What I Eat As A Nutrient Deficient Vegan

Since Roaming Millennial knows how to use google she should give me some nutrition advice.

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What I Eat As A Nutrient Deficient Vegan

Since Roaming Millennial knows how to use google she should give me some nutrition advice.

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59 thoughts on “What I Eat As A Nutrient Deficient Vegan

  1. you eat a lot of protein powder which is not possible for a normal person to spend,thats y it is tough to build muscle as a vegan,they need to eat a lot overshooting carbs

    1. Vegan Gains 1.Animal flesh is not voluminous,which any1 can follow on his normal routine with enough protein like chicken breast
      lentils on the other hand is voluminous ,its hard to eat 200gms raw(after boil) to get 50gms of protein
      2.In my place 1kg chicken costs 160rs and 1kg lentils costs 100rs
      3.even after stressing if sme1 eats that much of lentils,its not possible to cut.

      There are lots of things which i could keep on writing,and definitely i can prove you that i am right

    2. Banana Bandana y cant u read my reply,these things r not available nd protein powders are expensive

    1. I don’t think it’s going to end well, she’s a manipulator, and it’s obvious that she shouldn’t do it because she has no actual arguments, but she’s clearly planning something else.

    1. What? Lol no wonder she thought Jasmin would be a parasite, leeching off Richard’s wealth. It takes one to know one after all.

    1. Jared Sheldon Well remember this genius knew she was the one because they could play video games and he just wouldn’t get mad at her no matter what so yeah makes since that she can sit around and do the one thing that made him fall in love with her in the first place.

    2. And did you catch how Richard has to cook and do the dishes too? 3:29 And how she always eats unhealthy? She drags him down so much imho

    1. +Ross Catto can you really not see how his behavior would be off putting to some people? Like: “smashing babies skulls”. You really don’t see how that could upset a mother that loves her kids? Aren’t you in the military?

  2. *be careful Richard! many retards coming from roaming millenials channel lack the mental capacity to comprehend what “sarcasm” means in the title of this video. They might actually take this seriously*

    1. soy’s DNA is modified by the insertion of a protein from a different organism, making soy a genetically modified organism (GMO). According to Consumerhealth.org, “Large scale cultivation of the soy bean in the United States began only after the Second World War and quickly rose to 140 billion pounds per year. Most of the crop is made into animal feed and is extremely toxic to the livers of dairy cattle, and many of our dairy cattle now are completely barn-fed and get a lot of soy in their diets.

    2. Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick found that Isoflavones, commonly called soy beans, are known to modify fertility and change sex hormone status. This leads to things like homosexuality. excess estrogen into the body can cause significant changes in the body, In the book, “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It” by Robyn O’Brien, it states, “In women, excess production of estrogen has also been associated with breast cancer and with other reproductive cancers. In boys, extra estrogen in utero can lead to testicular cancer and sometimes to such male problems as undescended testicles and infertility.” This information is being kept from the public through controversy and cover ups because our government is aware of the overpopulation crisis and and they understand that it would be in their best interest to promote hormone changes infertility in men and women in hopes that they can lower the population.

  3. “I am literally playing for just 5 minutes.”
    *Still playing 6 hours later*
    Jasmine’s life in a nutshell.

    1. Baun92 just a question, plants are technically living, they reproduce, the go to photosynthesis, and some plants are intelligent such as cactuses and venus fly traps. there is tests done that a certain neutralizing pain agent on plants make the plants relax proving that they feel pain. so how does killing plants differ from animals.

      second question vegans drive, walk, clap, and talk. they kill many insects when the drive with the force of the car and hitting the windshield. why does that make it any better than killing animals, right they aren’t doing it for food or noticing they are doing this but will they stop after this? clapping kills tons of micro organisms, they deserve to live right? taking a shower takes of dirt and is essential for hygiene, but you’re killing many organisms that are living on your body they deserve to live right.

      so how do we pick and choose which living things deserve to live?

    1. Great come back.
      If you don’t like him then stop watching his channel. But you won’t, you like this channel.
      Done with you now.

  4. Just recently discovered Vegan Gains and decided to subscribe. He seems like a smart, cool guy and has a lot of good advice about lifestyle. I started bodybuilding last year and have been eating a lot of animal products (not red meat though) for their nutritional value, however I am seriously considering becoming a vegan now.

    1. Brandon Smith I guess you missed the video were he talked about wanting to brutally murder innocent babies. no joke. there’s plenty of reasons why a lot of people have nothing but contempt and hatred towards this guy.

    2. dont be vegan. because we are Omnivore so why should we become vegan. after all we only have one life so vegan or not you will die. eat what you can and want. go look at vegan gain old video he a crazy guy who hate people and kid and want to kill them

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