What I Ate Today + Kayak Adventure

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Me and Jasmin had a day out and we tried kayaking while the dog was at daycare.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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What I Ate Today + Kayak Adventure

Me and Jasmin had a day out and we tried kayaking while the dog was at daycare.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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70 thoughts on “What I Ate Today + Kayak Adventure

    1. +Overwhelming Awesomeness It doesn’t feel good to get high after a day of
      doing nothing… Maybe I could of done it while in school? Maybe when I
      start working I’ll pick it up..

    1. chairwood44 check out a channel called ask yourself – he recently did a vid
      on Veganism vs Islam where he spoke about halal slaughter. A great channel

  1. If you are watching this video, you are a beautiful person and have an
    amazing day ???

    1. Dan Sullivan Lol you’d be miserable too if you had to abstain from burgers,
      cordon bleus, bacon, steak, milk chocolate…

  2. ok i get that some people go out with girls that are not that attractive
    but they have a great personality to make up for it, but shes so depressing
    and boring…

    1. He chose the path of least resistance bro. He picked a “girl” that has a
      way lower SMV (sexual market value) and can be just himself. But this is
      too much. She should be trying way harder than this. At least grow out your
      damn hair. There is a small group of girls who can pull off the short hair
      look and still look cute. They have great facial aeasthetics but not this

      Simply try harder. It’s a god damn race to the bottom with today’s girls.
      They want the world. They want a tall guy with status (vegan gains as a
      youtuber has got both) but offer nothing in return.

    1. She didn’t like it. I don’t blame her for having a negative attitude, most
      of us do when we are doing something we don’t like.

    2. +acid junkie it looks more likely to a way to keep the wolfdog from running
      and jumping all over the kitchen, messing he cooking up 😛

  3. Awwww how cute! It’s great to see you having fun VG. And don’t listen these
    haters, you’re wife looks fine. :D

    1. I was gonna say the same. Why does someone so pro animal rights keep their
      dog in a little cage like that? I can understand if she bathrooms on the
      floor but I think maybe it’s all hardwood floor. But still, no one wants
      their dog bathroom’ing all over the home so maybe try training her like a
      litter box or something, or at least just make small doors to at least give
      her the whole kitchen.

    1. No vegan ever says they love processed sugar… Funny how you try to make
      vegans look like hypocrites when non-vegans are the hypocrites.

  4. Wait his boyfriend’s name is “Jazmine”? I’m all for gay rights, but did he
    change his name after he came out? 😛 that is commitment lol!

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