We’re Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby

It turns out my vasectomy didn't work and me and Jasmin are having a baby.

We're Having A Baby

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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We're Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby

It turns out my vasectomy didn't work and me and Jasmin are having a baby.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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We're Having A Baby
We're Having A Baby
We're Having A Baby

88 thoughts on “We’re Having A Baby

    1. Xx BigBoss xX being a herbivore or omnivore is biology not behaviour. Just
      eating a certain food doesn’t change you’re digestive makeup and turn you
      into whatever you want

  1. wow, your protein and b12 deficiency made your baby come out a bit abnormal
    need to go check with the doc on that lol

  2. Dude i was fully in support at the start there were question but i
    supported, but damn i was so happy when it was a dog those little noises
    when she was chewing on your teasels my god i almost melted, you guys are
    great and i love you two, also im so glad you adopted, more people NEED TOO
    ADOPTED SO MANY GREAT DOGS IN NEED OF A HOME awesome Richard you are the
    man, love it, 1:30 that is a great shot thats my new background, at first i
    was effy about jasmine but you two look great together i know you know this
    but ignore the hater jasmine has made you a batter man, you the same as
    jasmine, love lucy beautiful dog , what is the actual breed/mix

    Hello from the scottish vegan 🙂 <3

    hope to hear from you

    1. tzm rbe all dogs are of greywolf DNA. it is likely lone wolves separated
      from the pack for whatever reason were the earliest forms of domestication.
      so these two will be the alpha male and female in the pack. mentally the
      dog will be fine it will be the beta of the pack. so its not abuse. Richard
      works from home so it will always have a pack member there.

    2. +smont mstep well a certain level of intellect is needed. let me explain
      (should i get the crayons out) I was responding to tzm rbe’s comment. That
      a dog is a pack animal, basically inferring a dog needs to be with another
      dog for it to be “a pack”. My comment informs that all domestic dogs are of
      grey wolf DNA (with me so far??) so at some point a wild wolf has
      befriended a human (domestication), now logic dictates that a wolf pack
      would not (that’s a group of wolves by the way, i.e: more than one) would
      not befriend a human, it would have to be a solitary wolf, perhaps kicked
      out of the pack or to weak or old to keep up with them. So to survive the
      lone wolf and human have become “friends” as it benefits both of them (e/g
      hunting/eating). So the domesticated wolf and human become “a pack”,
      therefor modern dogs (descendants of wolves) do not need other dogs to be
      happy and healthy, therefor not abuse to the dog (Mentally or otherwise).
      so i suggest you stay in school, but most importantly pay attention, you
      may learn something.

  3. Add some baked sweet taters to her Natural Balance vegan diet. My 4 fur
    kids eat the same brand. Has for years. My oldest is 13 and still looks
    like a puppy on his vegan diet. Whats more important is his bloodwork is
    all within normal ranges.
    I’m a vegan vet tech/assistant and one of my vets I work with is also vegan
    =) Congrats.

    1. +ChaosphereIX They shouldn’t NEED any supplements, that’s not thriving. I
      grew up with a lot of Pitbulls growing up, they were very fit, muscular,
      and never needed supplements and should not need supplements. Even if you
      were only feeding your dog something as crappy as Kibbles it shouldn’t need
      supplements, that should tell you something about what you’re feeding your
      dogs. I only ever see this stuff with vegans force feeding cats and dogs a
      vegan diet. You guys must not care much for your pets.

    2. +kalzoa22 Taurine? That’s already added as a SUPPLEMENT to regular
      non-vegan pet food. It’s added to vegan pet food in the same way….So why
      wouldn’t you feed an animal vegan pet food in order to reduce the suffering
      of other animals? What nutrients are vegan-fed pets missing out on?

    1. Yes they can, and to get meat other animals have to die.. do you mean to
      say dogs matter more because theyre cute ? I know you do

    2. kill everyone who is not killing for their dogs. I have my own version of
      justice. opinions, mate, law allows me to have them!

      — every hot dog lover in the world.

    1. +lasest2 It might survive like some dogs do. It would by like if you or I
      tried to survive eating only potatoes for 20 years. There’s a big
      difference between just surviving and thriving. He sure as heck won’t
      thrive but regardless of what vets tell VG he will just ignore it and call
      them shills. Pure selfishness.

    2. kalzoa22 you’re a fucking idiot wolves are not carnivores. it would be
      moronic to save one animals life by adopting it and then subsequently
      condemning thousands of animals to suffering and death over the course of
      the dogs lifetime. provide evidence that flesh eating dogs are healthier. I
      know tons of “regular” dogs covered with tumors by age 10.

    1. Wait a minute, if TS is a meat eater and can not see the hypocrisy in this
      I will roll over laughing. Then cry a bit after losing all hope in humanity.

  4. Such a hypocrite. What happened to not supporting the pet industry anymore?
    What happened to your mushroom trip that made you realise pets were like
    slaves? I predict that you will continue on this path of hypocrisy. Within
    a year, you will seriously be looking to undo that vasectomy, after
    encouraging others to undergo such an idiotic operation and not to have
    children. By the way, I FULLY support you NOT having children.

