What I Ate Today Going To Court

I had to make a court appearance today as my ongoing legal issues aren't quite over yet.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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What I Ate Today Going To Court

I had to make a court appearance today as my ongoing legal issues aren't quite over yet.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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76 thoughts on “What I Ate Today Going To Court

    1. VeganRevolution then he should wear a black power fist pick..one made from natural free range bamboo..of course

    1. Greg The car guy Jesus and the bible were both made up by some idiot. But I guess they got other idiots to believe it.

    2. Tony Eatinsky Those are all different accounts from mine but ok idiot, waste your life trying to “expose” me of nothing lol.

    3. I got no life to waste, yeah all those accounts are not your acconut WOW, no sh1t
      “AGAIN THIS KID, he is a scammer that likes his own comments and videos, and i prooved this 2 months ago but here he comes again https://imgur.com/a/syQXh

  1. Hey Richard, thanks for being part of the large group of vegan youtubers who revealed the truth to me and encouraged me to go vegan. I feel a lot better about myself as a person and I’m sure in the future I’ll feel more fresh from the better food. Thanks for the truth Richard! Keep up the great work and I hope your future is bright 🙂

    1. Genio Perez How do you feel as other things?! btw don’t get me wrong, i don’t eat animal products too but i felt like asking that question!

    1. She has white privilege. She doesn’t have to cook, clean, exercise or maintain a decent shape. She is with a black man who is rich and handsome while she is ugly and chubby and that is the very best that a black man can do, so she can do whatever the hell she wants.

    2. exclamation point, You really need to get out of your cave more often.

    3. When I leave my cave, I see chubby white privileged ugly bitches like Jasmine with rich muscular black men like Richard. You’re telling me she could land a white man with as much money and a similar build? You know she never could. This is REAL white privilege and she knows it.

    1. Cancer Cell approximately 2 million tofu how-to’s already out there . And tofu isn’t mandatory for being a vegan FYI

    2. @The Truth eat more fruit/veggies and drink water … more towards High Carb Low Fat you should be able to go once or twice a day with that, if you have eaten badly before it might take a while for you to adapt

    1. Yes it does Jorgie. He tells you how many “protons” there are in the video, and I said that there is an electron per proton. Multiplying something by 1 really should be common sense.

    1. @hardtimes Canada is part of north america., not to be confused with the united states of america. which shares north america with canada.

    2. kordulus wow that’s pretty interesting, I wished our gun laws were less strict..but our government is run by the biggest cuck ever

    1. ALXD1974
      Κατακαημενε 40 χρονε χαχαχαχα τι τιποτενιος εισαι εσυ ρε αλλοι δεν προλαβαινουν να κανουν τσιγαρο στην ηλικια σου τιποτενιο γαμιδι τωρα γυρισα απο δουλεια που εσυ δεν εχεις τιποτενιε πουστη κατσε να μαλωνεις σαν παιδακι 40 χρονων για ενα καναλι βιγκαν χαχαχαχ εισαι και βιγκαν γαμω το σπιτι σου ολοι σε κοροιδευουνε ρε σε ολα βλακας βγαινεις χαχαχαχα αα ρε τιποτενιε 40 χρονε χαχαχαχα

    1. +Pizzazz Picasso having a gun isnt self defense a martial art is. He should do a martial art like BJJ if he wants self defense.

      I believe in gun right but richard is the perfect example of someone who shouldnt have one. Also gun rights is having a gun to be kept at HOME not carried on your person while shopping at a mall or going to a bar. Go to a gun range if you wish to shoot. I do this once a month it’s a good hobby

    2. +Mike Blaid, You’re such an idiot it’s not even worth explaining why. In the USA we have the second amendment which states the right to keep and “bear” arms is an unalienable right that shall not be infringed.

    3. +Pizzazz Picasso hey guy the 2nd amendment was originally meant to have a gun so you can serve in the militia! Or you know to shoot the wolfs, coyotes and bears at the time. Our founding fathers did not write this so we can have a AR15 and shoot a bunch of people in a mall

  2. Dude you shouldn’t own weapons.
    You admitted to having irrational bursts of anger, to seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. You have had mental health issues and even admitted being afraid of your mental state at times.
    You are the perfect example of a person that should NOT own weapons.

    1. Tristan Westbrook
      You think living in a free American society is slavery just because we have banks?
      I’m able to buy guns, eat whatever I want, think/say whatever I want as long as it’s not insisting violence, drive anywhere on public land, pretty much do whatever I want whenever I want within the confines of the law. And I support the laws that limit certain stuff, I don’t want people to feel “free” to break into my house and stuff like that. I wouldn’t want to live in a completely free society because that’s what we call anarchy. There needs to be societal structure.
      So I’m about as free as I want to be.

      Go live in a society without law and see how well that goes for you.

    1. You’re (stadistically speaking) almost surely going to love it. Come back tell us how you’re going after some time 🙂 Also don’t forget to get good informed and to eat really delicious vegan things

    2. Ashley Garcia: If you are lost in the wilderness and you find a cow, following her back to her barn might be a better survival strategy. ;P

    1. Assuming that everyone should’ve learned Avogadro’s in high school chemistry, everyone should understand.

    2. That’s assuming that everyone in the comment section is in or has been in high school. You do realize that the majority of the comment section is probably in middle school right? (I’m a senior in hs currently just so you know that I’m not biased.) Furthermore, I would like to add that I’m the only one who has taken Chem in my entire English IV period (a class of 16 consisting only of seniors.) This is technically anecdotal evidence, but it’s just an observation that not nearly everyone takes Chem.

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