Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

Despite protein being abundant in may plant foods many still wonder how vegans get enough protein. For those of you who are curious here is where vegans get their protein.

Animal vs plant protein:
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

Despite protein being abundant in may plant foods many still wonder how vegans get enough protein. For those of you who are curious here is where vegans get their protein.

Animal vs plant protein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo1ajCmi1jk
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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63 thoughts on “Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

    1. 0.7g per kg lean body mass for moderately active people and up to 1.2g per
      kg lean body mass for athletes or very active people is enough.

    2. moderately active would be exercising 50-75min 4-6 times per week with
      moderate intensity, just to give you an idea.

    1. Hey Jay, this guy’s original aim was to prove that he you can have muscle
      while eating plant protein. Did he prove that with his instagram? Yes I
      would say so, considering he has better physique than 99% of the people
      down the street. So stick to the original point, and stop whining.

      The only people who concern themselves with the terms “alpha/beta” are
      usually betas themselves, since they aren’t confident in their own
      masculinity, and too afraid of what other people think.

    2. +Phanteus thanx, how u said, i posted instagram to prove it i know if i
      dont, this ungry alpha rat and other ppl will call me lier etc

  1. Richard can you make a video displaying how a vegan man makes another vegan
    man “Jasmine” orgasm on a vegan diet?

    please make sure to include the cum shot all over your face

    great protein source ?

    1. +John Yin​

      Very good response 🙂

      But let me ask you a serious question .
      My gf of 3 years has decided to have sex with other men that do not follow
      a vegan lifestyle.

      Should I be concerned about the semen deposits inside her being
      contaminated with animal blood or fecal matter?

    2. +Sam Acer
      No comment… please refer to slider292

      Get a new hobby 🙂

      If you want channel recommendations, happy to provide… a decent book to
      read, Robert Anton Wilson – Prometheus Rising. There’s a start.

      Over & out.

  2. To be honest, I rather eat meat and call it a day than to go through all
    these veggies, although this a very healthy vegan style ?

    1. yes all vegans must eat at least 1 of each plant food there is each day or
      else they turn to ash in their sleep from lack of brotein

  3. Aren’t those protein numbers of beans n legumes for the uncooked ones? Once
    cooked does the protein amount reduce?

    1. Per cup yes, but the serving size will just be bigger with cooked beans
      because they retain water. 1 cup uncooked—> 2 or 3 cups cooked.

    1. That’s a bit too much protein dude, your body will not use all of it.
      Better to lower your protein intake and up your carbs, 360g carbs isn’t
      that much.

      Take your bodyweight (lbs) x 0.8 and there you go, your daily protein need.

    2. +MJ ENERGY Yeah but the thing is that you’ll grow just as fast if you go
      0.8 x bodyweight.
      All science on this matter proves that higher than 0.8 does not mean more
      gains, actually it hurts your kidneys in the long run.

  4. Good video, I think meat is very over rated. I’m bigger and stronger then
    your average dude and i been vegan for years. Just like the gorilla, the
    human body is not designed for meat. Some of the biggest and baddest
    animals are vegan like gorillas, hippos. My main foods are peanut butter
    sandwiches, roasted chick peas, red lentils, rice, veggies and fruits. Some
    days tofu, tvp, soya chunks. and i drink water. Not only do i eat those
    foods, i eat organic and local. Food is suppose to help and recover your
    body, when people eat meat, fast food, chemicals etc. It does damage to the
    body, not help and recover the body. Food is so important and what i spend
    my $ on, however most people in society views cars, cell phones, TV’s and
    other stuff more important then food. Well I’m different, I’m enjoying life
    and feeling good while i can, i don’t want to feel sick and out of
    shape all the time.

    1. Name one society. No vegetarian but vegan. Heart disease is based on a
      multitude of factors. Cholesterol does not automatically equal heart
      disease. it’s a debunked myth. Heart disease rates went up with the
      reduction of physical activity and the vast increase in sugar and processed
      carb consumption with processed meat

    2. +a3rialst4rr what did people in the Arctic eat? What about the Sahara? You
      can’t be saying they didn’t eat meat in some form

    1. Our bodies make all the cholesterol we need. Super low fat intake can lead
      to hormone imbalances – though it’s pretty rare. There are plenty of
      saturated fat sources that are vegan if you’re concerned. Pumpkin seeds,
      coconut oil, etc.

