What I Ate Today + Animal Rights March

The other day I went downtown to participate in the march to close all slaughterhouses.

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What I Ate Today + Animal Rights March

The other day I went downtown to participate in the march to close all slaughterhouses.

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62 thoughts on “What I Ate Today + Animal Rights March

  1. The fact that there’s already an instant dislike just proves that people subscribe and turn on notifications just to hate on him. Lol so sad

    1. Mark V it’s Dunning-Kruegar. Studies have shown the less intelligent or more ignorant someone is the more likely they are to be completely full of themselves. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, because being closed off to learning means you don’t, so you stay ignorant by having false pride.

      There’s also a possibility the idiot you’re responding to is in high school or something if he thinks VGs wife cares what a random commenter thinks about the attractiveness of her clothes.

    1. spotted the man pig misogynistic rapist that hates women…. you reaffirm the belief that men are all cancerous rape machines with no empathy for emotions.

  2. Love your channel!! I’m vegan thanks to you!
    Cheers from Portugal!
    Oh and don’t forget to DESTROY no bullshit today!

    1. +Tovis What do you mean you’re vegan because of him? Surely you mean because of the animals?

  3. The vegan cheetahs patreon is literally paying to see him go to starbucks and eat the same food every day.

    1. Commander Blaha Didn’t you watch the start of this video? You can see he’s actually making content for patreon supporters

    2. Jude Mihalich lol not surprised, he’s a constant cycle of gaining subs, pissing them off, loses some in the scandal, then new ones find him and buy into him without looking up what he’s done.

    1. To Hebrew guy, you don’t even know what you’re talking about, his grandpa was abusive. There is a limit to how sad one can be, when someone that put fear and abuse in your life dies.

    1. There’s good reason for my glistening skin. And how I shine. And how my pores are so clean, clear. I eat Little Baby’s™ Ice Cream. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet. I spring from activity to activity. I love my job. I love my life. _When you eat Little Baby’s™ Ice Cream, you’ll wink and nod and hug and high-five each other with great enthusiasm!_

      This is a special time.

      Little Baby’s™ Ice Cream

      _Ice cream is a feeling._

    1. Repzion was the one who got VG in trouble with the police, he likely still wants to slit his throat

  4. Who has time for marching and protesting. I have two jobs and two businesses. Educate the people around you about the topic and build communities. Marching around downtown does nothing.

    1. Gustav The Mad They would just get more animals, if we did that then eventually we’d all end up in jail while they’re still killing animals. We have to actually deal with the problem rather than do rash in the moment things that seem to only help a few animals.

  5. richard, its not meant to be mean but why is your girlfriend dressing like a boy? srsly, long hair fits her way better and some feminine clothes would make make her attractive. she is not ugly

    1. Because everybody has a different way of expressing their gender. She may not be attractive to you, but she’s attractive to other people. You don’t even know her full personality so you can’t really judge.

    2. scheißegal Maybe she is confident with the way she dresses. Maybe dressing your way would make her more insecure.

    1. Well NO BUllSHIT actually said in his video that if he gets 10.000 likes he wil cage fight Richard. But you know.. i guess that statement was BULLSHIT.

    1. +J ‘Human rights’ are a man made concept, just as morality is. There are no objective human rights, meaning that no ‘human rights’ were being infringed upon and ethically, no laws were broken during The Holocaust.
      Whether you acknowledge it or not, the ideological belief of carnism and what it condones (holocaust) is identical to the Nazi ideology, the only difference being the species of animal being slaughtered/tortured, and the scale of death and suffering inflicted which is greater in the current holocaust by oders of magnitude (millions vs trillions).

      There is absolutely no logically consistent moral justification to intentionally inflict needless suffering and death against tens of billions of innocent and unwilling sentient beings and their babies for taste pleasure.

    2. +J again you’re falling back on what’s legal and socially acceptable, which is an appeal to social contract. Like I’ve said before slavery and the holocaust were socially acceptable and legal, therefor based on your logic, those things are okay right? It’s funny how you wouldn’t agree with that, which makes your argument logically inconsistent.

      It’s not solely a dietary preference, and that’s what you people seem to always forget. Eating meat, directly contributes to the suffering and death of TRILLIONS of sentient beings, human or not is irrelevant, you people need to fucking realize that killing in general is wrong, like how can you honestly justify killing in any aspect unless it’s for survival or self-defense? When you eat meat, it’s for neither of those things, you’re unnecessarily causing the suffering and death of sentient beings, PERIOD.

      I also find it really hilarious how you bring up these vices such as drinking, smoking, sex, etc, when all of these things only affect THE USERS!!! Key difference, drinking, smoking, unprotected sex, only affects those involved with those acts, nothing had to suffer and die when you drink, smoke, or do drugs, but when you eat meat, you are DIRECTLY supporting the suffering and death of sentient beings. Yes we advocate human health, but we’re not gonna go and tell people that they can’t drink in moderation, some people like to party, and nothing had to suffer and die for them to enjoy that alcohol for that night. It’s not just about health, it’s also about ethics; since you’re a slow learner I’ll repeat:

      When you smoke, drink, do drugs, or have sex, you are only affecting yourself and anyone else who’s also partaking, which is a personal choice, but when you eat meat, it no longer only affects you, you’re contributing to SUFFERING AND DEATH, which by any standard is immoral unless it’s NECESSARY, and since we’ve already established a hundred times that YOU DO have a grocery store, it’s NOT NECESSARY for you to consume meat.

      Meeting the demands of the population is just an appeal to popularity fallacy, and I’ve stated previously that we have enough food to feed 10 BILLION people, but we take a HUGE chunk out of that to feed livestock animals, so guess what? If we stopped eating meat and animal agriculture all together, we’d have MORE FOOD!!!

      The demand is the ENTIRE ISSUE, the demand is UNNECESSARY and the demand is contributing to the UNNECESSARY suffering and death of sentient beings. Please open your eyes and tell me you’re not serious x) the ultimate goal is for there to not be a demand, but in order to get there, people need to realize that it’s unnecessary suffering and death, horrible for your health, and just plain wrong all together.

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