What I Ate Today Apartment Gym Tour

There's a ton of construction going on outside of my apartment and it's been making normal filming difficult so I thought I'd just show you what I ate today and give a quick apartment gym tour.

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What I Ate Today Apartment Gym Tour

There's a ton of construction going on outside of my apartment and it's been making normal filming difficult so I thought I'd just show you what I ate today and give a quick apartment gym tour.

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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75 thoughts on “What I Ate Today Apartment Gym Tour

    1. stupid. we are Omnivore so why we need to go vegan. after all we only have one life so vegan or not you will die so why not eat what you want and can

    2. we are frugivore, biologicaly speaking, no question. fruits are the only food that want to be eaten, to spread its seeds.

    1. Vegan Gains I hope so, VG. Its getting embarrassing, or at least it would be for many of us. You deserve better, and more respect. She doesnt even walk with you, which she needs desperately, to get her own damn second monitor.

    2. i sincerely doubt they’re happy together…. they just seem so boring, especially her….. or it……

    1. I saw the first season, thought it was pretty boring and haven’t watched it since. I thought resurrection of freeza was by far the best dragon ball z movie yet though.

    1. Thomas Schneider What does him being mulatto have to do with anything? Richard isn’t a good looking mulatto lol but they are known for being attractive. His race has nothing to do with all of his other personal issues.

    2. Arcade Stick Richard is pretty attractive to me…When he finds finds the time outside the gym to cut his damn hair..

    1. Vegan Gains Jr You’re funny, a tough acting little boy who can’t even do one single correct pullup. I’ve seen a picture on her Instagram with her asian father

    2. Sam Ran Views don’t just go away from a certain type of content ya idiot. His main slaughterhouse video mostly have over 200,000 views so again, what is your point here?

    3. I became vegan because of his logical approach and the not ‘just’ moral aspect of it, he backs his arguments with valid scientific research. Youtube is world-wide network so people all over the world can see him at all times not just selected lectures , I have never heard of Yourofsky for example, so there goes that I guess…

  1. Go vegan for the animals, the people, the planet, and your health. Also, keep making those Vegan Gains ;).

    1. Jack Jeffery I didn’t say that. I said how else would I get the information. The documentaries present scientific fact from actual government data.

  2. As much soy as you consume and little to no saturated fat and cholesterol you should get blood work done and show your results. I would be interested to see where your hormones are at. I’m not taking either side on that debate I would just be interested if you are in a normal range or not. I think it would also make for a really good video.

    1. I agree, if a particular food could give you that much of a competitive edge we would know about it by now.
      Most of the meat-derived supplements like creatine, carnitine and preworkout seem to be pushed on impressionable teenagers, though in practice will only make a marginal difference if that.
      I think it would safer to eat a whole foods vegan diet and do a cycle of gear than buy these untested supplements and energy boosters made in china.
      All of the evidence so far points to humans being herbivorous so it doesn’t seem like there would be anything to gain from eating meat.

    2. lmfao the specific estrogen (plants) in soy does nothing to the human body, your real concern should be towards those body builder consuming 10 chicken breasts and 4 cups of dairy foods in one day, those are the estrogern filled foods that cause the real problem in our hormone levels

    3. Kelson D Patterson

      you are pretending like there wasnt clinical studies on this …vegans have better hormone levels and soy has no influence on that unless you eat impossible amounds

      but at that soy amound you kill yourself with kidneystones anyway

    4. Tbh, I have never seen anyone with low test who drank a lot of soy milk or ate a lot of soy.
      But I’ve seen tons of people who eat a lot of dairy and animal products withj gyno and low test problems.

      If I’m not mistaken, the estrogen like chemicals in soy are less potent than the actual mammal estrogen derivatives found in animal products.

  3. I feel like there’s definitely an issue with Jasmine. Idk if she has some kind of condition that prevents her from being active or something, or maybe she does more stuff off camera besides gaming and watching TV, idk, but she should definitely look into doing more in her life. You obviously have your reasons of why you love her considering how much you’ve done for her, but I think she would feel even better if she actually took care of her body and overall appearance, as well as starting some kind of personal goal regarding school or some kind of job she might like.

    1. Copypasta > You see 5 minutes snippets of their life and expect to know everything about their relationship … that’s just dumb and naive.

    1. Arjun Ramada VG said that his wife is a cuttie, and also claimed she is more attractive than Roaming Millennial wich is not the case by far.

    2. Arjun Ramada he said that in the comment section, he replied to something like “roaming millennial is better looking than jamsmine” with “romaning millenial is ugly and has tons of make up”, and in other’s video someone criticized jasmine’s look an he replied “my wife is a cuttie”. You can search the comments if you want

    3. +Hengi T I did see the comment that he made about “romaning millenial is ugly and has tons of make up”. But saying someone is ugly doesn’t mean she is uglier than his wife. It just simply means he doesn’t think roaming millenial is attractive. And he also said in the comments that he doesn’t care for his wife’s looks in response to someone and then said that he finds her revolting.

    1. I don’t understand, did you make this up just so you could post a Patreon joke you just thought of? First and clearest words he said, “I’m picking a monitor up from my grandmothers, it’s 23 inches but Jasmine could use an extra monitor”… it’s an extra monitor that wasn’t being used. Cheers

    2. cyberfood3 kingcy I’m not on Patreon, but if you mean by viewing this video then yea, also so have you. Nothing wrong with giving people money for content you enjoy, that’s your prerogative. Cheers

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