    2. +Muamer Blazevic Plant-based milks and nutritional yeast seasoning has all
      the b12 you could ever need. Huge myth that vegans need to take a

  5. vegan gains, i would really appreciate a response. ive been vegan for over
    a month now,amd ive continued to gain strength as well a muscle following
    dr mcdougalls starch based diet, its still plant based but centered around
    starches:potatoes, corn, rice along with fruits and veggies. But i recently
    saw durianriders video trying to bash you for saying the things you said
    about sugar. In the video he shows a clip of mcdougall where he states that
    sugar and starch are both good for you. i understand the starch, but the
    sugar? Did durianrider take what mcdougall say out of context or is
    mcdougall a quack and do you think a starch centered diet is healthy? ps. i
    eat no added/refined sugar.

    1. Durianrider took that clip out of context and completely manipulated the
      meaning. Dr. McDougall was referencing a study where participants were on
      an energy restricted diet and isocaloric replacement of starch with sugar
      didn’t change their lipid profile. McDougall has mentioned many times in
      many videos that processed sugar is horrible for your health, he’s just
      saying sugar isn’t the biggest public health problem we’re facing, it’s
      meat, dairy and eggs.

  6. His Tim Shieff video ruined my life, i wanted to see what this whole flat
    earth theory was about…ive spend the last 4 days and 32 hours consuming
    everything i could find about Flat Earth. it was silly at first, now i dont
    know what i believe anymore. im spiraling out of control

    1. +Damion Lawson Alright.

      One of my favorites is the idea that engineers and architects never have to
      account for the curvature of the Earth in their designs, even when their
      projects cover large expanses of Earth.

      This is misleading in some cases and just straight up wrong in others.

      First off, the vast majority of buildings and construction projects are not
      large enough in terms of the area of land they occupy to need to account
      for the Earth’s curvature. However, I’ll discuss the few that do as well.

      In most modern building projects and many others throughout history, what
      is being built is composed of either a large number of identical or
      semi-identical pieces that are assembled to form the larger whole (think of
      railroads and brick buildings) or of some kind of cement mix or other
      partially-liquid mix that is laid out or cast and then hardens (think
      regular roads).

      In the former case, each of the individual pieces sits ever so
      imperceptibly, slightly ajar to the one next to it, because of the
      curvature of the Earth. The result is that, over a very long distance, the
      curvature of the Earth is automatically accounted for because the pieces
      curve with it, like the vertebrae in the spine of an animal. In the latter
      case, fluids try to take the shape of their container, so the mixes spread
      out and naturally follow the curvature of the Earth.

      Now, on to the cases where the flat-earth theory claim is wrong. If a
      building contains a piece that is large enough in terms of width and/or
      length, then it would need to account for the Earth’s curvature in its
      construction. However, we’re talking about MASSIVE length and/or width for
      a single piece incorporated into a building. Very few buildings in the
      history of human civilization have any single piece of that size. I believe
      the Taj Mahal’s central mausoleum, cut from a massive marble block, was one
      of them, though, and the calculations made by its architects did include
      the curvature of the Earth.

      More here:

      Every flat-earth-theory claim is flawed, simplistic, and reductionist in
      exactly the same manner. They cherry-pick science and only acknowledge what
      suits their claims. Do not become one of them.

    2. Don’t worry, you just came to the realization that you’re a moron. Else you
      wouldn’t be dissuaded from believing something that a monkey can understand
      is true.

    3. +Paperthin You have literally no idea what philosophy or cults are.

      I’ll hear everything you could possibly bring to bear and defeat it in the
      marketplace of ideas with fact and logic. Ain’t nuthin’ culty about me, bro.

      On your part, though, you just straight up told him to ignore people who
      say something different from what you say. Shut out opposing views rather
      than engaging with them: that’s textbook cult cognitive dissonance and is a
      red flag of a belief system that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

  7. People need WAY MORE FIBER than protein! Everyone stresses about protein
    when it’s literally everywhere, but most Americans never meet their fiber
    needs! Fiber is the real question we need to be asking!

    1. I agree with you – didn’t the WHO say we should be aiming for around 100
      grams of fiber daily? But that’s beside my point here, I’m just curious:
      where did you hear we need more fiber than protein?

    2. dr. greger’s videos, look up nutrition facts on youtube, it’s not that we
      need more fiber than protein i guess, it’s more that people should stress
      more about getting fiber over protein.

    3. Well animal products has 0 fiber. So if you replace plants with a lot of
      meat, dairy and eggs you are going to reduce your fiber intake and probably
      not meet the recommendations.

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