What I Ate Today + My New Bike

My good camera is currently being repaired so apologies for the poorer video and audio quality. My green screen also fell down and I decided to build a more robust wooden stand to prevent this from happening again.

Tubeless floor pump:
Tubeless tires I use:
Tubeless sealant:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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What I Ate Today + My New Bike

My good camera is currently being repaired so apologies for the poorer video and audio quality. My green screen also fell down and I decided to build a more robust wooden stand to prevent this from happening again.

Tubeless floor pump: http://amzn.to/2vP2CbZ
Tubeless tires I use: http://amzn.to/2hUl3X7
Tubeless sealant: http://amzn.to/2wDFAm9
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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92 thoughts on “What I Ate Today + My New Bike

    1. Willie Stroker im around 6 inches bent with a lot of stamina and solidness due to the plant blood flow diet. Is that good?

    2. i thought the average was 4 inches for asians 5 for whites 7 for african americans and 8 inches for people that live in congo in africa im 7 inches btw

  1. Jesus fucking christ man, why do you put the camera directly in Jasmine’s face, and then zoom in. Like wtf.

    1. Chickenless Nuggets I mean, she seems nice and all when Richard
      manages to film an actual conversation with her.

    2. Because he knows that face will bother people. Vegan Gains is a self-admitted sadist. He’s torturing youuuuuu.

    1. Lil Lu I think at this point their baby would be produce… The might have the first honestly true live Cabbage patch baby.

      Then it will be taken elsewhere for treatment. I think they’re making sure his lineage doesn’t continue down this path.


    1. KrazyKrzysztof i love eating meat my whole family and every generation has eaten meat i eat an egg almost every single day and im still gomna support it nothing is stoping me

    1. Some people care more about aesthetics than others. It’s not too hard to make a dish look prettier.
      However, I have no idea how one would go about glorifying moose poop!

    2. ve lo m Most of my cooking looks like some sort of medical illness, but people like it. My stir ‘fry’ tofu looks like little tumors, but people always ask if I have some made when they visit

    3. I just googled moose poop and there’s a bunch of people who make jewelry out of moose poop. I shouldn’t have googled moose poop.

    1. PornHub it’s possible to respect oneself while living in a less than perfectly clean environment
      btw, in life it is also good to have some respect for the way other people choose to live (especially in situations where you are not affected by the way they live). anyway, I know you were probably just trolling

    1. I hear that sleep apnea and snoring is related to weight, look at Dan Bilzerian, Joe Rogan, Victor Pride etc. maybe Try slimming down and see if that helps. Obviously this is just my opinion, but did you have snoring problems before?

    1. Vegan Gains Already did that, you monkey. Thanks for the answer btw.

      Jokes beside, I have honestly messaged you yesterday, haha.

    1. Yes, the manga art is superior. But the anime evokes a greater emotional response and organizes the events differently and takes out some unnecessary gross content.

      So yes, 1997 anime > manga

    2. Cole J Manga > 1997 anime > the cg movies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the 2016 anime

    3. Shaolin Schlag Like I said everyone has a preference, you’re far from being objective so this conversation is pointless.

    1. usually when someone is/does something bad they tend to put what they are/did on others this is just a pattern i noticed

  2. You used to say that calories are all that mattered, now you’re cramming in protein, explain please…

    1. Eoin O’ChionnĂ¡igh just wants to gain more muscle hence higher protein. For abnormal person calories are a greater factor for not gaining weight.

    2. calories are all that matter for normal people – but for people looking to build muscle more protein is needed.
      he still recommends 80/10/10 ish diet for non-lifters

    3. I think I mentioned it on a live stream that I’ve changed my opinion on protein and protein powders. You need to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in order to build muscle and based on that I changed my view on protein.

  3. Make a relationship video with you and Jasmine. She deserves some love despite all the hate she gets in these comments.

    1. Tripletulip she could be a very interesting person who is just introverted and doesn’t express herself when she’s on camera… I mean there are things to judge her on but I’m just saying she could have many redeeming qualities we don’t know about

    2. That is definitely possible, however I don’t need to guess something that’s entirely fucking obvious judging by the small amount of stuff I know about her – she’s not good with responding to affection. I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with it, did I? I just stated the obvious. If she was affectionate type she wouldn’t behave/speak the way she does. I never said she therefore could not be an interesting person. Can you people even read?

  4. i started eating wild salmon but everything else is vegan food
    3 years pure vegan. seems hard to get dha, d3 and omega 3s. salmon is a one stop shop

    1. Praise The Masculine Flames I do understand the concept of time and I know that its an illusion.

      Elaborate on why I do not understand the concept of time.

    2. Praise The Masculine Flames you did not write that you use to eat salmon you wrote that you started eating salmon and that you eat vegan food, I think you do not understand truly what being a vegan is. If you add salmon to your diet then it doesn’t make you a vegan anymore.

      Explain to me how adding salmon to your diet makes you a vegan.

      Vegan is not a fruit or something you eat its a dietary choice that you follow.

    3. Praise The Masculine Flames the wrote your paragraph in a way were you say eating salmon for three years is eating vegan, if you ate vegan for three years and that is what you meant and then you recently started eating fish in your diet then it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the concept of time it means I misunderstood your poorly written expressed sentences that are miss clarifying.

      It was my mistake I misread what you wrote like you miss understanding my misunderstanding of the situation until now.

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