Wully Outerwear vs Canada Goose

Wully Outerwear Vs Canada Goose

Wully Outerwear Vs Canada Goose

Winter's here and you need a new jacket, so what should you get? Wully Outerwear is directly competing with Canada Goose with their cruelty free designs.

Wully Outerwear Vs Canada Goose

Wully Outerwear:

Wully Outerwear Vs Canada Goose

Fur-Bearer Defenders:
Canada Goose Facts:

Wully Outerwear Vs Canada Goose

Wully Outerwear vs Canada Goose

Winter's here and you need a new jacket, so what should you get? Wully Outerwear is directly competing with Canada Goose with their cruelty free designs.

Wully Outerwear:
Fur-Bearer Defenders: http://thefurbearers.com/
Canada Goose Facts: http://thefurbearers.com/other-faqs/what-about-canada-goose

62 thoughts on “Wully Outerwear vs Canada Goose

  1. Canada Goose is the worst in the fashion industry. The protests outside
    their stores are entirely justified. Keep up the good work VG.

    1. +The Great Volatile I have not contradicted myself.

      And just watch the video where they show the making of the jackets…in
      Canada. There is your proof.

      I can tell you are just trolling now. Good day and goodbye.

    2. And again, ANIMALS > HUMANS
      Humans had plenty of time to evolve and solve all the problems they made
      for themselves, they cannot justify the cruel and heartless murder of
      millions of animals with their personal problems.

    3. The Great Volatile So you asked for logic; I will be happy to deliver. I
      can go in many directions, the health implications (plant based diets are
      shown to be preventative for cardiac diseases, cancer, alzheimers, etc and
      those on them have longer lifespans, they can also be part of a treatment
      protocol for diabetes patients to lower blood sugar, reverse
      atherosclerosis, help prevent relapse in cancer patients etc). I can also
      talk about the environment, as animal ag is the leading cause of climate
      change, ocean dead zones, amazon destructive, produces more greenhouse
      gases than the transportation system, and it produces less nutritional
      output than only growing plants to eat.

      I think i will focus on making a logical ethical argument here, because
      that is the direction of the comments. First off, we are animals too. Not
      some special divine entity, but another species of animals, whose
      evolutionary path led us to higher level cognitive abilities (other species
      for ex dogs had a path that led them to stronger scent detection than us).
      This cognitive capacity does not make us more “special” overall, otherwise
      those with mental retardation would have less fundamental rights based on
      their intelligence. The important focus, is a beings capacity to suffer.
      Other animal species CAN suffer equally to us. They have a central nervous
      system, which allows them to feel pain and animals such as pigs (smarter
      than dogs) have a limbic system which allows them process and have
      emotions. Just because we do not understand them does not mean they do not
      feel pain and understand. Hell, we use animals to study our own brains and
      behavior, of course they are similar. We give rights fundamental rights in
      society based on capacity to suffer, not cognitive ability. Why exclude
      animals from this equation? Because they look, think, speak, and act
      differently to us? We are the same in EVERY way that matters.

    1. +Donner Party DAMN! SO BADASS!I “i would if you’ll open your mouth so I can
      get by balls free.” hahahahahaha, return to your cave too young brain
      damaged cavemonkey. too much fat from shoving carcasses in your throat and
      too much masturbation damaged your brain so much that you cant even type
      right. stop making fun of yourself and return to your cave. otherwise i’ll
      make a sandwich out of your dead brain and feed it to a homeless person,
      it’s pointless to have it there just to fill up the space in your skull
      when you can still make some use of it.

    1. +mrkarlhey Veganism is a lifestyle where you don’t use animal products as
      much as possible and practicable. If you can avoid it without losing major
      lifestyle quality, it’s not vegan if you’re using it.

    2. Rem Natsuki Currently, animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate
      change and environmental destruction, not synthetic clothing production. It
      is an important consideration, but lets not cut off the nose despite the
      face here. Encouraging people to go animal product free will produce more
      impact than telling people to not buy synthetics. To counter your argument,
      animal product fabrics are not innocent either. First off, obviously skin
      and hair are not sanitary. Hair and fibers must be chemically treated as
      well for sanitation purposes and other chemical applications to protect the
      longevity of the fiber (organic after all). Leather, the biggest culprit
      MUST be chemically treated to obviously prevent it from rotting. The
      chemicals are environmentally destructive and result in chronic health
      conditions for disadvantaged workers in those industries. Dyes to fur and
      leather are used to achieve color and chemical preservatives are applied.
      If the fur comes from a farm, lots of environmental factors come into play
      like waste runoff. Unless you are buying wool from grandmas sheep farm
      where her two happy go lucky sheep get their annual trim and you wash the
      dirty scraps off with soap and water and make the product yourself, will
      animal fiber actually be better.

    3. mrkarlhey If you are dead set on using wool, but are concerned about the
      ethics, i do think a middle ground can be reached. For the most part,
      animal agriculture can NEVER be ethical as using someone elses body for
      profit almost always ends in exploitation. Wool and eggs i personally
      believe can be the exception. IF, you purchase wool (or eggs) from someones
      backyard sheep in need of a trim and they do not slaughter their animals.
      Places like this do exist, but it would take digging around on your part to
      vet and find places who are ethical. This would also likely entail you
      making your own products. Etsy would be a good place to look though.
      Otherwise, there are plenty of cheaper synthetic options to research on.

    4. +Chemistry Cam I’m fairly certain buying second hand used merino clothes
      from ebay would be completely vegan and ethical.

  2. “Do you know that’s real fur on your jacket?” ….”I don’t know what you
    mean.” What a primitive caveman wannabe fuckwit.

    1. +came2ownu
      I get what you mean, but not giving basic rights to animals is morally
      inconsistent by itself. So, it’s wrong to say that they aren’t morally

      As for western society being hypocritical to even greater degree, I agree.

    2. +God of Gains You’re speaking in terms of sentience of life which is
      correct, they are morally inconsistent there. Whether they realize that
      already that animals are a lot like us I have no clue but nothing is being
      done so far to bring it to attention.

      I was speaking about the moral hypocrisies between distinguishing what is a
      pet and what is food. But yes, you are right as well, even though we’re
      talking about two sides of the same morality. Morality of the right to life
      and morality of the right to live versus become systematically exploited to
      become a meal or an object, etc.

    3. I like how vegans totally ignore how technology is harnessed and made, but
      harass people on not caring or knowing how meat gets to their plate.

    1. Oatsfruitrunnerb12 You mean, veganism is on the DECLINE, don’t you? Vegan
      channels are irrelevant now as they can’t be as vocal in harassing others
      as they used to. In fact, most who go vegan won’t remain vegan for life.
      Only full-blown vegan cultists remain loyal. Veganism is a joke now 🙂

    2. +Donner Party Oh really? Why aren’t the predators there? Maybe, just maybe,
      they got killed by Man. It was made by Man, as well as almost every
      environmental disaster. Stop being in denial.

    3. +Donner Party Nice try to sound cool. Where’s the counter argument now?
      Have you finally realized that you were the entire time?

    4. Yes let nature take its course….. Let coyotes devastate all wildlife in
      their path and then when they run out of prey, let them starve to death.
      Why do so many vegans own domestic animals?… That is inconsistent with
      their perspective that animals are equal to humans…. Why aren’t they free
      and returned to the wild?… The Vegan population will always be
      insignificant. A recent UK survey found that about 30% of vegans
      /vegetarians snuck eating meat when intoxicated… What hypocrites.

  3. no beef outro? Fine I’ll do it: “BEEF! WHAT A RELIEF! WHEN WILL THIS

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