AtheneWins vs VeganGains Live Debate

Me and Athene discuss the ethics of eating meat.

AtheneWins' channel:

AtheneWins vs VeganGains Live Debate

Me and Athene discuss the ethics of eating meat.

AtheneWins' channel:

49 thoughts on “AtheneWins vs VeganGains Live Debate

    1. Well, teach us how you aliens judge people, maybe we can learn something. Lol athene cultists are beyond help. I see why you like Obito 😉

    2. dp . No, they’re just intellectual dishonest. Veganism is the better choice. You have the choice to eat without causing the torture and death of sentient beings. Beings who feel the same pain and fear you’d feel if you were kept in those conditions. It’s unnecessary to cause them this pain. If you can’t see that doing so is the less ethical choice , you’re intellectually dishonest. Eat meat all you want, but don’t pretend it’s justifiable. It’s not, you’re making the easier, weaker choice.

    3. +Footsoldier shut up dude you have no clue about Athene. and look at your singing before you call others weird lmao. self-awareness please.

  1. This guy, like most meat-eaters do when they’re cornered, is trying to use an appeal to futility by saying essentially that “Well vegans aren’t perfect either, so that justifies my unethical behaviour because vegans aren’t logically consistent either.” That’s a load of bollocks because vegans are not LOGICALLY inconsistent; it is just that they are imperfect and are not always able to LIVE UP TO what is logically correct (that is, avoiding causing any suffering whatsoever). Human failings, as well as practical realities like being forced to choose between one sentient life and another, will always mean that you can’t perfectly live up to your logical ideals. But the logic of avoiding causing suffering is still sound.

    The idea is to do your best to avoid causing suffering. It is obviously better to inflict less suffering than more, and even meat eaters have to concede that (since they believe that in the human context). If you’re not actively trying to cause less suffering, and instead take the attitude that trying to reduce harm is futile and you should just live for nothing but your own pleasure, then you will end up living in a worse world for yourself and everyone around you, including humans. Besides, animal agriculture is suffering that is VERY easy to avoid. This appeal to futility is nothing but a hail Mary attempt by meat eaters to justify behaviour that they know they can’t justify and which is very easy to change.

    The difference between most vegans and dishonest meat-eaters like Athene is that the vegans are actually STRIVING to avoid causing suffering, while the meat-eaters are not and they refuse to acknowledge the logic of avoiding suffering in the first place. Most vegans are also honest enough to acknowledge that other creatures can experience suffering, even if they can’t avoid all of it, while most meat eaters will dishonestly deny this for all creatures except humans.

    1. Porky The Pig yeah but his donut argument is a weird appeal to futility argument. Being vegan is causing the least suffering but doing so at a PRACTICAL rate. It would be insane to go side with athane because with his argument you basically would have to live in a grass hut.

  2. How can AtheneWins be Vegan when he dont even care about animal suffering, hes either plant based or a meat eater, whats going on?

    1. i feel he was purposely trying to play devils advocate with this pleasure/human comfort argument. based on what he spoke about regarding moral ethics and cognitive projection i really doubt he believed that argument… or would just tear someone apart if they tried that argument on him

    2. Actually veganism began as a dietary definition. Jeff from Vegsource (look it up) did a documentary on it. If you only eat vegan, you are vegan.

    3. L Richardson Animal suffering isn’t the only reason, you know? Health benefits and environmental issues also get involved.

    4. DIFFERENCE between them is that it’s not your foult that someone dies in hunger but it’s your foult if you take life of someone else. Athene wants to make it as it is your foult if someone for selfish reason is having sex and produces children they can’t take care of.
      Athene doesn’t even believe in overpopulation and he thinks spreading as many humans to kill all resources like forest and atmosphere is fine. He is humanitarian to the point where it’s not optimal for enverioment.

