research or are being dishonest.

  7. If I’m ever in need of teenage gossip videos delivered by a 50 year old man, I’ll subscribe to that guy, thanks for the heads up.

    1. You’re gonna side with Vegan Gains? And here I thought you were one of the reasonable, rational vegan youtubers. Guess I was mistaken. Disappointing.

    2. Why are you so invested with another youtuber that has nowhere near the following you do ? you should work on yourself instead of making a two part video criticizing /talking about one man. you’re being watched by so many people and you give us these negative videos about your petty feelings. get over yourself and create something useful/positive. less drama more love.

  8. I just want to reiterate that I did not threaten Plant Eats nor do I support anyone doxxing him or trying to harm him in any way. I was just giving him an honest warning that the lies he’s making up about people have far reaching consequences that could effect his social life, his career, it could land him in legal trouble, and it could even put him in danger. He’s trying to ruin people’s lives with lies and he shouldn’t be surprised if people retaliate in some way.

    1. +Vegan Gains

      “I didn’t delete any thread, youtube probably automatically just blocked your comment for review or something.”

      No, youtube did not ‘automatically block’ his comment. You shadowbanned my primary account, resulting in the thread with over 120 replies that I’ve started becoming hidden. (Don’t worry I have archived it). You conveniently did this after nielss4 had pointed out that you lied about the gynecomastia case study being made up and not published.

      You have no problem spewing flat-out lies if it fits your narrative. You have zero credibility.

      I expect this secondary account to be banned as well, as soon as you wake up and start your daily roid-rage.

    2. No. I’m paraphrasing but it’s close. He goes into never never land for a bit with his claims that Plant Eats is trying to destroy vegan YouTubers and could face prison for it. It’s a rant I’ve synthesized down into one quote.

  9. 35 hours per video? Ouch. But I just don’t understand how you can be more upset about median or lower incomes from Patreon than those who live off an entire animal death economy, often taking home millions of dollars a year. Also, YouTube is the new TV. Should news anchors and TV producers all work for free because video is apparently worthless? I think subsisting off direct support from real people is far more honorable than working for the standard corporation.

    1. Just warnings? Lol. Don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining.

      And it makes a great deal of difference what he chooses to focus on. He’s speculating about who’s more honourable in a video where Gains flat out threatens Plant Eats. We can’t raise issues Gains doesn’t approve of in case we get hurt, killed, or lose our jobs? I don’t really care about Patreon personally, but other people have a right to express themselves without facing total destruction or death. Get a fucking grip.

      Honour? It’s more honourable to make YouTube videos than it is to have a career now? Preposterous direction to take things.

      It’s actually none of Gains’ fucking business really. He’s taken a small channel’s speculation about Bite Size Vegan and blown it up out of proportion to the point that she sounds like she’s got a thug army of enforcers ready to destroy anyone who dares question her. We know she’s not like that. She’s adorable. But Gains has now kinda drawn her into a dramafest she could easily have ignored and has made a habit of ignoring in the past.

      She’s not going to approve of this bullshit. Has anyone ever heard her put another person down? Nope. So what makes you fucking idiots think she needs rescuing to this extent?

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