Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

Recently Montreal has decided to Ban pitbulls despite Pitbull bans having no success in reducing dog attacks.

Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

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Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

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Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

Recently Montreal has decided to Ban pitbulls despite Pitbull bans having no success in reducing dog attacks.

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Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

48 thoughts on “Why Pitbull Bans Are Stupid

  1. Basics of why it is dumb, a dog will act the way it is raised. Even if a
    dog is, for some reason, is more predisposed to being violent, the way they
    are raised will be a more accurate account of how they will react rather
    than their species.

    1. Actually, racism is a natural outlook on things and is impossible to avoid.
      If a white guy sees a black man for the first time, racist thoughts are
      inevitable. You don’t just see him as being equal with a different skin

  2. My great dane was put down because I had a stupid family member that
    doesn’t know how to approach a dog when she was stressed. Can confirm most
    bites can be avoided. Usually.

    1. +Jordan Darrell I am not a legislator, I do not know. Fines until you get
      the training? All I know is that would be a solution.

    2. Jordan Darrell simple you take the tax up so high that breeding stops being
      a profitable business. You make a law where all dogs born after that law
      goes into affect are required to be registered with a new government agency
      that needs to exist and be regulated so it’s in benefit of the animals and
      not the people. So what if we need to spend millions to make that happen? I
      would gladly pay higher taxes for that to happen.

    1. Isn’t the only true fighting breed the extinct (Cordoba Fighting Dog) ?..
      Or am i completely wrong?..I read that males and femals would rather fight
      than screw.

    2. Pitbulls often are in a lot of pain and live short lives due to
      purebreeding which causes genetic ills, instead of banning them they should
      simply encourage breeding of pittbulls with other races.

  3. My neighbor’s pit bulls are very friendly dogs, I hope this ban doesn’t
    come to Mississippi, I don’t want the government to put down those dogs.
    They are good dogs and they don’t deserve to be killed! Anyone who supports
    them being banned are not only cruel to animals, but cruel to their fellow
    human beings, these dogs are part of countless families that would miss
    them dearly.

    1. EddLiam 2 types of relationships with animals.
      one both the human AND animal gain. domestication of dogs were not cruel as
      wolves choose to CO-EVOLVE with us.
      Saying that a lot of pets are cruel and shouldn’t be taken out of their
      also a lot of breeding practices are cruel as well.

  4. It’s really all about the owner. All pit bulls I had in my lifetime weren’t
    aggressive. Never fed them meat either.

    1. Roger McRabbit you forgot SOME DOGS JUST ARE NATURALLY AGRESSIVE its like
      training a lion to not attack, it can and has happened but they do
      sometimes attack anyway

    2. People say it’s the owners when theirs a lot of cases where the pitbull
      owner was actually a good owner but their dog just attacked

  5. I have a dog from the humane society that is part pit bull and looks like a
    smaller pit bull, and she’s the nicest dog I have ever seen. She has never
    even growled at anything for the last 2.5 years we’ve had her.

  6. pitbulls were bread to have strong jaw muscles and big heads, and yes for
    the most part are naturally more aggressive.so Richard you definitely dont
    know what your talking about.

    1. +Jonathan Reyes To an extent, I still say nurture plays a bigger part in
      shaping the dog.

      I’m with VG on this. The dangerous dogs act does little to solve the
      problem. Laws that restrict some people from owing dogs would be a more
      sensible option.. maybe dog licensing if society deems this a big enough

    2. They aren’t quite as strong as rottweilers, but they refuse to let go, even
      after being stabbed, beaten, etc. Pitbulls will bite to the death.

    1. +Random Vegan Exactly. We love to share our food with them and hang out
      with them. We can be great friends with dogs without them having to be our
      property or slaves.

    1. Jordan Darrell lol exactly! of course those were natural occurrences
      because they occurred WITHOUT intervention, which is the key point. perhaps
      they were not normal points on a statistical data plot. perhaps you’re
      confusing normal and natural.

  7. I have a pitbull that I adopted from a shelter after being abused. She’s
    the most docile and calm dog. Even when another dog goes for her she just
    runs over to me and stands beside me

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