What Is Wrong With Milk Jar?

Milk Jar has some interesting views on diet and health.

What Is Wrong With Milk Jar?

Milk Jar has some interesting views on diet and health.

34 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Milk Jar?

  1. So what do we have now?

    Green Crabs
    Skyscrapers Tho
    Walls Tho
    Cockroaches Tho
    Ancestors Tho
    Vitamin Naruto
    Technology Tho
    Humans Tho
    Bacon Tho
    Invasive Species Tho
    Jellyfish Protein Tho
    Nutrition Tho
    Twinkies Tho
    Lentinals Tho
    Social Contract Tho
    Canine’s Tho
    Donuts Tho.
    Barn Rats Tho
    Vegan ALIENS Tho
    Bingo Tho
    Biscuits Tho

    I tuned in late, miss anything?

  2. When you’re at the ocean, after a ship goes over the curvature of the earth simply take out a pair of binoculars, a telescope, a p900 zoom camera, or optics of choice and you will still see the entire ship proving that it has not gone over any curvature.

  3. Vegan Gains, please make a video about how you perceive yourself in relation to the two races that comprise you. Which one do you feel closer to and why? Also, have you ever found a Black female attractive and would you date one?

  4. I just recently went vegan and i’m curious as to how important it is to eat organic stuff vs non organic. I’m currently eating a lot of lentils from walmart that aren’t organic and I just wanted to know if my cancer risk will skyrocket because of this.

    1. Dylan Holder Organic is always better (how much better is something I don’t know), but as long as you aren’t causing the suffering and death of innocent animals, you are in great shape in terms of health, as well as ethics. Congrats for going vegan! Be proud; stay strong!

    2. Dylan Holder just wash your non-organic foods well under water and it’s fine. The power of veggies far outweighs any potential risk from pesticide residue.

  5. Vegan Gains, please also make a video about the affect of the glycemic indices and loads of foods on acne and why acne is so prevalent in industrialized societies and so uncommon in non-industrialized ones.

    1. Adrian St. Fort personal hygiene also plays a huge role in this also because if it didnt then everyone in industrialized society would have acne. Usually lower class are much more prone to acne since food stamps encourage poor food choices

  6. These vegan and meat eater facts are so biased lmao just eat what you want to. A vegan scientist will say being vegan is good for you a meat eater scientist will say we need meat in our diet who’s right ? Who cares. I personally think being vegan is a trend that will die off in the next 10 years no one really knows about vegan diets it’s so new and what do most humans hate ? Change.

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