    1. +James Mac btw, if you do end up educating the masses. you’ll have even
      more problems, because IQ is also inversely correlated with happiness.
      that’s why intelligent people, as well as being less likely to have
      children, are also more likely to be depressed, and even commit suicide.
      this indicates either or both of the following: a) wealth and financial
      accomplishment isn’t everything or b) the more intelligent you become, the
      more you are likely to realize that existence is inherently meaningless and
      that as Woody allen says “the only way that you can be happy is to tell
      yourself some lies and deceive yourself. ” so yes, the lower IQ in the
      third world and the lower IQ in rural U.S. ….praying to silly gods and
      practicing silly rituals…are the happy folk because they have a delusion
      that makes them feel that life is meaningful…when in fact, it’s not.

    2. +antigaia I think racially so have only the best interests of White people
      in mind. The bonus of this is that it both helps preserve the environment
      and ensures more humane treatment of animals, etc.. As for the so-called
      ‘third world’ Whites, it is my belief – based on life experience – that a
      sizeable number of poor White people are actually decent people that simply
      haven’t had the opportunities in life due to the insane anti-White agenda
      that we see in the so-called ‘western’ (White) world. It is my belief that
      we have an ocean of talent going to waste with every generation. But, to
      answer your question, obviously – as I already pointed out – the less
      intelligent people should be encouraged to have less children. With each
      generation, the intelligence of the population will gradually increase –
      when considering ‘regression to the mean’ and so on – and once there is a
      stable population that is living in harmony with the environment, utilising
      environmentally friendly technology, etc., you just keep on advancing
      genetically with each succeeding generation. Now, you may well be thinking
      right now, ‘What an evil racist monster this is!’, but surely – SURELY –
      what I suggest here would be ten, twenty, thirty… a HUNDRED times better
      than the crazy situation in which we find ourselves today? This could all
      be brought about, and we would not have to be living as miserable
      misanthropes every day, like you, hoping for a plague to wipe out humanity
      or whatever you like to dream about.

    3. +James Mac i don’t hope for a plague to wipe out humanity. i just don’t
      care if it continues. we’re going to go extinct as a species eventually
      anyway, and all the suffering and strife we’ve perpetuated among ourselves
      and the other sentient beings will be gone with us. good luck living in
      harmony with the environment , the universe is a meat grinder and it always
      will be. homo sapiens is destined for the grave, no matter what. in fact,
      it’s probably already too late for us to avoid human extinction within the
      next few hundred years or less, due to accelerated climate change,
      increasingly destructive technological capability, and the human limbic

    4. You fake misanthropes are funny. You hate all people, but you’re still
      alive. Veganism really exposes the mental illness plaguing society.

    1. +James Sarvan No. Wolfdogs are generally classed into three separate
      groups. High content, mid content and low content. A high content animal
      will have more wolfish traits than a mid content and a mid content animal
      will have more wolfish traits than a low content. There are low, mid and
      high content wolfdogs which have mostly dog behavioural traits. However,
      the higher the content, the rarer that is.

      A high/high-mid wolfdog can have seriously hard behavioural traits to live
      with and depending on the dog, can be identical to a wolf in behaviour or
      have different common negative traits.

      Some wolfdogs are hard to distinguish from wolves with behaviour + looks. I
      would say about 50% of high content dogs are like that.

      Others, low content dogs, usually are easily distinguished.

      All wolfdogs though, no matter the content, inherit behavioural traits from
      the wolves in their line and exhibit certain behaviours.

    2. +IsThatEtchas seeing that you have some knowledge on wolf dogs, I would
      like to know your view on the diet that Vegan Gains is putting his under.
      Do you think it’s good or bad?

    3. +rosepose
      someone should make insect based cat food. still not vegan but better for
      the environment and if someone already has a cat it would be nice if they
      had a greener option.

    4. If it’s a pure wolfdog, then it’s still half wolf. Doesn’t matter if it was
      started in the 50s or thousands of years ago. If it’s a pure breed of wolf
      dog, that means it has half wolf just like its mother, father, grandmother,
      grandfather etc…

    1. Wikipedia, Dogs, under diet. Scientific reference included. Or facebook
      page Vegan Dogs Thriving. Loads of info.

    1. +Oneris Well at least in spanish (i’m spanish) and in other languages it is
      rude to say your name first, it sounds very self centered

    1. +Notthefather Do you have a better solution to the overpopulation of
      domesticated pets? It’s not enslavement. They can’t live without a human’s

    2. +Rollo Q We didn’t “create” dolphins from anything. We “created”
      domesticated dogs from wolves. They have only survived with the care of

    1. +Siyovaxsh En-sipad-zid-ana Really? I am sure it is under their name since
      they adopted it, if someone adopts a baby is it not theirs?

    2. +Dudefromspace567 No, they didn’t give birth to it. They made the title
      like this on purpose and knew people would think the baby was Richard and
      the girl’s, not their dog’s. That is the definition of click bait, to make
      people think your video is about something that it isn’t.

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