What I Ate Today – Lots Of Lentils

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Making sure I eat lots of lentils to get as much protons as possible for the gains.

Intro: Maldito by Blood for Blood
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Music by David Fau

What I Ate Today - Lots Of Lentils

Making sure I eat lots of lentils to get as much protons as possible for the gains.

Intro: Maldito by Blood for Blood
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Music by David Fau

64 thoughts on “What I Ate Today – Lots Of Lentils

    1. sources on the ground r sayn he’s tryn to get as lean as durianrider by
      Halloween. so he can be a rt4 dickrider cult member. those aren’t facts
      just sources on the ground. but its absolutely scandalous!

  1. Dude, your meals look super unappetizing. Look up some Indian recipes, they
    can make your meals much better and they’re very simple to cook.

    1. +Big Lenny An improperly planned diet, whether vegan or not, is unhealthy.
      For example, you could eat Oreo’s and French fries all day and still be
      eating a vegan diet, but you would obviously be unhealthy. However, it’s
      very easy to not eat meat or dairy and still be healthy, so there’s no
      reason for it to be illegal to have your child on a vegan diet! And
      besides, meat is for cookie cutter porno addicts

    2. +Big Lenny read the articles and stories deeper than the news headline lol,
      the parents made some pretty dumb mistakes like feeding their child ONLY
      soy milk in one case and in another breast feeding until the child was 18
      months old. vegan or not that will cause problems.

    3. I didn’t read anything about the actual article nor do I agree with
      veganism being illegal anywhere. What I meant is no one consciously does or
      needs to ‘plan’ their diet unless they are into fitness, so if you’re
      saying you need to properly plan a vegan diet for it to be appropriate then
      it doesn’t sound very convincing when you claim it to be optimal for all
      stages of life

    4. +Big Lenny fair enough. the only thing that needs to be taken into account
      for the average person is a b12 supplement.

    5. Lol Big Lenny, to some extent, you need to properly plan any diet. The way
      to be the most healthy (and not harm others) is to eat a balanced vegan
      diet….so ya, not just processed vegan burgers and potato chips.

    1. +Poison Ivy I’m still banging my head against the wall…. I don’t know
      what to do. HAND FUCKING BURGERS?….??????

    1. They were. Every day, hundreds of apples are consumed by the vegans with
      their whole life ahead of them. Join us as a fruit activist and eat nothing
      but oxygen.

    2. +Trans ExFeminist Autism I try to eat as many animals as I can in order to
      prevent the deaths of innocent plants.

    1. +Diablito el Demonio To be fair, I think if it somehow did sell a book,
      that in itself would be worth of an award.

  2. I love to eat salmon, brown rice, and broccoli. Tell me how I’m going to
    die of cancer

  3. Show a Canadian 5 dollar bill at the beginning of the video to confuse the
    Belgium framing system so they can lower fruit prices so richard and Waldo
    can live happily ever after ??

    right Richard?

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