Zac Efron Natty Or Not?

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Zac Efron Natty Or Not?

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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90 thoughts on “Zac Efron Natty Or Not?

    1. +Alexander Young​ Depends on the Youtuber. Like, Unnatural Vegan has pretty good stuff. Vegan gains does good videos once in a while, but sometimes he fails miserably. Now, Christian Youtubers… Maybe my opinion is a bit biased because of my lack of belief, but I’ve never seen a Christian Youtuber being rational. And Hunter Avallone pretty much takes the cake when it comes to Christian Youtube. Ok… I’m being a bit mean… The Vigilant Christian takes the cake, actually. That’s the worse Christian Youtuber out there

    1. And yes you know everyone commenting on this video personally don’t you?….you giant stain!! The sad thing is, there are many people who actually DO believe he’s natty.

    2. Pskylark the rock has used roids give me a break I’ve seen natty guys his size and they are jacked but nothing like that

    3. in what world are common fit dudes like 7% body fat.. you don’t know any one that’s 7% body fat.

    1. i hope the comment doesn’t include me i haven’t talked trash talk about you. and the only reason why we have this trash talk is because being vegan is different we are taught from a young age we are more superior than animals and that protein only comes from animals. im 23 and have only been vegan for 1 year for 20 years i was eating animals my dad was a farmer so we ate heaps of meat very few vegetables and nearly no fruit i was fit as a i understand omnivores i used to troll vegans because i found it fun i had one big massive fight with a vegan. at the end of the day there are 2 types of vegan’s. the ones that will help you, will give you information and then there will be vegans that with trash talk. at the end of the day two wrongs don’t make a right

    2. +The Cosplaying Vegan There’s no right to be had when people think it’s fun to try and hurt other people for being different. It doesn’t matter if I mind my own business, the moment these idiots find out that someone is vegan they suddenly make it their mission to make you regret ever considering the lifestyle.

      There is no way to make that right, but if they put themselves out there for a fight and insult my way of living when THEY KNOW that it matters to us otherwise we wouldn’t be vegan, I’m fighting back. Nothing gives someone the right to try and hurt you for your beliefs. Sure they’re safe from you or legal ramifications hiding behind that screen and unable to say those things to anyone in person, but their cowardice doesn’t make them impervious to reality checks.

      If the scared little meat drones can’t take it they should keep their mouths shut.

    3. +The Cosplaying Vegan And you, sucking up to them because you yourself were an insufferable little meat eater with no soul for 20 years. You were just as bad as them trying to tear people down for living a morally correct lifestyle and now you still need to stay on their good side like their pet vegan. Like a little dog being kept as a mascot. Do they feed you well? Do you get table scraps or do they just throw bones down for you and laugh at how you don’t eat them?

    4. +The Cosplaying Vegan You seriously only commented to beg the corpse eaters not to hate you, and even went so far as to incorporate your own fucked up behaviour in the past to get them to accept you and take you into their cold soulless embrace. I was wondering where you were taking it but it didn’t have any other purpose. You COMPLETELY DISMISSED them for being horrible people and in the end told us that we were wrong for fighting back. Makes me sick.

    1. bob bob still here thinking there are problems with gluten.
      But bob bob gluten is no problem as long as your body is able to deal with it.

    1. +TheAmazingYOLO now that youve clearly just discovered the internet, google suicide methods and pick one for yourself.

    1. +Chaos Space Marine

      not because of his body, but because of his strength, its not very usual to see a natural 19 yo pulling 635lb on sumo

    2. let me guess, your subscribed to vitruvian physique and he told you he’s natty, so therefore you believe him as well? hahahaha

  1. Rich piano is my favourite natural, organic, earthy, animal rights activist, environmental conservationist, vegan bodybuilder.

    1. yea its just exactly something durian rider would say. he has beef with him cause he is autistic and hates everyone

  2. Keep in mind he’s all tanned and oiled up in Baywatch, probably got pumped up too before each shirtless scene. All that makes a big difference.

    1. Yep, stretched it for the $$
      It’s cool though, since it was the outro already anyway and didn’t delay any content (just saying because many people cry about YouTubers who stretch their videos because of the YT algorithm)

    1. Fake tape.. they sell them all day long.. for the porn industry … And this guy basically is saying anyone bigger than him is on steroids.. What ever….

    1. It’s hilarious that you punk bitches think curios Pete is on steroids. It really is. Fkn Vagina Gains got you all Brainwashed listening to that bullshit.

    2. Well said, now keep ‘funding’ his channel or he will be ‘forced’ to close it down. It’s a shame the ‘great’ job he talked about a couple of months ago does not allow him to do this for free? If I truly had the interests of animals at heart I would move back into mummy’s basement and do it for nothing. Oh well………..

  3. Richard is not bigger than sac efron. In the pics he showed Richard has a pump and he is doing bicep curls, which is the same as flexing

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