405 Pound Deadlift PR!

I've finally hit a 405 pounds on the deadlift. Next step is 500.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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405 Pound Deadlift PR!

I've finally hit a 405 pounds on the deadlift. Next step is 500.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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68 thoughts on “405 Pound Deadlift PR!

    1. +Erez Zukerman Okay no offense to anyone,but lets not pretend like 405 is
      anything impressive, especially for someone who always says “keep making
      those vegan gains”. Either way, he still has a long way to go but I think
      with good programming his deadlift will shoot up.

    2. Jared “okay no offense, but you know the weight that you worked so hard for
      and are proud of? yeah that’s not impressive. no offense though. you know
      vegan gains? yeah he’s small. totally no offense though. all you commenters
      look like 11 years with down syndrome, but no offense come on guys no
      offense though”

    1. SANITYISFORTHEWEAK Can you explain to me the problem with a vegan diet? I
      don’t know why you think steroids are some kind of magical drugs that take
      humans needs for adequate nutrition away.


      Nimai Delgado has been raised vegetarian and has been vegan for some time
      he’s an IFBB pro.

      And if you are implying that you cant get strong and build muscle on a
      vegan diet you are incredibly wrong.
      Most of the strength I gained on the gym has been while I was a vegan.

    3. I never said the I said who cares who can lift how much vegans or not , why
      everyone behive like children. I can lift more then you and I can do this
      and am better then you lol I don’t brag I don’t need am secured

    1. Jason Blaha Fitness Why should I do that? I’m not seeking for your
      approval. This is a discussion, not a competition. If you want to prove me
      wrong, go ahead; but if you can’t, just leave or comment “lol k, keep

    1. 97MA Look up Pre Jym, the pre workout I take, look at it’s ingredients and
      serving size (26.5g). Also notice how it isn’t a proprietary blend (shows
      how much of each ingredient). Hyphy Mud is proprietary blend which is a 5g
      scoop and loaded with caffeine and small traces of what’s listed in the

  1. Richard you could watch some of alphadestiny’s videos his methods are
    really working for natural lifters. He is preaching full body workouts,
    concurent training style, 2-3 times a week.

    1. Hengi T betadestiny is a manlet…1 pound of muscle looks huge on a short
      body so ofcourse hes gonna look big

  2. Listen man, please stop locking out at the top during your reps, or all
    together, imho. You’re not competing and you will going to damage your
    back! Otherwise, well done!

    1. 5 pounds is gains for someone who’s been training as long as you. Thats how
      much weight I lost after being Vegan for four months, Lost nothing but fat
      and now i’ve returned to my old weight one year later.
      P.S both you and Gary Yourofsky’s work is the soul reason why not only me
      but my family have fully converted to the diet.
      Can’t Thank you enough….

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