What I Ate Today + Grocery Shopping

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I'm back to doing heavy weight training in the gym following a high protein diet and today I had to go out and get some groceries.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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What I Ate Today + Grocery Shopping

I'm back to doing heavy weight training in the gym following a high protein diet and today I had to go out and get some groceries.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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60 thoughts on “What I Ate Today + Grocery Shopping

    1. +Ross Catto
      This has nothing to do with “race”. Infact, what I am saying applies to all
      “races”. We are all humans, the information Im presenting is aimed to bring
      knowledge and development. Nothing more.

    2. +Deep In Darkness I have similar theories, I am white myself, most people
      can’t get over ideas of racism in order to understand these theories which
      are NOT based in hate! If you want to talk more about this message me on
      facebook, linked to my YT channel! I would love to see any articles you
      have. But to summarize my ideas, there are pros and cons to each race, but
      totally worth looking into and for setting our intentions for our
      evolution, we have some power to become more “white” or more “dark”.

  1. the skin of mangoes has the same chemical as poison ivy. beware! I’ve had
    my eyes swollen shut from eatting them that way.

    1. Urshiole, the compound in question *IS* actually just” an allergen, not a
      universal toxin.
      It’s just that a majority of people in NA are allergic to it.

  2. your head reminds me of when i accidentally burned my balls on a light bulb
    and my pubes became one with the light bulb…..

    1. Dr Kodak The RDA is 0.8 grams per KG of healthy body. But that’s for a
      protein with a digestibility score of 1. That means that the protein is
      fully digested. So things like whey protein and protein isolate powders.
      Plant foods contain fiber which inhibits some protein absorption. So the
      vegan RD Jack Norris recommends 1 to 1.1 grams per KG of healthy body
      weight. For athletes it’s 1.3 to 1.8 grams. Here is his article on protein.
      It’s really informative.


  3. Vegan Gains how do you eat those frozen berries? they are frozen rock
    solid. I have that exact bag of mixed berries too but i put them in a
    smoothie, I tried eating a tiny bowl of them like how you did in the video
    but after a few berries my mouth is so sore from how cold they are. really
    confused as to how you eat a big bowl of them…

  4. Two questions.
    1) Heavy metals in rice protein, any concern for you?
    2) Why is the peel still on your mangos? You don’t eat that, right?

    1. +Tony Eatinsky First of all, soy protein pouder isn’t bad. He just thinks
      that it’s unnecessary. Second of all, if it had something bad, it wouldn’t
      be the soy, it would be the other stuff that they add to the pouder. You do
      realize that doy protein pouder isn’t just soy, and soy milk isn’t just
      soy, right?

    2. +Nuno Coelho soy milk is water and soy, at least the ingridients say so and
      he said in his previous vid i belive that soy protein raises IGF1 lvls and
      idk what that means that’s why i’m asking

  5. First off when the hell did he marry his girlfriend? Secondly you might
    want to encourage Jasmine to start exercising. She always seems to be
    eating unhealthy stuff.

    1. Never mind guys I just went back and saw the video. Holy fucking Cringe! I
      get the whole not caring about or wanting to pay for a big wedding. You
      would think that they could at least of dressed nicely though. It’s pretty
      pathetic actually.

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