What Happened To My Wolf Dog Lucy?

A lot of you have asked about Lucy so here's what happened.

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What Happened To My Wolf Dog Lucy?

A lot of you have asked about Lucy so here's what happened.

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78 thoughts on “What Happened To My Wolf Dog Lucy?

    1. Wolf dogs cannot be vegan. Veganism debunked. You can’t turn everyone under the sun vegan. Even some humans don’t do well with the diet

    1. It was a bad decision to get a Wolf dog when you live in an dingy lil apartment. Wolf dogs also are known to be carnivores not ‘vegans’, they have stomach problems often when there diet doesn’t include meat. This is why people need to do research before getting a dog to avoid just getting rid of them when the going gets tough.

    2. How does everyone know so much about VG to accuse him of lying? Do you have evidence or are you just speculating? Some people on here speak like they know him closely and whats going on?

    3. Thing about dogs is….. They loooooove meat. I mean they live to eat meat. They love killing things, and they love eating things. In fact dogs are about as polar opposite to veganism, as protein is.

    1. I disagree about muslims across the globe being lax about religion, but I agree there are plenty that are muslim in name only, those are the ones I like best. The ones who have lived in the West for a while generally see the benefits of the western world. But the ones who are called “refugees”, but in reality are economic migrants from buttfuckanistan are mainly the ones that are the subject of the present time, and are likely the reason for Jasmine’s encounter. The powers-that-should-not-be are trying to destroy western civilization to bring in a global government, and they are using these muslims to accomplish this goal.

      I disagree that nothing can change. Conversations like this, especially ones where people go from being in denial to out of denial, do make a change. Real changes happen in consciousness, not in lawmakers writing laws on paper. I think we need to stop blaming world leaders, and start blaming ourselves. We allow leaders to rule over us. I wish you all the best as well. Peace

    1. Even if there have been mass outpourings of condemnations of barbarity, the fact remains that so few of the terrorist attacks carried out in European Union countries are related to Islamist militancy. In fact, in the last five years, less than 2 percent of all terrorist attacks in the E.U. have been “religiously motivated.” [1].

      As for the Prophet Mohammed, he wasn’t a paedophile. To begin with, the Islamic purpose of marriage is not sex. While you’re right that he was married with a six-year-old, this was completely moral at the time. He did NOT have sex with her, in fact, there is a hadith called Sunan Ibn Majah, which says that Aisha has never seen prophet Mohammed’s private parts. As for the Crusades, I have no comment on whether or not it was provoked. Either way, it’s not a justification. Tu quoque defences are logically fallacious because two wrongs don’t make a right.

      [1] europol.europa.eu/lastest_publications/37

    2. Bethov Losmen It was completely moral at that time to marry a 6 years old, I agree with that. However, wasn’t Muhammad supposed to be an example for mankind for all times? Watch the video of the Masked arab on paedophilia and child marriage in Islam.

    1. Eric Durant You don’t have any evidence of the vegan diet being a problem. They probably give the dog a lot of exercise and the dog will be fine.

  1. That’s why I carry mace and/or a taser. They also have small alarms you can carry around. Or knives. I’m sorry Jasmine and your dog had to deal with that. She should probably start carrying some sort of protection around with her. There is no excuse for that behavior from those men. What a bunch of cowardly losers for ganging up on one girl like that.

    1. That dog was on a vegan diet, I think I remember a video of a freezer full of meat for that dog. Maybe I’m mistaken. Oh I should have waited to comment, so you tried the vegan diet again a couple of months ago and Lucy fucking got sick, got it. What ever, VeganGainsGod changes dogs like people change their cars, he trades them in every two years and two years is being generous. This is why he doesn’t want kids you can’t just have them and get rid of them when you get annoyed, not that anyone should do that with animals either that’s fucked up. Look at him he has no emotion, nothing, his oldman and dog were attacked on a train, they had to give the dog up, just nothing, a blank stare. The only reason he even commented is because people were attacking him about it, its all about you Richard. I’ll hold my breath and wait for the VeganGainsGod worshipers to come to Richards rescue.

  2. Stopped watching when he said they adopted her to another family. They couldn’t handle having a huge dog in a small apartment.

    1. They adopted a large dog and made her live in their disgusting apartment. They live like slobs. It’s no wonder that dog had anxiety.

    2. Anthony Machado vegan nutrition has NOTHING to do with it, mine have been thriving on a vegan nutrition for TEN years (wet and dry, treats, whole foods….), they are omnivores, plant based nutrition is great, it’s the small confined spaces they had her in, and you have to be super energetic for those type of dogs, IMHO they should have never adopted her.

    1. Bryan Gee “Richard, you’re scaring the dog!” has come out of Jasmin’s mouth more than once. He’s scapegoating random muslims.

    1. mlopes87 no dude! A wolf dog was doing GREAT on a vegan diet! It just had a enzyme deficiency and needed a digestive enzyme supplement!!!

  3. You shouldve known this before.. SHE’S A WOLF DOGGG. You and Jasmine both, actually participated in animal cruelty just by having a dog like that in an apartment in the 1st place for your own selfish desires.. But yall claim to be animals lovers tho -________-

  4. Jasmin traumatized your dog, she can’t even stand to hear babies crying in a restaurant, I can’t even begin to imagine what he might have done to that defenceless Lucy. I am sure that if something ever happened to jasmin in thee apartment Lucy would have turned on her because she didn’t treat her well.

    1. Genius Idiot I can almost guarantee that stroy is true. It’s not uncommon for them to do things like that; there’s plenty of videos on YouTube you can find like that. But I do believe Richard’s anger problems and the dog living in a small apartment did have more to do with it.

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