What I Eat On Cheat Days

When dieting it's important to have occasional breaks where you give your body and mind a break from the stress of weight loss. This what I like to eat on refeed/cheat days.

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What I Eat On Cheat Days

When dieting it's important to have occasional breaks where you give your body and mind a break from the stress of weight loss. This what I like to eat on refeed/cheat days.

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78 thoughts on “What I Eat On Cheat Days

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  1. Oatmeal and lentils? That would get so old so fast.

    Dude, go make yourself a big pot of chili already.
    I like to add lots of veggies — the mixed bag of frozen veggies is a nice variety – corn, peas, carrots, green beans, lima beans – as well as the obvious ingredients like peppers, onions, and kidney beans.

    1. +muscleandmath the soy estrogen thing is just a myth. It does have phytoestrogens but they are actually somewhat beneficial in reducing breast cancer risk. Tofu, tempeh, miso, and soy milk are what you should stay within. Isolated soy protein typically has less nutrients and is the byproduct of soybean oil production. Soy is just a bean like any other bean, like chickpeas or black beans.

    2. snap peas …. They say fermented soya beans are good. Thibk they’re called NATTO? (Eh…can’t remember atm).

      Lots of beneficial bacteria. Guessing they’d be classed as a probiotic??

      I could only find frozen version flown in from Japan ,?. Quite expensive too for the small amount. They did feel good in my stomach though.

      Also they’re claimed to be high in vitamin K too. I much prefer to get my probiotics and vitamins from food wherever possible. So I buy it most weeks and just dose half of one box a day.

      Re-fermented foods for gastric + immune health….I should really get back into *home made Keffir and Kombucha*.

      They’re so much tastier and feel even better in my stomach than even the premium shop stuff.

      I’ve had gastric pain for years. Slowly worked out which foods help me and which harm.

      So, when something feels good in my stomach, I know im onto something good. Having a super sensitive stomach has turned out to be useful when I want to know which brands are best.

      Nine times out of ten…it’s home made food that wins out by far.
      I seriously need a live in chef like rich famous people have! ?

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      Edit: spelling

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      Lucky me

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    She must be giving you the real good S U C C

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    Good news: I got ads on this video 🙂
    Bad news: they were ads about meat lmao

  4. I find that if I eat processed sugar one day, I always crave sugar the next, regardless if I am on a diet or not. I don’t normally have processed sugars in my diet, but everytime I do this happens. I think it’s quite interesting, anybody else experienced this?

    1. vahagbobloyan I don’t understand why you are still here answering me in the comments of a content creator that you don’t agree with. Life’s short, you know. And I still don’t care about durianrider, and I don’t agree with his statements.

    2. Charli Hi there. Yes I experience the same thing…I have fruit instead as the refined sugar products make me want more the next day…a vicious cycle!

    3. Yes, I used to get sugar craving the next day.  I solved the problem with eating 1-2 pieces of really dark chocolate after dinner, and the cravings disappeared. You can also eat fruit to make cravings go away.

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