What I Ate Today Vegan Bulking

What I ate today while bulking and making gains. Plus I had an appointment with a psychiatrist to prove to the cops I'm not crazy so they'll give me my weapons back.

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What I Ate Today Vegan Bulking

What I ate today while bulking and making gains. Plus I had an appointment with a psychiatrist to prove to the cops I'm not crazy so they'll give me my weapons back.

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76 thoughts on “What I Ate Today Vegan Bulking

    1. RealDeal Do you even watch this channel? Richard has stated before how
      becoming vegan *improved* his mental health, and he was much worse during
      his teen years. I can believe this, since I had a similar experience with
      veganism and mental health.

    2. And?

      Its still messed up, so I don’t understand your point. I guess yall just
      like arguing just to do it!

      I didn’t even mention anything about being vegan, I said his macronutrient

    1. Dale Brook you failed to see how you contradicted herself? Who said she had
      to go slave away somewhere? But you follow your anti capitalist rant up
      with “yea, she needs to stop being a leech”, well genius, how do you
      suppose she does that?

    2. +jacek cieniuch “poor girl biggest mistake in her life”, are you kidding?
      She hit the jackpot. She doesn’t even have to work, Richard takes care of
      her, and she gets to eat and play computer games and watch cartoons all
      day. If she didn’t like Richard she wouldn’t have moved to Canada with him
      and married him. Stop feeling sorry for her you White Knight. You’re even
      defending women who don’t want to be defended and are happy.

    3. +7 days with Anna There’s a difference in playing video games all day at a
      desk and having a desk job getting paid to be productive and accomplish
      meaningful tasks.

    4. +Dale Brook contributing to society, being a slave, being a part of the
      system…call it what you wish. the point is you are a part in that system
      as you are clearly taking part in the things it has produced: computers,
      internet, youtube; all these things were made by “slaves” sitting around in
      offices. but you’re happy to use them 24/7 but mock the system that helped
      produce them. interesting!

      “she needs to improve herself and also needs to stop being a fucking
      worthless leech” – so you do agree with me!

    1. I don’t believe Peat’s ever adequately proved there are no essential fatty
      acids, nor why DHA has so many benefits if it’s unnecessary.

    2. colderplasma… I don’t get it. VG talks about his mental issues ALLLLLL
      the fucking time. So Osama’s “honest thoughts” that VG has mental issues,
      or you saying OMG AGREEEE is all pretty irrelevant. My reply included.

    3. Ja Crispy it’s slightly hypocritical of this tosser to lay into people with
      mental issues and moan that they don’t go see a doctor (Eugenia Cooney),
      then when he has mental issues of his own, he ignores his own advice and
      shoots up on vitamins because OMG SO MUCH SMARTER THAN DOCTORS. Infact the
      only reason he’s even seeing a shrink is just so he can get his fucking
      guns back and not actually because he has real problems. He’s a proper
      thundercunt of a person.

  1. If the shrink starts fucking with you just flip the table and ask why they
    eat meat, they’ll just get butt hurt and leave the room.

  2. tell her to stop watching naruto and go watch the last season of naruto
    shippuuden with all the flashbacks in that arc. sums up the whole serie
    basically untill that point

    1. +braz D Blood Yeah Zabuza and Haku made me fall in love with the series and
      then Orochimaru ends up being imo one of the most mysterious and just
      twisted villains I’ve ever seen but then yeah… it just stops. Orochimaru
      got no plot development past “I want sassssssuke’s body *licks lips*. It
      seems he just ruined everything for no reason. Outside Pain, Obito and
      Itachi (who ended up good) no one in the Akatsuki really had any decent
      storyline, and even then they kept the masked man thing up WAAAAAAYYYY too
      long. I remember at first me and my friends all came to the consensus that
      it was Obito, and then they revealed it like a year and a half after that.
      None of us were shocked or even cared anymore… and yeah when N*** died in
      the war, I’m actually shocked that they didn’t have 10 episodes each for
      the rest of his team of shared flashbacks with 3 min of deviation total for
      each respective member, because that’s the sorta thing I’ve come to expect.
      After Naruto v Sasuke in part 1, the only things worth watching were Naruto
      v Orochimaru, Shikamaru (but only because he’s my favourite character) vs
      Hidan, Sasuke vs Itachi, Naruto/Jiraiya’s Pain fights, Guy vs Madara and
      Naruto vs Sasuke

  3. Does Jasmine at least clean? Seriously bro she doesn’t even have a job.
    Surely she doesn’t just wake up, play on the computer, sleep, wake up, play
    on computer, rinse and repeat…

    1. yes because 1. He actually has things to do that doesn’t involve his
      partner. 2. His partner isn’t in every vlog. 3. Its more episodic rather
      than a story about a couple, because thats vomit inducing.

  4. Why does jasmine just sit in front of the computer all day enjoying life
    while you struggle to upload videos and support the house? She’s seriously
    one of the laziest people I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. If she cared
    at all, she would help support the house by having a job.

    1. Anthony De Lara you’re hilariously wrong on this part. YouTube DOES take
      45% off your total revenue. I make a small amount from YouTube and I know
      how it works. YOU need to educate yourself first.

    2. Muun Han I don’t think she has any mental illness, atleast from the vlogs
      richard uploads, it doesn’t seem that way. If she does have any illness
      whatsoever, I’ll apologize immediately. Richard has also made a video
      talking about how stressed his YouTube job is becoming because he puts in
      thorough research in his videos and that requires time and effort. Fine,
      maybe Jasmine doesn’t have a work permit yet but then she could contribute
      to maintain the house atleast? Whenever I see Jasmine in his blogs, she
      always looks lazy,wanting to go back home etc which just isn’t right. Maybe
      she does help richard with daily chores but his vlogs speaks something else.

    1. >Loves watching a story about a boy who can turn into a wolf
      >Hates a God that can do anything wanting nothing to do with him.

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