    1. Athene is actually vegan you idiot and I completely agree with him on fallacy. Here is better example: “If you’re dying in hunger you would want someone to feed you. What if instead you buy that donut and eat it while and watch that guy die in hunger infront of you? So your own luxury and pleasure is more important than than life of someone else. Same thing with meat your own luxury and pleasure is more important than life of someone else.”
      DIFFERENCE between them is that it’s not your foult that someone dies in hunger but it’s your foult if you take life of someone else. Athene wants to make it as it is your foult if someone for selfish reason is having sex and produces children they can’t take care of.

    2. +XNinja Fact that Richard had Vasectomy makes his argument even stronger: If he doesn’t have his own children then why is he responsible of taking care of other people children? Why do you breed children A) If world is overpopulated allready. B) If you can’t feed and take care of them? VeganGains is not obligated to help people who make immoral decisions.

    3. +Bloods
      That’s where VeganGains ” inconsistentcy ” foundation.
      People cannot trust other people to Raise their Offspring,
      Even if the parent or parent’s are dead or eligible.
      Just because adult’s make mistake like fulfilling SEXUAL urges, doesn’t mean.
      The parent consequence’s shall affect the offspring in any way.
      This is Why AtheneWin’s telling VeganGains do more try 100%
      Then people can’t tell you your a LAIR!

  3. So what do we have now?

    Green Crabs
    Skyscrapers Tho
    Walls Tho
    Ancestors Tho
    Vitamin Naruto
    Humans Tho
    Invasive Species Tho
    Jellyfish Protein Tho
    Nutrition Tho
    Twinkies Tho
    Lentinals Tho
    Social Contract Tho
    Canine’s Tho
    DONUTS Tho…..

    The lengths one has to go to justify eating meat. This is what happens when you try too hard.

  4. It took so long for VG to ask him “Do you think eating a vegan donut is equal to killing a cow?” – That’s when it progressed.

  5. For people that dont know:
    Athene is a kind of cult leader in germany. He claims to be the most intelligent person on the planet ( ).He is trying to start a psychological revolution by making people click. You apparently click by making logic your core value instead of comfort. The most logical thing in Athenes mind is centering your whole life around living frugally and rasing money for charity i guess? Hes quite a character for sure…

    1. Doesn’t sound really revolutionnary, he want to shut down capitalism ?he want to change society really deep ? Etc ?

  6. yo I’ve been subbed to your channel since 2014 Dec when you had 600 subs, but… Athene is a fucking legend sorry bro. He’s on another level, hence really getting under your skin. =)

    1. “He’s on another level, hence really getting under your skin.”

      Athene is on “another level” because he was obnoxious? Yes, “another level” but not a higher level. About the same level as Roaming. Sorry bro? No need to apologize for making an insignificant point.

  7. the guy is just a cringe lord.
    *i actually do everything in my power to help others*

    well, you could be outside collecting money to help others, you just failed in your own argument, how does doing this debate helping hungry people? talking about inconsistency.

    1. Appeal to futility. Appeal to social contract. Nice try Ninja. How about you stop using your computer, sell it, and donate the money to your local homeless shelter? Sometimes effort is hard though, but it should be done. Amirite?

  8. Mario (Vigilant Christian) is a good person but he told me that he doesn’t see anything wrong with the fur industry and he tried to justify it using his religion. I’m not sure he owns fur himself, but he told me this because he called out Britney Spears for being evil. I asked him why he never calls celebrities out for being evil for wearing fur. He points out the immortality of everything else besides fur. And his response was a justification that god and the Bible says it’s okay to kill animals to use them. I have the screen shots if you want them.

    1. Andy Vegan he also said he challenged VG to a debate about religion, and he said that VG ignored his challenge.

    2. Andy Vegan dude is a religious wack job. He reasons anything with religion, it’s literally impossible arguing with ppl like that.

    3. erik robinson i would too you know how short that debate would be?
      VG: Prove god exists.
      CV: Well the bible says…
      VG: Well you didn’t really prove anything with that statement.
      CV: I always knew you were evil **leaves skype call*

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