When You Tell The Average Joe That You Are Vegan… | VegAnimation

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When You Tell The Average Joe That You Are Vegan... | VegAnimation

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35 thoughts on “When You Tell The Average Joe That You Are Vegan… | VegAnimation

    1. Odd Guy take the sausage and throw it in the garbage it is worthless to explain to people that I am a vegan for this reason it’s like saying to a chronic smoker that smoking is bad for him yeah you can try but always no results

    2. All jokes aside, yea I agree. Only it’s worse with non-vegans, because at least smokers acknowledge that smoking is terrible for your health. Whereas a meat-eater will try and justify it using BS excuses, when the only real reason to eat meat is if you admit you give no fucks about ethics or your health.

  1. They turn in to one of the following:
    1) Expert certified nutritionist (as shown in this awesome video)
    2) Plant rights advocate.
    3) A lion.

    1. Bagam it’s like you are coming from another planet people make a vegan diet seem so hard that anything life throws you is easier even death itself following a vegan diet in the first weeks requires some dedication but after that the body gets used to it

  2. Many people tell me that I am deficient in my nutrients and I don’t even bother telling them the opposite well let the idiots be idiots if they think meat has some magical powder that turns you into Superman so be it

  3. This reaction is a subconscious defense mechanism that meat eaters trigger because of guilt for eating of what they know is unethical

    1. All the raddest people in history walked on the wild side and pissed off at least a certain element of people ? …just saying ?

  4. Vegans also pretend that they’re nutrition experts by reading cherry picked articles that are written by biased vegan doctors & poorly written. And also, not all factory farmed animals are supplemented with vitamin b12, they’re only given b12 supplements if soil where food they eat is grown is b12 deficient.

  5. Lazy.
    No education.
    Just be an activist.
    Create controversy… steroids…
    Can’t get utube doughnuts.
    Ask people to support u.
    Nice job.

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