What’s The Best Protein Powder?

The supplement market is saturated with protein powders but what is the best one?

Intro: Save The World by The Browning
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research Referenced:
Type of protein powder and muscle growth:

IGF-1, protein and cancer:

Dairy protein, insulin response and insulin resistance:

Protein recommendations for athletes:

What's The Best Protein Powder?

The supplement market is saturated with protein powders but what is the best one?

Intro: Save The World by The Browning
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research Referenced:
Type of protein powder and muscle growth:
IGF-1, protein and cancer:
Dairy protein, insulin response and insulin resistance:
Protein recommendations for athletes:

76 thoughts on “What’s The Best Protein Powder?

    1. +SehZ The Cynic How about you put up legitimate scientific proof that you
      can change your blood ph, say a scientific peer reviewed study? You sound
      so dumb right now it’s absolutely insane. Back up your claim with something

    2. Next you are going to tell me our brains don’t need Iodine to function to
      their full potential, If your body has no minerals you don’t sweat your
      become dehydrated your body can not produce sodium or magnesium or iodine
      on it’s own without having consumed it and that acidic environment in which
      toxins are unable to be released through the skin they build up as deposits
      which become tumors and knots and general swelling and leaves you
      susceptible to cancer growth, Aids infected patients have literally tested
      negative after switching to fully Alkaline diet.

    3. The research is Broccoli and Cauliflower do not exist in nature they were
      created by man and are missing a carbon atom.

    4. +SehZ The Cynic Just because you’re leaching minerals with distilled water
      doesn’t mean your blood ph is changing you fucking moron, Dr Mercola spits
      a whole bunch of falsehoods. Show me legitimate research on BLOOD PH
      CHANGING, what you showed is some retardation dealing with mineral loss.
      Come on I’ll wait while I’m eating some delicious cauliflower and broccoli

    1. oil massage It’s a meme. The profile pick is Sarah ex-Piana, aka Rich
      Piana’s ex-wife. She used him for a green card, and so now she’s nothing
      but a worthless meme just like everything else that comes out of that

    1. Dr Kodak recommends broccoli im from sweden and all that is bullshit but
      whatever it takes to confuse everybody else right Babe?!

    1. +swag swagy They are tasteless. Taste depends on the flavouring used. It
      has more of a chalky consistency but I got used to it fast.

    1. +infinitea You must have a different definition of valid point to me if you
      think ‘plants have feelings too’ is one.

    2. +Luke Hattersley do your research!! I’m not going to link articles in this
      video just for you. Plant consciousness is real.

    1. Lol sometimes you don’t feel like eating 30-40g protein meals all the time?
      There’s nothing wrong with supplementing with protein powder, also whey
      protein is absorbed best by the body and protein powders often have bcaas
      added to them to increase protein synthesis further, reduce muscle
      breakdown and help maintain positive nitrogen balance.

    1. +Interista Amine This idiot wants a protein shake with meat in it. That’s
      just as stupid as the powdered alcohol scam.

    1. +Thomas Harrison research is everywhere, but just check out the world
      health organisation for instance. China officially asked their citizens to
      reduce their meat consumption due to increasing health issues especially
      cancer and environmental impact.

    2. +Sari Na Organisation? Maybe China is doing everything it can to reduce
      their pollution because some of their cities have it so bad that there’s
      fog where ever you go. Increasing health issues, do you mean food
      poisoning? Just because a government says that it does X. Y. or Z. doesn’t
      mean you should believe it, especially when they have their own agenda.

    3. Hi Thomas Harrison, check out nutritionfacts.org, the website or the
      youtube channel. The YouTube channel has some convenient video playlists by
      topic. In either place, search for cancer or for IGF1. On the website, you
      will be able to see links to all the research studies cited. These are peer
      reviewed published studies with statistically significant results. Also
      these books contain hundreds of citations to research: The China Study, How
      Not to Die, and Eat to Live. Really the connection to cancer is firmly

    4. Hi Thomas Harrison, Here are some excerpts from World Health Organization’s
      info page, http://www.who.int/features/qa/cancer-red-meat/en/

      “7. Red meat was classified as Group 2A, probably carcinogenic to humans.

      8. Processed meat was classified as Group 1, carcinogenic to humans.

      25. How many studies were evaluated?

      The IARC Working Group considered more than 800 different studies on cancer
      in humans (some studies provided data on both types of meat; in total more
      than 700 epidemiological studies provided data on red meat and more than
      400 epidemiological studies provided data on processed meat).

      26. How many experts were involved in the evaluation?

      The IARC Working Group consisted of 22 experts from 10 countries.”

    1. true, but sometimes if you’re in a rush running around all the time or you
      suck at eating well…it could be an option for a few people to supplement
      their diets. *shrugs*

    1. Brendan O’Donnell aww man I have yet to find a decent vegan protein powder
      thats the only thing I miss about whey protein … thanks for responding

    2. avoid “lean fit” vegan protein…. it turns thicker then yohurt when mixed
      . I find whey is hard on the stomach and guts long term used

    3. ya dude. i used whey for years. not realizing the reason i was bloated
      and farted all night was the whey. Try “Vega” vanilla…. great taste,
      no bloat/foarts, and it does not thicken up like other vegan protein, plus
      it dont taste like grass lol.

    4. Thank man I’ll try it out anything to get rid of this pea protein .. it
      honestly should be a crime selling anything that taste this bad

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